A Wheelchair Can Change So Much

Hello people, I am currently sitting at one of the most relaxing places known to mankind or more so of what is known to me. It has been quite the adventure to get here; being in between a wheelchair and crutches does not make a small boat the easiest object to get myself into. But after some stealthy moves with my left leg, and some risky jumps a whole day of relaxing was no problem.


Today is my last day in a cast, as long as the doctor has not changed her mind. I hope with all my heart that her prediction is correct; being in a cast is awful. Obviously much worse could happen, but I have not enjoyed my time in this cast. You become so limited in what you can do, simple things like carrying food fro the stove to the table is always a real adventure and just taking a calming walk out by the water is impossible by myself. Clearly missing soccer as well, but at least there are a lot of games on TV. I’m not going to lie; there has been a lot of TV watching and other activities that do not include real movement. I am thoroughly lucky that I only need to be this limited for two months; it is hard to imagine using a wheelchair forever.

After being in one for about a month, I realize what a hassle and struggle it must be for those who are in one indefinitely. As much as we Swedes pride ourselves in taking special care for those who are less fortunate, it really is limiting to use a wheelchair. Some stores are not big enough to fit a wheelchair, and others do not have an elevator that reaches every floor. In all honesty without my friends and family being such amazing human beings I would most likely have spent all my time in and around my house. But know I have had the chance to watch a lot of soccer games live, and spend time downtown taking a casual Swedish fika. Something all Americans should consider incorporating into society.

But I guess my main point with this whole post is that I have gained a lot of respect for those who are in a wheelchair or has any other handicap for that matter. What they go through on a daily basis is not easy, and I admire their ability to continue their lives in all the ways that they do even though they are facing such obstacles every day.



World Cup Time

Hello people, sorry to say but I actually had a pretty long post written and ready to be posted. However, WordPress in one way or another did not save my draft even though it said it did. So yeah I am not going to re-create that post, but darn you WordPress. Just kidding, I actually really enjoy using WordPress is a great platform to write on, and I actually has my 3 year anniversary with WordPress last week. Hoping for another good 3 years at least.

But everything else is forgotten because now the world cup is here, if you ask me it is the best event in the world. FIFA might be a sketchy organization, that is corrupt and false but this event is still the greatest in the world. Soccer is such a magical sport that is played all around the world, and it is a language of its own. That is why it is so sad that FIFA continues to use their immense power in the wrong way, and I throughly hope that whomever takes over from Blatter will clean up the mess that is FIFA.

All sad parts forgotten, I cannot wait to watch as many world cup games as possible. I love soccer, and I love the world cup.


The Working Man

Good evening people, finally the days has arrived. It is Fridays, the working week is over. Now we can all indulge in what I would like to call the two days of madness. No that is not true at all, to be completely honest this week has been hard. Hours on hours of work, and practice on top of that. What took most of my energy was the moving. Not my own moving because I am not moving in until June 1, but to help my friends. College housing has one big problem, and that is the one week between move out and move in. What are people suppose to do, put there  belongings on the street? No NO no I say, so at the moment I got furniture for multiple friends in the apartment. Actually got 4 beds and 6 couch/futons here, all more comfortable than mine I would imagine. I actually believe I could open up a pretty successful second hand furniture store right now.

Back to my working week, I have to admit that I love woking for the wave. Even though I do not get paid, I find myself spending more hours in the office than I intend. I fell like I get to work on so many different skills that I never really get tired of what I am doing. If that is a good thing or a bad I do not know, all I know is that the hours I spend in office are flying by.

Big day tomorrow though, Champions League final, and I will be taking my talents out to Trey’s lake house here in Wisconsin. Good game good company, what more can am an ask for.

Hope all of you will enjoy your weekend as well.



A Mixed Weekend

Sunday evening is here, and I hope all of you will spend it just like me, straight relaxation. Going to stay in front of the TV all night long and just watch some good flicks, and eat some delicious food. The perfect way to end a long weekend.

