The End And The Beginning

Dear reader, I hope this blog post will find you on a beautiful summer evening when the sun is about to set. The past couple of weeks have been filled with beautiful evenings, and I have realized that Swedish summer can only be described as beautiful. I have spent my past three summers in North America, but know I am back in my home country.

I am however getting ahead of myself, as I do want to share a few thoughts regarding my “mock” graduation at Marquette University. I am still planning on graduating in December, however, there is no longer a graduation ceremony in December and due to that I had the privilege to partake in all that comes with graduating this past May.

Crazy fun off course, family came to town, bunch of events and the actual ceremony. For a guy who only had about 30-40 people in his high school grade the 20 000 who partook in the ceremony seemed massive. It was massive, just a crazy event that honors the students who know are suppose to start working etc. I guess me and a few other students were the exceptions since we still got one semester left. As a foreign student it was astonishing to just see an actual graduation ceremony as it is different from anything you might come across in Sweden.

Anyway it was so much fun, and just something I will remember when i’m in my olden golden days. Also, as it is looking right now I will be graduating with honors, 3.5 grade point average, and I have been chosen to be a member of a group for those athletes who also have been successful in the academic field. I am pretty sure I am not doing that award/honor justice with my description, but it is suppose to be kind of a big deal. Not to pat my own back to much, but I actually received a 4.0 this semester and I do not think that is to bad for a guy who has English as a second language.

Life is not all glamor and a dance on roses though, as I had planned to have a phenomenal summer in Sweden. You know tons of soccer, work outs, reading, and even had plans to climb the greatest mountain in Sweden. Well I have to put most of those plans on hold, during practice I injured my foot and to put it simply I will not be climbing any mountains in a near future. But now I can spend a lot more time reading, and watching movies. Luckily there are a lot of soccer games going on as well, so I can at least watch soccer.

As I am writing this I am on my way down south in Sweden, I am going to visit some family and just hang out. I have never been in a cast before, so walking around with crutches is showing to be a real drag. I hope it does not ruin my mini-golf game, but only the future will tell.

Since I will be less active than usual I will hopefully find more time to blog, and if I can find a decent camera produce and film a few shorts. Just glad I am able to spend time with family and old friends, oh yeah and my high school is having a little reunion. Cannot wait to see everyone!!

Here are a few pics as from the last weeks of my life, graduation, soccer, family, and love.

seb gradsen grad athleOscar seb loppan

Karen Olivia Photography

seb and ellesen ab caro

Karen Olivia Photography


sen eif

Mats Andersson from


All the best,



The Benefits Of Using Google Plus

Hello people, I hope you all are still doing well and that the fact that there is only two more work days this week gets you as excited as me. I have to say that going to college is not as hard as actually working, but there is still a lot of stress involved. Projects, papers, meetings etc, and this week has been a busy one for me personally, however, this morning when I walked to class I walked by a homeless man who just sat their and smiled. I do not know why, but it got me thinking, and I have to say that life is pretty good so many amazing people and things out there. How does this tie in to the title of this post?

Well you see Google plus happens to be one of those amazing innovative things that I really believe will push society forward, I know that many of you think that no one is using it and that it is a bad try of google to be more like Facebook. Well to you I say, look beyond the obvious, look past that name Google plus. Because let’s face it even though you might not have a google plus account, you have been on youtube, used gmail, or google something throughout your time on the internet. Google plus is really tied in to all of those programs, and it is more so away for google to collect more accurate information about their users like you and me. That off course allows them to charge more money from people that want to advertise, since they can more accurately target the ads to people who will actually be interested.

However, that part about google plus that amazes me is the potential growth that is has, not only for companies but also for normal people. Just such a thing as google hangout, the possibilities are endless. As we all know we are creating more and more social communities online, no matter if your interest is Harry Potter, cats or simply cooking food. Google hangout is place where those communities can meet, talk and interact without being at the same place. A place where people can follow divers along as they take on the barrier refs , or a safari in Africa. As I said the possibilities here are endless for everyone, and to be honest I expect important meetings to take place here, such as the united nations etc. I will not be surprised if the next presidential election will have a candidate that will include google hangouts in his or her campaign.

