World Cup Time

Hello people, sorry to say but I actually had a pretty long post written and ready to be posted. However, WordPress in one way or another did not save my draft even though it said it did. So yeah I am not going to re-create that post, but darn you WordPress. Just kidding, I actually really enjoy using WordPress is a great platform to write on, and I actually has my 3 year anniversary with WordPress last week. Hoping for another good 3 years at least.

But everything else is forgotten because now the world cup is here, if you ask me it is the best event in the world. FIFA might be a sketchy organization, that is corrupt and false but this event is still the greatest in the world. Soccer is such a magical sport that is played all around the world, and it is a language of its own. That is why it is so sad that FIFA continues to use their immense power in the wrong way, and I throughly hope that whomever takes over from Blatter will clean up the mess that is FIFA.

All sad parts forgotten, I cannot wait to watch as many world cup games as possible. I love soccer, and I love the world cup.



The End And The Beginning

Dear reader, I hope this blog post will find you on a beautiful summer evening when the sun is about to set. The past couple of weeks have been filled with beautiful evenings, and I have realized that Swedish summer can only be described as beautiful. I have spent my past three summers in North America, but know I am back in my home country.

I am however getting ahead of myself, as I do want to share a few thoughts regarding my “mock” graduation at Marquette University. I am still planning on graduating in December, however, there is no longer a graduation ceremony in December and due to that I had the privilege to partake in all that comes with graduating this past May.

Crazy fun off course, family came to town, bunch of events and the actual ceremony. For a guy who only had about 30-40 people in his high school grade the 20 000 who partook in the ceremony seemed massive. It was massive, just a crazy event that honors the students who know are suppose to start working etc. I guess me and a few other students were the exceptions since we still got one semester left. As a foreign student it was astonishing to just see an actual graduation ceremony as it is different from anything you might come across in Sweden.

Anyway it was so much fun, and just something I will remember when i’m in my olden golden days. Also, as it is looking right now I will be graduating with honors, 3.5 grade point average, and I have been chosen to be a member of a group for those athletes who also have been successful in the academic field. I am pretty sure I am not doing that award/honor justice with my description, but it is suppose to be kind of a big deal. Not to pat my own back to much, but I actually received a 4.0 this semester and I do not think that is to bad for a guy who has English as a second language.

Life is not all glamor and a dance on roses though, as I had planned to have a phenomenal summer in Sweden. You know tons of soccer, work outs, reading, and even had plans to climb the greatest mountain in Sweden. Well I have to put most of those plans on hold, during practice I injured my foot and to put it simply I will not be climbing any mountains in a near future. But now I can spend a lot more time reading, and watching movies. Luckily there are a lot of soccer games going on as well, so I can at least watch soccer.

As I am writing this I am on my way down south in Sweden, I am going to visit some family and just hang out. I have never been in a cast before, so walking around with crutches is showing to be a real drag. I hope it does not ruin my mini-golf game, but only the future will tell.

Since I will be less active than usual I will hopefully find more time to blog, and if I can find a decent camera produce and film a few shorts. Just glad I am able to spend time with family and old friends, oh yeah and my high school is having a little reunion. Cannot wait to see everyone!!

Here are a few pics as from the last weeks of my life, graduation, soccer, family, and love.

seb gradsen grad athleOscar seb loppan

Karen Olivia Photography

seb and ellesen ab caro

Karen Olivia Photography


sen eif

Mats Andersson from


All the best,


Social Media Policies: Essential In Every Field

Hello people, as finals week is approaching I am trying with all my power to finish strong, or should I say army strong? No, I personally will most likely ever participate in anything that has to do with an army directly. At least I hope so, I think we all would step up and protect our home if it would come to that, however, I personally think there always are solutions that should be enabled ahead of war. I hope that we as a human race, will come to a point where soldiers are no longer needed. However, at this point we are far away from that. Especially in the Unites State, who has the largest military budget in the world. At this point you might be thinking, what does this have to with Social media policy?

Well you see the US Army as any organization utilize social media, and they have been smart enough to create a social media policy. You can find it here, US Army  I actually believe that the policy that they have in place is not only unique, but quite on point. As I hope you can imagine the US Army faces obstacles that are at the very least different form any other organization in America. One of the points that was made is the importance of geo tagging, and to avoid it as a soldier. As they are in the business of surviving, the US Army has deemed the geo tag as dangerous. The obvious reason being that they do not want the enemy to be aware of their location.

It was a policy that really made me realize that incorporating and exploring brand identity is essential for anyone. The first guidelines did approach the classical army rules, that we so often have seen in movies. Discipline, and to never go against those who are higher ranked than yourself. As they put it, any comments regarding member of the army will be dealt with in the dammer manner as if it was said to his face with everyone to hear it. You do not stop being a soldier just because you are utilizing social media.

