Cinematography Work

As a broadcast and electronic communications major I have taken part in a few commercials, short films etc.

And you can find some of that work here, and if you have any questions regarding music, contacting actors, producers, crew, or how it was filmed, simply comment and I’ll get back to you in the speed of light.

Lakefront Brewery Untapped, a documentary about Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee which I directed, I also filmed and edited parts of it. It was filmed with a PMW, and edited in AVID.


In one of classes we took on the task of creating a TV-show from scratch, and we came up with the show College kids on college sports, and we focused on making a pilot with the intention that it would air on TWC. After deciding on the timely issue pay for play, the real work started. After a lot of hard work this is what we created, and it was aired on TWC.


Together with three classmates we created and submitted this little masterpiece to a competition and actually shortlisted for it, we off course were very excited but unfortunately we fell short. Continuing to take part in MoFilm competitions, and striving to win one one of these days. Also, all independent producers you have to check out MoFilm, great opportunity that you simply cannot miss out on.

In my DGMD class we filmed a subvertisement, a parody of a commercial that we had seen on television. My group and I chose to make fun of the classical Febreeze commercials where they spray a really dirty room with Febreeze and brought blindfolded people into it and had them smell it. Well our results are far from what Ferbreeze got, but as I said it is simply a parody.


I had the opportunity to film a short info video for the Dairy Business Innovation Center, and more specifically their creamery Clock Shadow Creamery in Milwaukee. Filmed with a home camera, no sound equipment and edited in Final cut pro.


During my internship with I filmed a series of these shorts that kind of mocked the MTV show Cribs. As I featured my friends as college soccer players, and their not so amazing living at school. Filmed with a home camera, no sound equipment, and edited in Final Cut Pro.


Kids These Days, A short film where I played the lead. Believe it was filmed with an EX-1 and I thought the whole crew were very professional. Great experience, and tons of fun.


I interned at WISN Milwaukee and got the opportunity to anchor a sportscast, great experience and fun. Obviously a bit more practice is needed, but you have to start somewhere.


Lady Luck, a short movie where I played a minor role as a poker player who where extremely cocky, and in the lost all his money. Professional crew, and a fun project.






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