We had two games with my summer team, the first one was Saturday, but it was up in Minnesota so we drove up Friday night. Actually stayed in a hotel right next to the F.B.I, I thought it was pretty cool. I guess you can still call me a tourist in this country, even though I have been here for two years now. This country is so vast I feel like I could spend two more years here and I would still not have seen all the things this country has to offer. But maybe more importantly we did have a game up there, the first of the season, and we could not have got a better start. Victory 3-0, and two assists from me. I was happy with my performance, but as always there is much more to work on.

Our second game of the weekend was completely opposite the first, we lost 3-0. I must say that I really do not think that the result is a fair image of what the game was like, I thought we were going to win because we created enough chances to outscore them 5-3. However, we did not finish our chances and therefore we lost. A couple of silly mistakes, and bad decisions gave them their goals and our inability to score did not help either. But it is just soccer and we got plenty of games to come, that will provide us with new chances and opportunities to develop as players and as a team.

Tomorrow I will be going back to work at the wave, and I must say that I am excited about it. This week my main goal/task is to redo our social media completely and with that change the branding of the company. We are making big steps as an organization, and I love that I get a chance to be a part of it. Hopefully the results will be as good as we hope when we measure them, and hopefully we will be able to influence more kids to play soccer and make the sport bigger and better in the Milwaukee community.

With those words of hope I am out for the night! And since all the Marquette students are graduating today I thought this picture would be appropriate.




Summer I love That You Are Here

School is out, the sun is out, my t-shirts are out. How could it be any better, and hello online atmosphere. Now that summer is here I have a splendid amount of time for blogging, not saying that I have nothing going on but not close to as much as it is during the school year. Now instead of going to class, I spend my time doing my internships, making food, reading and working out.

I actually started my first internship this Monday, at the Milwaukee Wave, they are a professional indoor soccer team here in Milwaukee. I am suppose to do a lot of video work, and also marketing and social media. I am really excited about it because it really combines two of my big interests, soccer and video production.

I am also in the process of taking my American Drivers license, I passed my written exam yesterday and now I only have to pass the driving one. I think I will take that on next week, do not want to stress anything and I think i need to brush up on my driving a bit before I take the test. Especially when it comes to parallel parking.

I would say this is a little update on my life, and I hope that I will take the time and have time to stay active here on the blog throughout the summer.




Here We Go Again

Hello people of the world, finally Saturday I hope no one is to hangover from Friday night’s adventures. At the moment writing I am sitting in my hotel room in Winnipeg  of all places in the world. We are playing two games here this weekend, and were are heading towards 6 points. Even though we beat this team easily at our home field I am certain that it will be harder today. Not only will they look for revenge, but our two best goal scorers will not be able to play tonight. Injury and a red card is what keeps them away from the field, but I am certain the rest of the squad will be able to get the job done.

We arrived last night so the whole team has had a great night of sleep, and should be ready to perform to night. Especially after the breakfast we got served this morning, just incredible they had everything you can imagine. Even fresh strawberries, I have to admit that I am severely in love with fresh strawberries. It is clearly the most well tasting fruit in the world, at least in my opinion. They also had soy milk, something I learned to love because my ex girlfriend was allergic to normal milk. Or maybe I am just addicted to product that carry the name milk, guess I will never know for sure.

Other than that I have to say that Winnipeg is a really beautiful city, it looks a lot like a typical Swedish city and that makes me appreciate it more than others. To be honest all of Canada is similar to Sweden, especially when I compare it with USA. I wonder what exactly it is that makes me feel that way, maybe it is something in the air and the general nature. Oh, and the road to Winnipeg might have been the oldest ever, but it was filled with the most beautiful little lakes where people had cabins I would just love to have a little summer cabin in a place like that. You know fish a little bit, grill, and just relax. The prefect spot to gather some thoughts and recharge some batteries.