Got To Love That Summer Sun

Good evening people, I hope you all are well. Here in Sweden Summer has really struck, and day after day is filled with straight up sunlight. Injured with a cast on the foot I cannot do more than just lay in the sun. I am not gonna lie, I am enjoying it. Got to be carful though, as we all know that sun can be dangerous and I would not want to get burnt.

To be honest with you all, with limited mobility it is fantastic that the world cup is on. I do have an extreme interest in soccer, and with the cast on I spend hours out of the day reading about and watching soccer. I really cannot get enough, it is just so interesting to me. I do understand that some people do not like or care for soccer, but for me it is the best sport on the planet. However, my keen interest does not help me with my world cup team, I seem to be making all the wrong moves this year and my players are not getting the points I would have anticipated. Maybe I am simply over thinking the simple choices, but hey there is a lot of soccer left to play.

From a very warm and beautiful Sweden I say good night.



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