Four long years and now I am back where I started


Yes it is true, I have made the big move back to Sweden. I have spent the past four years pursuing a bachelors degree at Marquette University, and it has been filled with a lot and little bit of everything. College really is a time where you get to explore, and try on new things and with the risk if sounding a bit cliche, you really kind of find yourself I guess. Being in a foreign country, and being away form your parents you really do learn a lot about yourself. The good, bad and the ugly I guess, but it is an experience I would advice anyone to explore. I could not be happier with my college, and Marquette has given me a lot, but in the class room as well as on the soccer field. I have met so many amazing people, obviously a wide variety of students, teachers, team mates, young, old and well you name it I guess. I also got lucky and fell in love in over my ears, head and heart but later on fell out of love. But I have also had the pleasure of seeing a lot of the world, spent a summer in Canada, my spring breaks in Miami, Spain, Dominican Republic and NYC. Went to countless places with the team, mostly cities that I honestly cannot remember the name of, but we went there to perform and so we did. Two regular season titles, one Big East championship (first in school history) and two NCAA play-off spots where we got the first win in school history. Titles are obviously fun and all, but when it comes to being part of team such as the one we had at Marquette it really has been more about the journey, during my four years I made friends for life. People you never forget, not because of the titles you won but the struggle you went through together. The countless miles, weights, and hours.

However, now all that is the past. It is actually just as far away as Sweden and home became four years ago, but now the roles are reversed and Sweden now is the mysterious new and Milwaukee the old security. I do believe that my past experience has put me in a good position to do something with my life. I am not gonna lie these first couple of weeks have been challenging, it is a completely new way of life, and I cannot help but wonder if it is the same for everyone who finishes college. As of now I am living in my moms basement, obviously looking for a place of my own, but it is not that easy to find and unfortunately I do not have the finances to buy a place. I am sure something will turn up though, that’s how it tends to work out and all and all living at home has its perks. Obviously, extremely happy that my mom opened up her home for me, but after living away from home for four years I do miss having a place to call my own.

Things are looking up though, I am starting full-time on january fifth in a field that peeks my interest and out office is pretty awesome. A sweet hot chocolate machine, and tons of fruit for us employees. I do so love my bananas. However, it is a long commute, and with hope for not experiencing delays I will spend about 3 hours a day traveling to and from work. I guess that will be my nap time, or book reading time, whatever i’ll fins something to do. I am also about to sign a, let’s call it a semi professional soccer contract. Could obviously lead to something more lucrative, but honestly I am just happy to have a chance to play after all these injuries. After all what it comes down to is the love for the game.

That is probably it until we enter 2015, which actually will be my first as an independent adult, as long as I can find a place of my own of course.





The Heartache Of Competition

Here we are again, finally some time to sit down and write for a few minutes. As far as traveling with the team goes, we actually do not have that much free time, and the free time we do have is often spent studying or actually taking exams. This trip has been filled with time spent on the airport, in the air or on a bus, with the occasional pleasure of soccer. However, we lost the first game on this merry trip, leaving us utterly exposed as far as the league goes. With two games left we are in need of two wins in order to make it to the play-off. Pressure is on, but honestly there is no doubt in my mind that we can and will pull it off.

To completely change the subject as to my little side hobby of filming, the awards for the AT&T commercial I filmed over the summer just got assigned. Sad to say that I lost, but credit must go to the other competitors as they entry’s simply were better. I do feel as if I have taken steps forward in the quality of my submissions, and soon I do hope to actual win some money. Finishing up school will also help,  not having worry about homework and exams will definitely allow for some creative juice to flow. Now I know some of you might say that work will take all my time as soon as I graduate, well to you all I say that I am excellent at getting my work done on time. Also, the briefs and competitions that Zooppa and MoFilm among others are becoming more and more interesting as well as challenging, and they really allow us “film makers” to play around with our creativity. The constant updates and variety among competitions leaves something for all to embark upon.

Also, as far as creating video and script goes, today one of our soccer alums joined us for team dinner. I had the opportunity to chat with him for a few minutes after, and as it turns out he his living the film industry life in New York. He took a career turn that I admire, I alway felt as if hand on stuff is the best way to actually learn and become skilled at something. Well anyhow, instead of heading off to film school and as it is here accumulate debt, he had the opportunity to go straight into work. Utterly inexperienced, but with a interest of learning as quick as possible. Best way to success, and now he is working on full features and produces his own work in collaborations with others.Honestly, I cannot wait to see his work. I am not talking Hunger Games or James Bond, but more the independent side the industry which if you ask me is the heart and soul of the art and passion behind creating film. I do hope to create a few of my own pieces in the same manner in the future. In order to fulfill that dream I do hope that I will get the opportunity to work a crew in NYC at some point  in order to pick up a thing or two.

