Karl Waste Sebastian Jansson

Hi my name is Sebastian Jansson, I was born and raised in Södertälje Sweden. To be more exact I grew up in a small town called Enhörna, love that little village with all my heart. It actually has a a nickname Cherry country, and we do have the greatest remains of the vikings in the world from the trading post Birka that I am sure all you history lovers will fins interesting.

But more importantly for me personally, I started to play soccer in this little town, and that is the reason why I am here in the USA right now. I just started my senior year at Marquette University, where I play soccer and study Broadcasting and Electronic Communication as well as Marketing, I have had such an amazing experience so far both as a soccer player but also as a student.

As a soccer player I have been a crucial part of a program that has completely turned around, from being ranked 160th when I arrived to being ranked top 10 in the country. We have won the Big East regular season title twice, and the Big East Championship once. We are also the only Marquette Men’s Soccer team to win an NCAA game, but more importantly as a team we consistently have been able to reach above a 3.0 GPA, and have spent many hours doing volunteer work throughout  Milwaukee. The top being the Feed My Starving Children, an opportunity that was started by our team captain Brain Ciesiulka where we packed 100,000 meals for starving children.

When it comes to school I have had such a great experience, Marquette is a great University, and I do not think I could have chosen a better school. I have been allowed to develop my skills in videography, marketing, social media, as well as content strategy throughout classes as well as internships. I hope to take that knowledge into the field of marketing, and promotion. Would love the opportunity to do that for a professional soccer team in order to also use my soccer skill set in this specific area or work, but I must say it would be an equally challenging and interesting opportunity to work for a company that is not involved with sports.

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61 thoughts on “Karl Waste Sebastian Jansson

  1. Hey Sebastian! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking ‘For your innocence’.

    I really like the idea for your blog and i’m hitting follow. Looking forward to reading more (:

  2. Hi, Sebastian. What a nice blog you have. I will check by often. Thank you for liking my post.

    I’ve only been to three countries outside the US and that will probably be my limit. I hope you have many travels and many good experiences. Live Life!

    • Well thank you, I have to say I like your blog to and I will stop by and read your interesting posts from time to time. So do I,and who knows you might as well travel the world, you never know what waits around the corner.

      Life is beautiful, so live it:)

  3. Thank you for the like! I’ll be back to read more of yours as well! I actually have the stop being sad and be awesome quote as the background for my computer haha, so I’m glad you put it on your blog!

  4. thank you Sebastian for visiting my blog.Nusa lembongan is one of the destinations on the island of Bali.Many foreign tourists who vacation here.they are fascinated by the beauty of the beaches..

      • What part are you from? The “closest” I’ve ever gotten to Sweden is Minnesota, lol 🙂 There is a significant Scandinavian population, but unfortunately I haven’t been there in 14 years so I don’t really remember it 😦 All my family that remained in that state has passed away. Now somehow the rest of us all live in Virginia.

      • I am from sodertalje, it is 30 minutes from Stockholm:) Hahaha still kind of far away! I heard that most people that immigrated from Sweden settled down in Minnesota:) That is unfortunate. Oh, really? My room mate is from virginia:)

      • Yeah, VA! 😉 What part is he from? I used to live in Lynchburg but now I live in Centreville (suburb of Washington, dc). And where are you living now? I see you travel around a lot but where is your home base in the US?

      • He is from chesapeak:) Is that close to where u used to live? Nice, I always wanted too see DC!! I am living in Milwaukee, I study at Marquette University here in the city:)

      • Nah, Chesapeak is far from where I live. I would definitely recommend DC. Out of the major US cities that I’ve been too, it’s one of the prettiest, and one of the biggest in terms of safe places to go. Of course there is always that bad section to every city, but DC has a very large portion that is very safe in all parts of the city. I’ve lived here most of my life and I’m still always finding beautiful parts of the city that I never knew existed. Too bad it’s not as popular as NYC or LA. It’s not just the government and monuments either, it’s a huge party city believe it or not.
        I’ve never been to Milwaukee! But I’ve driven through Wisconsin on my way to minnesota 🙂

      • oh I see. True that, there will always be parts that has there flaws! Hmm, maybe DC will be where I go for next spring break:) I would say that the media makes NYC and LA as big as they are, they got so much more tourist coverage than DC;) Haha, not too much you missed I promise:)

  5. Tack för att du gillade min bild! Jättefin blogg du har!(Vi fyller år på samma dag, behövde bara säga det;)

  6. a) there are a few spelling errors in this page of yours.
    b) the quote that you have given in the end, is NOT by you! It is by Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. Plagiarism isn’t something to be proud of!

    Anyway, I like the blog layout. All the best!

    • English is not my first language, but I still try my best.

      I am aware that Barney says that in one of the episodes, but technically it is not a quote from him it would be more permissible to say that the script writers of the show is the people that came up with it, however I am certain that it has been said before they came up with it.
      Thank you for your comment, and I do agree plagiarism is not good. ///Sebastian

  7. Hi Sebastian! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always nice to come across other Europeans in the U.S. 🙂

  8. Hey Sebastian! Thanks for liking my blog, although I couldn’t for the life of me understand why. That blog is actually for my classes, and since they all want me to make a blog, I thought it’d be fun to mess around with them and make it seem like it’s not really for a class haha.

    I love the way your blog looks, and I’m looking forward to reading more about soccer 😀

    • You are welcome, and I liked your post because I thought it was a good read and I also liked the picture you used:) The more fun you have it easier it gets, goes for anything and everything:)
      Well thank you so much!!!

  9. Thanks for taking the time to read my NaNo post. It sounds like you are enjoying life in America. Writing in another language is not easy; my mother came to America over sixty years ago but still struggles with certain words, like “zell” for “cell” because that’s how it sounds to her.

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