To become more familiar with google plus I read this article,,,

As the article states and what I take away from it is that at this point google plus is more beneficial to google than to its users. However, in the near future as the google plus community continues to grow the advantage for the users will become more and more evident. I say get on the google plus train now, and be more of a initiator than a follower, a trend setter not a trend slave. Off course if you are reading this now and still do not have an account it might be to late to call yourself a trend setter, but believe a couple of months down the road you will not regret it.

All the best you all,  and also for you that have been following for awhile, as you might have noticed I changed my the appearance of my blog, please comment and let me know what you think about the new look and possible improvements.



Lessons Learned So Far!

As I have mentioned before this semester is filled with interesting classes, and I feel as if I am learning a lot. Luckily not in the old fashion way, tests, which if you ask me only shows what you can force your brain to remember for one hour, after that it is gone and you will never use it again. Instead now we are focusing on developing ideas, brains storm and talk to your class mates to apply it, learn about if from real life cases and than apply it yourself to a case that is relatable for you.

If you ask me that is the best way to learn, because in todays age there is to much information out there to simply being able to remember it all. To instead learn how to apply, relate, and problem solve is what allows students to really develop useful habits and will make them ready for “the real life”.

To celebrate that I will know give you all three take aways from my time so far in ADPR 4300 with Dennis Jenders as an instructor.

1. Whatever you do, always do it with passion.

It does not matter if you know things if you are not passionate about them, in todays work place you will be working in a team setting and that passion is what will drive the whole group to reach new limits. This applies to most industries, people want to follow and be around other people that share their passion, and that passion can take you places you never even imagined. With that is off course an understanding on how to express that passion, that personal brand in other places than just face to face. You need to express that across all channels where you are being judged, social media, such as Facebook, Twitter are huge today. Every employer will look at you across all those different channels and either say yay or completely forget you.

2. You cannot know it all.

In today’s day and age there is an unlimited amount of tools, skills and resources out there. Learn how to master some of them, and when I say master, I mean that if the world was struck by an apocalypse (Jericho) style, you will be able to recreate those exact tools/systems that you have mastered. All other things you need to be familiar with, all other things someone else on your team has to master, and that mix of skills that all relates to the same topic will make your team complete. This goes for new technology, you cannot master them all, but it is essential to you become familiar with them fast and master a few ASAP! The workplace is ever evolving and you need to adapt quick and carefully.

3. There are no limits.

Everyday people will tell you that things cannot be done, because you do not have enough experience, enough money, the right education, guess what, they are all wrong. There are no limits by excepts the limits you except, the limits you set. Not enough budget to award advertising on TV, well find a solution that is outside of the box I like to call comfort zone. Great example is the Lung Cancer campaign, No one deserves to die, very limited budget but amazing results. That is what we all dream about creating, but we have to realize that it is highly unlikely to reach those results every time, but we also have to reach the state of mind to never settle for ok, never ever just give people what they think is okay, instead give them the unexpected, give them you all. My girlfriend Caroline told me today that she has to go the awkward extra mile, and I agree that it is an hard extra mile to wander, but it goes with the grass is greener on the other side. Because in order to reach that grass we have to walk the extra mile, maybe even 10 extra miles, but believe me it will be worth it.

That is what I have taken away so far, obviously I could have mention the importance of certain programming, the difference between content and noise, the importance of being prepared, or the best practices for a Facebook page or a Twitter account. But instead I chose the abstract lessons that I believe truly will help me no matter what the future holds.



Facebook Putting The Foot Down Regarding Content

Just read a couple of articles regarding Facebook’s new algorithm, and their decision to utterly promote content. Not any content but what they see as quality content, after reading those articles about the subject it left me with the feeling that those who ask for likes are going to be left behind. Together with those who only post Memes, with these new aspects of Facebook it will really promote quality content. Perfectly aligns with the new Facebook paper, I certain that these two changes are connected.

But why would Facebook disregard such a funny and beloved aspect as memes, well they are not pushing memes away completely, but they are making sure that people/pages that only shares memes all the time will not show up on your news feed as much. Therefore, people who create low quality memes in a rapid order will no longer gain much visibility on your news feed, but those who actually put time into creating quality memes that are relevant will not be disregards in the same way.