So cheers to pressure above measure and to unexpected contacts with the same passion as ourselves, and enjoy the this spooky weekend we all call Halloween.


Senior Semester And The Struggles Of Motivation

I guess I can just start with saying that it had truly been awhile, as we all know the day is only filled with x amount of hours and I have chosen to spend that time doing other thins that writing on my blog. As I wrote that first sentence I have to admit that I have missed writing, most likely never going to be a professional at it but it does tickle my creative side.

So last semester here at Marquette University, spent the last 4 years of my life here and I am still happy about that choice. I am sure I will write something a bit more elaborate on my 18 hour trip back to Sweden, but for now knowing that it was a great choice is enough.

This last semester is however proving to come with a few difficulties, namely the one of motivation. I only have 12 credits left to take, and none of the classes are extremely relevant to what I will be doing after school. As I already found a job, and lets be honest no hires you based on your grades. Yeah, do not spill that secret to all the 4.0 people in the world, they might get a heart attack and I would not want that on my conscience. So yeah, I always felt like the reason one gets an education is to learn the necessary skills to find a job in an industry that you are passionate about. I did that, so why should spend every waken our worrying about grades? Well I am not, however, I always been one to finish what I start so I will most definitely pass every class so that I actually get my degree. More than that I cannot promise, we do live in a golden age of television, and FIFA 15 recently got released. Working on the side as well, and yeah well you get it there are things that are not studying that I would rather be doing. Soccer being one of them, after a long year tilt with injuries etc. I know finally feel 100% or at least close to, our season here has not gone as my hear desires so far but we got some time to turn things around and I hope that I can play a more active part in that now.

I guess for being the first post in awhile that will do, six day road trip next week so I am certain I will find some time to dabble a few thoughts together.

All the best and some wise words from a fortune cookie,


The Problem With Soccer

As you all know I have a very keen interest in soccer, I have been playing since I was about 4-5 and since than it has been a part of my life almost every day. If I am not playing soccer myself I am most likely watching it or reading about it.

As all sports around the world soccer is ever changing, the style of play changes, as does the type of player that is most effective. Sometimes we see new rules or new interpretations be implemented into to referees rule book, and we always see new shoes as well as a change in the shirt size. Thinking about Uruguay with that last point, they did not want to use too much fabric.

Personally, the way I play have changes a lot over time, even the position I have. But one thing has not changed, I never dive or waste time by faking an injury. Because during the world cup, one of the things that has bugged me the most is just that, diving and time wasting.

I believe that a player, who manages to fool the referee with a dive, should be banned two games. Obviously, we cannot expect the referee to see everything on the field, and especially dives that are executed perfectly. Let us be honest, some players are real gifted at the pretending. However, if the replays show that a player really dove there should be a committee that punishes that player.

The thing about diving or faking the pain level is that reefs sometimes do not blow the whistle or hand out a yellow card unless a player do dive or pretend to be hurt.

The second thing is a player who fakes an injury to waste time. Something that I personally think most of the south American teams are doing are experts at, surely players from the other continents do it as well, but not as much as the South American teams. That statement could off course be wrong, as I do not have any official stats to support it. But after watching all except five world cup games, that is what I have concluded. However, I absolutely hate to see players that so obviously are wasting time by pretending to be hurt. It just shows a lack of respect for the game, and I wish players would stop that madness. Sometimes it feels as if the last fifteen minutes of a game consists of two minutes playing time and 13 minutes of faking injuries.

All big issues within soccer, and there are no easy solution for any of these problems, at least I do not have them. What do you think should be done?

A Wheelchair Can Change So Much

Hello people, I am currently sitting at one of the most relaxing places known to mankind or more so of what is known to me. It has been quite the adventure to get here; being in between a wheelchair and crutches does not make a small boat the easiest object to get myself into. But after some stealthy moves with my left leg, and some risky jumps a whole day of relaxing was no problem.


Today is my last day in a cast, as long as the doctor has not changed her mind. I hope with all my heart that her prediction is correct; being in a cast is awful. Obviously much worse could happen, but I have not enjoyed my time in this cast. You become so limited in what you can do, simple things like carrying food fro the stove to the table is always a real adventure and just taking a calming walk out by the water is impossible by myself. Clearly missing soccer as well, but at least there are a lot of games on TV. I’m not going to lie; there has been a lot of TV watching and other activities that do not include real movement. I am thoroughly lucky that I only need to be this limited for two months; it is hard to imagine using a wheelchair forever.

