Four long years and now I am back where I started


Yes it is true, I have made the big move back to Sweden. I have spent the past four years pursuing a bachelors degree at Marquette University, and it has been filled with a lot and little bit of everything. College really is a time where you get to explore, and try on new things and with the risk if sounding a bit cliche, you really kind of find yourself I guess. Being in a foreign country, and being away form your parents you really do learn a lot about yourself. The good, bad and the ugly I guess, but it is an experience I would advice anyone to explore. I could not be happier with my college, and Marquette has given me a lot, but in the class room as well as on the soccer field. I have met so many amazing people, obviously a wide variety of students, teachers, team mates, young, old and well you name it I guess. I also got lucky and fell in love in over my ears, head and heart but later on fell out of love. But I have also had the pleasure of seeing a lot of the world, spent a summer in Canada, my spring breaks in Miami, Spain, Dominican Republic and NYC. Went to countless places with the team, mostly cities that I honestly cannot remember the name of, but we went there to perform and so we did. Two regular season titles, one Big East championship (first in school history) and two NCAA play-off spots where we got the first win in school history. Titles are obviously fun and all, but when it comes to being part of team such as the one we had at Marquette it really has been more about the journey, during my four years I made friends for life. People you never forget, not because of the titles you won but the struggle you went through together. The countless miles, weights, and hours.

However, now all that is the past. It is actually just as far away as Sweden and home became four years ago, but now the roles are reversed and Sweden now is the mysterious new and Milwaukee the old security. I do believe that my past experience has put me in a good position to do something with my life. I am not gonna lie these first couple of weeks have been challenging, it is a completely new way of life, and I cannot help but wonder if it is the same for everyone who finishes college. As of now I am living in my moms basement, obviously looking for a place of my own, but it is not that easy to find and unfortunately I do not have the finances to buy a place. I am sure something will turn up though, that’s how it tends to work out and all and all living at home has its perks. Obviously, extremely happy that my mom opened up her home for me, but after living away from home for four years I do miss having a place to call my own.

Things are looking up though, I am starting full-time on january fifth in a field that peeks my interest and out office is pretty awesome. A sweet hot chocolate machine, and tons of fruit for us employees. I do so love my bananas. However, it is a long commute, and with hope for not experiencing delays I will spend about 3 hours a day traveling to and from work. I guess that will be my nap time, or book reading time, whatever i’ll fins something to do. I am also about to sign a, let’s call it a semi professional soccer contract. Could obviously lead to something more lucrative, but honestly I am just happy to have a chance to play after all these injuries. After all what it comes down to is the love for the game.

That is probably it until we enter 2015, which actually will be my first as an independent adult, as long as I can find a place of my own of course.





Jesuit University = Double Spring Break

Hello world, and as I write that I realize I really need to work out a new “hello” to use here. Feels like my choices might be limited, but there must be something better than ” hello world”. Or maybe I have found the perfect wording that engages the whole brain as you read it, but more likely I need to change it.

Just sitting outside nutrition waiting for my class to start, me and my group had a presentation in my earlier class and as always when there is a presentation we get out earlier, and what could be better than taking some time to write a post here. I am actually going to some advertising for my self as well,

And just like that you can find my fine written work regarding soccer, and if you decide to engage yourself even further into the magnificent story telling of me I am sure you will be able to find it by some clicking, and FIY the magnificent story telling part was a joke, but who knows you might actually find some of the posts rather interesting.

Not to forget is that my school is a Jesuit University, that does not mean much for me and my personal beliefs regarding religion, but what it does provide me and the rest of student body with is a almost double spring break. We had spring break last week, and now due to easter we get Thursday, Friday, Monday off. You cannot beat that, especially not when it is so cold outside. Now I can stay inside and just be warm, and not do homework.

When we get back, spring season games start for real we will have games every weekend until school ends. It is really an opportunity to make the coaches give you a greater scholarship, and the only way to get that is by performing in the games we have.

Well until next time, cherriooo!!!




Almost Done

Hell0 everyone!

Last weeks has been crazy, never thought I would experience this much school work in my life. And actually surviving it, I mean that is just an accomplishment in itself. However, it does ensure that you cannot do to much of your own liking. We are talking video games , TV, Blogging, Working out. Literally can feel how my abs and muscles are leaving my body.

It is all okay though, because tomorrow is the last time I will open a school book for the rest of the year. Real exited about that, but even more exited to come back to Sweden on Sunday. Leaving Saturday actually, but  due to travel time and such I will land Sunday morning. It is going to be a lot colder than here, I know that much. But the warmth of seeing old friends and family for the first time in a year is making in more than worth the while.