A clear strategy to force pages into producing and creating better posts. I think we all can agree that much of what shows up on our news feed is crap that we fast scroll through without paying any attention to it, to get away from that Facebook now pushes for higher quality content. I think it is a great idea, and to be honest I think this will keep Facebook relevant. Social media such as MySpace tend to disappear and become old after awhile, but with changes like this one Facebook are preventing its expiration date.

However, I am not going to lie I really enjoy memes that are done right. I find them creative and funny, and I believe if they are used right they could be high quality content and hopefully this new Facebook algorithm will push people to actually put some thought into them, as well as everything else they post.

To show you what I mean with funny, here are some of my favorite memes.

Obviously memes are only funny to those who have an interest in what they represent, but hey I would not mind these showing up on my news feed.




Back In The Rhythm Of Life

Hello everyone, hope all is well. As we all know it is the middle off the week, and what a week it has been. Here in Milwaukee things are really falling back to the normal, practice everyday and school everyday. As soccer has started obviously the body is starting to feel it, not a surprise that we are working hard but it still leaves a sense of sourness and tiredness that sometimes follows into the classroom. But it is mostly felt at night when I am about to go to bed, do not get me wrong it is a great time and I would not like to spend my time doing anything else, but still it makes you tired. I saw a classic meme that looked like this, quit funny and actually how I feel. But as all people who work out knows, it is a good sore.


When it comes to classes, all I can say this is the first time in my college career where exactly every class is of deepest interest. I literally walk in the class room and try to absorb everything that is being said because it is simply that interesting and important in the field of work I hope to step into after college. It is all about marketing, digital marketing, using social media to brand yourself and your business, develop content strategies that further your business, and making films and documentaries. Could not have picked a better bunch of classes. Obviously hard work ahead, but who cares when its this interesting.

All for now,


Jesuit University = Double Spring Break

Hello world, and as I write that I realize I really need to work out a new “hello” to use here. Feels like my choices might be limited, but there must be something better than ” hello world”. Or maybe I have found the perfect wording that engages the whole brain as you read it, but more likely I need to change it.

Just sitting outside nutrition waiting for my class to start, me and my group had a presentation in my earlier class and as always when there is a presentation we get out earlier, and what could be better than taking some time to write a post here. I am actually going to some advertising for my self as well,

And just like that you can find my fine written work regarding soccer, and if you decide to engage yourself even further into the magnificent story telling of me I am sure you will be able to find it by some clicking, and FIY the magnificent story telling part was a joke, but who knows you might actually find some of the posts rather interesting.

Not to forget is that my school is a Jesuit University, that does not mean much for me and my personal beliefs regarding religion, but what it does provide me and the rest of student body with is a almost double spring break. We had spring break last week, and now due to easter we get Thursday, Friday, Monday off. You cannot beat that, especially not when it is so cold outside. Now I can stay inside and just be warm, and not do homework.

When we get back, spring season games start for real we will have games every weekend until school ends. It is really an opportunity to make the coaches give you a greater scholarship, and the only way to get that is by performing in the games we have.

Well until next time, cherriooo!!!




Breaking A Long Period Of Silence With A Whisper

Hello fellow people in the online sphere my silence has been to long, and I keep asking my self why I have not taken time to blog. I think it is easy to say that I have been occupied with other things, in all honesty this semester had been crazy so far. Like there has been more to do this semester than all my semester so far, it probably has been like usual but it feels like so much more. I am correcting myself here, it is a lot more. More practices, classes that actually involve tons of school work, and my internship as well.

Going deeper in about my internship, I love it. I get to work from my bed, and I only work with soccer and that just happens to be one of my favorite subjects. I also get to shoot videos for them which is always fun, I am probably going to post them here sooner than later.

Huh, the thought just struck I have missed letting my feelings and life flow out on this little page of online paper. I guess I will do my best to keep this blogging thing going, please stick with me if there will be a couple of days filled with silence.

Well that is is for tonight ladies and gentlemen, sleep amazingly.