The Heartache Of Competition

Here we are again, finally some time to sit down and write for a few minutes. As far as traveling with the team goes, we actually do not have that much free time, and the free time we do have is often spent studying or actually taking exams. This trip has been filled with time spent on the airport, in the air or on a bus, with the occasional pleasure of soccer. However, we lost the first game on this merry trip, leaving us utterly exposed as far as the league goes. With two games left we are in need of two wins in order to make it to the play-off. Pressure is on, but honestly there is no doubt in my mind that we can and will pull it off.

To completely change the subject as to my little side hobby of filming, the awards for the AT&T commercial I filmed over the summer just got assigned. Sad to say that I lost, but credit must go to the other competitors as they entry’s simply were better. I do feel as if I have taken steps forward in the quality of my submissions, and soon I do hope to actual win some money. Finishing up school will also help,  not having worry about homework and exams will definitely allow for some creative juice to flow. Now I know some of you might say that work will take all my time as soon as I graduate, well to you all I say that I am excellent at getting my work done on time. Also, the briefs and competitions that Zooppa and MoFilm among others are becoming more and more interesting as well as challenging, and they really allow us “film makers” to play around with our creativity. The constant updates and variety among competitions leaves something for all to embark upon.

Also, as far as creating video and script goes, today one of our soccer alums joined us for team dinner. I had the opportunity to chat with him for a few minutes after, and as it turns out he his living the film industry life in New York. He took a career turn that I admire, I alway felt as if hand on stuff is the best way to actually learn and become skilled at something. Well anyhow, instead of heading off to film school and as it is here accumulate debt, he had the opportunity to go straight into work. Utterly inexperienced, but with a interest of learning as quick as possible. Best way to success, and now he is working on full features and produces his own work in collaborations with others.Honestly, I cannot wait to see his work. I am not talking Hunger Games or James Bond, but more the independent side the industry which if you ask me is the heart and soul of the art and passion behind creating film. I do hope to create a few of my own pieces in the same manner in the future. In order to fulfill that dream I do hope that I will get the opportunity to work a crew in NYC at some point  in order to pick up a thing or two.

So cheers to pressure above measure and to unexpected contacts with the same passion as ourselves, and enjoy the this spooky weekend we all call Halloween.



Movie Complete

Good morning people, the short movie I acted in just got done. I have not watched myself yet, but I ma about to. I am really excited to see the end result.

Here is a link for all of you



Sunday Brings Out My Lazy Side

Hello and good evening, I hope everybody has had a fun weekend.

Just a question towards the world, does Sundays make you lazy or is it just me?

A classic Sunday, I slept in until like 1, had breakfast and took a nap, I mean just by reading this I understand that it is the laziest thing to do. Taking a nap an hour after I wake  up, however, pretty sweet. Same as now I know I should study for my exam in Tuesday, but I have no intention or want to do so. Not that I got anything super important to do anyway, I just do not feel like it, just because it is Sunday. I swear when I get old my Sundays are gonna be even sweeter, probably end the night’s with something on the rocks down at the beach. Oh and yeah I will be living in Thailand, probably on the beach. THE DREAM!

Aight, back to reality. Today was filled with a test review a million times better than Friday, today I actually learned something about what could come to be on the test and what I should study on. I got to give it to Patrick, always delivers. Great TA for those who wants to take any comm classes at Marquette. Fait grader, helpful and you actually learn things. Yeah I know I am shocked to, had no clue that could happen in school.

Sickly exiting though, we started shooting the movie today. It is fun, I am a little bit unsure about how it goes on a set but today it worked really well. Everybody who works on the production team is really friendly and helpful which makes things easier. Fun though is that one of the guys I am co-acting with is Tim one of the best here at the school. He has a main character in all the main productions at the school. It is real easy to work with him, and he is very talented. Anyways we ended the day with some pizza and movies that they had made before here at the school, a little bit better than what my group created last year!

So in all Sunday accordance I am probably going to turn on a movie and just chill, have a nice night everyone.



Good evening people,

I just came back from the movies, we went to this awesome theatre here in Milwaukee called Oriental. From the outside it looked like a little old theatre, but when we came inside the size and design just shocked me. It just had the feeling of an old theatre but the size and condition of it was amazing. It worked real well with its own name “Oriental” by having Oriental symbols as a part of its design, Buddhist statues and tigers was only a part of the design. A real incredible theatre that was real cheap to go to as well, only 8 bucks with a student id.

The movie was really good as well, off course not as good as the books. Still a real good movie though, really captivating and indulging. It was shot in a very thoughtful way, and I loved some of the imagery in certain scenes. Excellent job of the director, and the authors did a fantastic job as well, especially the actor portraying Peeta. However, a movie can a lost never be as good as a book since a movie cannot build the same depth in all the characters. Still an awesome movie though, you should go and see it.

That is it for this evening, time for some valuable sleep before tomorrows game.


We Are Done Baby

Today is the day when I am officially done with everything before spring break, yeah I am on spring break. It is going to be nice to just be able to do whatever I want for like ten days. I am going to chill so much, and as I mentioned before I will be going to New York. Super random but Michael one of my oldest friends from Sweden is going there as well, hopefully will I be able to meet up with him.

Today is my room mates Axel birthday, we did not celebrate in a particular fashion today except going to dinner at Sobelman’s. I have to say that the burgers are amazing there just delicious.  Great dinner conversation with Adam, Henrik, Jason, and Pedro, they are funny people. Classic for foreigners I guess, maybe its just our weird way of thinking. Ryan joined in a bit later, only American at the table. However, not to be a douche but our waitress was awful tonight, forget our orders and never brought any water. She apologies so many times, I really felt like she was in more need of a spring break then I am.

One thing I did learn today though: power naps are awesome. I felt like a new person after mine today, sadly it was unnecessary for me to wake up. I was supposed to go and do a cold read for the script “Kids These Days” I showed up at 3:30 ready to go, however the director had mixed up the times. They changed it to five, I lazy as I am decided to stay and watch a documentary about Messi until 5. When the time came, they decided to cancel it for the day. So instead of sleeping I sat at Johnston hall, Shit happens, right??

Stay calm world,



Serenades For Life

Last couple of days has been real busy, a lot of soccer and a lot of school. I had a few exams and I actually studied for them. Felt kind of strange since I usually do not do that. I mean off course I look over things before an exam, but this time I actually studied almost seven hours. If I do not get a good result on this it must be a sign that I am not meant for studying, just doing everything else.

However the strangest thing is that I am getting real used to not having my phone, I do not even know if I actually need it back. Oh wait I think that is a lie, yeah most definitely. I got media lies stuck in my head, we have gone over those things in class the whole week. I got to say that some people have been really creative in putting media lies in media and that have fooled so many parts of society.

Happy news though, I did get the part in the movie I auditioned for. So hopefully we will start to shoot it soon, I am really exited about it. Later on tonight it is some futsal on the schedule and then I will chill for the rest of the weekend, weioooo!