I also started my Internship this week, a soft start but a start after all. I just actually completed my first assignment and it looks like this!


I hope you all like it, even though it is not perfect it is a start of a small series I will produce regarding College living for soccer players.

Sweden soon!!!!



Damn You Finals

Hello world, I hope all is good with everyone. Here at Marquette it is getting stressful as finals are approaching, I got three papers due on Friday, and three presentations the first two days of next week. After that I got what I would call, the calm before the storm, because the week after is finals week. I got four finals coming up for finals week, luckily enough I will only be having one of them each day. I cannot imagine how bad the results would be if I would take more than one a day.

I actually went to a networking event tonight, two alumni came to talk to us. Only five people showed up, which I thought was awesome because it give me a greater chance to talk to them in order to get their in put on what they do and gain some valuable information about the industry. They worked with social media, and marketing across different media platforms. I have to say that they had intestine stories to tell. The event planners also provided us with hot chocolate and sandwiches, much to my liking.

And everyone heads up, because santa will soon be in town.




Living On The Edge

Good evening, hope everyone a good break because tomorrow it is back to it all. School, and yeah more school. Soccer season is over, and that means that will actually have a chance to save my grade point average is semester. I really screwed up during mid-terms, just could not coupe with soccer and the tests that week. However, there is still time to save myself. Will I do it, maybe! Lazy? No, just not that interested in studying all the time.

It was close that my studying would have ended today though, I picked up caroline at the airport and on the  way back the police pulled us over. If I would have been driving, and the police man would not believed y little made up story about being in the country less than 30 days. Than I would have been packing my bags for a one way trip back to Sweden. Not the worst punishment, but you know it would be sad to leave everything behind. Luckily enough I was not driving, and luckily enough the police man was the nicest guy ever, so I would have been fine anyway.

Other than that, today has been real relaxing, just hung out with Caroline. Went for some grocery shopping, and finished a few papers. A classy Sunday for a classy guy, and now I will take my culinary skills and do some magic in the kitchen. And yeah wait hold on, I just hooked my self up with photoshop. I will learn that asap, but I love the fact that I actually have it.

Later sweet people of the world!



It Is Bigger Than Yourself

Hello people, I hope you all are well. Currently I am in Philadelphia, we are playing the semi finals in the Big East championships tomorrow, and those are taking place her in Phillie at the Union Stadium.


Pretty sick and awesome stadium, I am looking forward to playing tomorrow and I believe the stadium will provide us with a fantastic opportunity to play some beautiful soccer.

We traveled for a long time today, felt like 12 hours but it was more like 8. Bus, flight, and bus, and that was pretty much how I celebrated my 21 first birthday. It might not have been the funniest birthday of my life, but it is setting me up for the biggest game I have ever played. Sometimes, what lies ahead of you is more important than what is happening at the moment. Today was such a day, and I do not regret it one bit.

Caroline celebrated me a little bit yesterday, I have to admit that one of her presents was the best I have ever gotten. She made a calendar for me, and that calendar had plenty of awesome pictures of me. I will post them here as soon as I get a chance.

Also my buddy Derek has been working on a movie that I have a minor role in, and here is the trailer for it.

Pretty sick if you ask me!!

Have a good night everyone.


At Least Soccer Is Going Well

Good evening online world, at this moment I am blogging from our very comfortable bus. As we spend the next fiveish hours traveling to Indiana, and more specifically Notre Dame. We will play the both tomorrow and Saturday, and there is big stakes involved. If ww would win both games we will win the blue division title for the second time in as many years. That would not only be awesome and fun, but also a big step for Marquette as a soccer program.

Therefore, I am inclined to say that soccer is going great. School is unfortunately not going as well, I wish I knew why. I am just not receiving the grades I was hoping for this semester, I need to step it up during the last months that we have here in school. When I say step it up, I mean real big steps. It is hard though, combining soccer and school is not an easy task. However, I am always up for a challenge.

I resolved my banking issues yesterday, the people at the bank had some sense of decency so they helped me out a little bit. I still ended having to pay $300 for a mistake I did not realize I could make. Lesson learned, and I am still standing strong. Except money wise I guess, but money is the least of my worries. I am after all Swedish, and our country is taking good care of its citizens. Especially when I compare it to the American Culture, the high end of society here is not as prepared or adapt to give the poor a helping hand as the Swedes are. Nothing wrong with that in a lot of peoples minds, but I think it is wrong and that is something I stand fore. If I was american I would vote for Obama, and never in my life Romney.

Well now I am going to sit back and enjoy a good movie before I start doing some studying here in the bus.