After being in one for about a month, I realize what a hassle and struggle it must be for those who are in one indefinitely. As much as we Swedes pride ourselves in taking special care for those who are less fortunate, it really is limiting to use a wheelchair. Some stores are not big enough to fit a wheelchair, and others do not have an elevator that reaches every floor. In all honesty without my friends and family being such amazing human beings I would most likely have spent all my time in and around my house. But know I have had the chance to watch a lot of soccer games live, and spend time downtown taking a casual Swedish fika. Something all Americans should consider incorporating into society.

But I guess my main point with this whole post is that I have gained a lot of respect for those who are in a wheelchair or has any other handicap for that matter. What they go through on a daily basis is not easy, and I admire their ability to continue their lives in all the ways that they do even though they are facing such obstacles every day.



The Swedish Health Care System Has Flaws

Good afternoon people, I hope all is well wherever in the world you may be. Here in Sweden the days are drifting away, unfortunately the wether has not been as good as one might have hoped. But seen as I am in a cast it does not really matter, at least I got the world cup and family and friends to entertain me. Todays post will be different from what you usually here from me, but as always I like to express my opinion.

As I am sure you know I am currently living with a few foot issues, which has left me with a cast and rather still as my mobility is limited. For the first couple of weeks I had crutches, and jumped around as well as I could. However, as my check up with the doctor approached my hands rally started to hurt. For those of you that do not know, I had wrist surgery this past Winter and this came back to hunt me as I had been putting a lot of weight on my wrists as I crutched around. My hands would swell up and my fingers would start shaking with and I could no longer grip objects properly. Obviously a situation that were not sustainable.

As I had my check up at the hospital and the doctor told me that I will be in a cast for another three weeks I told her about my hand and problems that I had. She seemed understanding and all, and I asked her if I could have a wheel chair. My doctor said that she thought that would be a good idea, as I otherwise would be left laying in my room most of the time and not really have chance to be outside without experiencing a great deal of pain. However the issue at hand was that there were no wheelchairs at the hospital. Since I felt that most people who needed a wheelchair would discover that at the hospital and not while at home, I asked if they had recently run our what the issue were. She told me that she was not really sure where people got their hands on wheelchairs, once again if not at the hospital where would one find or discover the need for a wheelchair?

Anyway she made a few calls, and a lady at the emergency room told us that we had to go the a work therapist and order one from her. After a quick look at the website I understood that the only hours one could call them to discuss the possibility of getting a wheelchair were between 8-9 a.m, extremely weird and short hours to allow people to call. Therefore, I had to take myself to the office of the work therapists, which in my town happens to be 5 minutes away from the hospital. I was lucky that my mother had come with me as I was and still are incapable of driving due to my foot. But anyone else who had come alone would have no chance of leaving the hospital and bring themselves to the work therapist office.

Anyway, we drove their and crutched up into their office, where we after a couple of minutes got to see a work therapist. After talking to her, she said that she would have to call up to Älvsjö and place an order. I asked her if that wheelchair would arrive today, the answer was off course no. They only got delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she told us that if we wanted to we could wait one day or drive up (30min) and collect it ourselves. Once again without the help of my mother this is a task that would have been impossible for me. After car ride, we finally had my wheel chair and I could once again feel partly independent as I know could ride around.

Obviously for me and my mother this was merely a question of time, gas money and frustration. But what if someone who were completely unable of walking would have needed a wheel chair, how would they have received one? Would they have had to wait until they could have called the next day to potentially order one from the work therapist? And than wait for the wheel chair to arrive? This is a rather ineffective way of dealing with people who are in need of assistance. I can not even imagine how someone who do not speak perfect swedish or do not have help from friends or family would have a chance of receiving a wheel chair.

Do not get me wrong I think the Swedish health care system is amazing, and we offer close to free health care to all. However, their are certain aspects of our system that seriously needs to be looked over, one of those being where one would obtain a wheelchair. The only sensible solution would be to have them where people would need them, at the hospital and the emergency room.

If anyone has any questions about the Swedish health care system, feel free ask them in a comment.


Got To Love That Summer Sun

Good evening people, I hope you all are well. Here in Sweden Summer has really struck, and day after day is filled with straight up sunlight. Injured with a cast on the foot I cannot do more than just lay in the sun. I am not gonna lie, I am enjoying it. Got to be carful though, as we all know that sun can be dangerous and I would not want to get burnt.

To be honest with you all, with limited mobility it is fantastic that the world cup is on. I do have an extreme interest in soccer, and with the cast on I spend hours out of the day reading about and watching soccer. I really cannot get enough, it is just so interesting to me. I do understand that some people do not like or care for soccer, but for me it is the best sport on the planet. However, my keen interest does not help me with my world cup team, I seem to be making all the wrong moves this year and my players are not getting the points I would have anticipated. Maybe I am simply over thinking the simple choices, but hey there is a lot of soccer left to play.

From a very warm and beautiful Sweden I say good night.