A Wheelchair Can Change So Much

Hello people, I am currently sitting at one of the most relaxing places known to mankind or more so of what is known to me. It has been quite the adventure to get here; being in between a wheelchair and crutches does not make a small boat the easiest object to get myself into. But after some stealthy moves with my left leg, and some risky jumps a whole day of relaxing was no problem.


Today is my last day in a cast, as long as the doctor has not changed her mind. I hope with all my heart that her prediction is correct; being in a cast is awful. Obviously much worse could happen, but I have not enjoyed my time in this cast. You become so limited in what you can do, simple things like carrying food fro the stove to the table is always a real adventure and just taking a calming walk out by the water is impossible by myself. Clearly missing soccer as well, but at least there are a lot of games on TV. I’m not going to lie; there has been a lot of TV watching and other activities that do not include real movement. I am thoroughly lucky that I only need to be this limited for two months; it is hard to imagine using a wheelchair forever.

After being in one for about a month, I realize what a hassle and struggle it must be for those who are in one indefinitely. As much as we Swedes pride ourselves in taking special care for those who are less fortunate, it really is limiting to use a wheelchair. Some stores are not big enough to fit a wheelchair, and others do not have an elevator that reaches every floor. In all honesty without my friends and family being such amazing human beings I would most likely have spent all my time in and around my house. But know I have had the chance to watch a lot of soccer games live, and spend time downtown taking a casual Swedish fika. Something all Americans should consider incorporating into society.

But I guess my main point with this whole post is that I have gained a lot of respect for those who are in a wheelchair or has any other handicap for that matter. What they go through on a daily basis is not easy, and I admire their ability to continue their lives in all the ways that they do even though they are facing such obstacles every day.