There was also an interesting point regarding those who died in combat, strictly forbidden to mention names, locations, occasion until 24 hours after the person in questions family had been notified. A sign of respect and virtue regarding the dead, and the importance to the army to ensure that they will deliver the awful news to the families of those who are fallen. Similar rules were applied for soldiers who were missing in action, in order to ensure their safety no one is allowed to post about them, if an attack had been made it could be crucial to not allow the enemy the knowledge of potential survivors.

However, the most interesting part to be is how the Army clearly stated that they see social media as a way to clarify ad educate the public regarding their mission and how they happen. A case study that they had illustrated how the media had reported on a combat, and the US Army later posted a video from the combat that clearly showed how misinformed the reporting had been and provided people with a clear picture of what had actually happened. It also stated that social media is a two way conversation and that the US Army are not only  obliged to respond but that they do so gladly. It is a way for them to further educate the public, and engage and connect with family and friends as well as the public.

Lastly, I want to point out that their guideline did an excellent job in explaining what every platform is, and what the usage and interaction should and could be like. I especially enjoyed the social media dictionary that in a simple sentence or two to explain what a hashtag or Facebook is.

Do you think the army should be active on social? If so what ethical implications might they run into?

// Sebastian

The Importance Of Relevant And Good Content

As I keep taking classes here at Marquette, one of the ideas that seem to be transparent among almost all classes is the importance of content. It does not matter what subject it is, we are alway exposed to content, and that content determines my and everyone else’s interest in that class. A fair amount of my classes are similar to the movie inception on that sense, a class with content about content, that illustrates the importance of content. After thinking about the impact content has, I looked into a few companies and tried to determine how big of a role their content has played towards their success.

After looking at brands such as Coca-Cola and Nike, one understands that content plays an immense role in maintaining the popularity and relevance of a brand. The reason I brought up Coke and Nike is because they are two of the most recognized companies in the world, and how they are continuing to put out amazing content. If you look at many market leaders, they tend to put out better content than their competition. There are examples all around us, PS 4 vs Xbox 1, the content sony is putting out there is on a different level compared to Microsoft, and I believe that is on of the main reasons why the PS 4 has had such a higher quantity of sales. If you look at any of the most popular brands in the world, I am certain you will discover that they all have one thing in common, and that will be great content.

As I remain a soccer fanatic, I took a deep dive into the world of soccer content. I looked at different leagues and different teams, and what I discovered goes closely with my previous notion that being great involves having great content. Over the last decade German soccer has slowly been taking over the soccer market. The German Bundesliga has continuously been the most profitable league, and they have the highest fan attendance out of all leagues in Europe. Now off course a bottom team in the Bundesliga, is miles away from beating a top English or Spanish team in soccer or actual popularity. This is strictly speaking of the league has a whole, and what I discovered one difference to be, is that the Bundesliga puts out a massive amount of content compared to any other league in Europe. They are especially focusing on YouTube, where they will post videos several times a week. The importance if their video is not the quantity, but the actual quality of them. Every video is relevant to a soccer fan in Germany, and they focus on every team as well the league in general. If you compare this to the Italian League, which has been declining on both fan attendance and profit, the difference is massive. There is nothing that allows a fan to feel that they are getting something special, or that the league wants to provide them with something cool outside of the actual game. I strongly believe that the transparency and relevance of Bundesliga’s content efforts is a main reason to its success.

After looking at all this, I believe that good and relevant content is the key to being successful. No matter what market you are in or what your target is, finding ways to provide them with content they can use, engage with, and that they get some sort of value form will ultimately lead to success.

Who is doing this well, and who is doing it poorly? Comment and share your thoughts with me.

/// Sebastian

The Essentials Of A Social Media Strategy

As social media usage continues to grow, and we are continuously seeing new social media apps being developed that the creators are hoping to sell to Google for a couple of billion. We aspiring professionals and professionals have to ask our selves, how can we utilize social media to benefit our business. Because there is no longer a question of if, it is a question of how and that how is answered differently depending on the market you are in. However, there are certain elements that I believe are relevant across all markets.

1. Set up realistic, measurable, and specific goals.

Even though you might see social media as an easy tool that you utilize everyday, there are countless of people who actually has no experience of using social media. Especially social media in a business setting, because of that people may have unrealistic speculations of the ROI they will receive. One tweet from a moderate account with 100-5000 followers will not grow your sales with 25% over the next week. That is simply not have it works, and by having a contest that ask people to re-teweet for a chance to win a gift card you will not see 2000 new followers and 1000 new customers, especially if you as most business who do not have that million dollar social media budget only have a moderate following of 100-5000.

Instead we need to explain that social media is a tool that can be utilized to create relationships between your business and its customers. Social media can make the brand loyalty and retention much higher, and drive sales and awareness that way. A customer will not come running to your store because you send out on tweet saying ” You need to check us out, value for money and we are fun and caring”, to expect those who see that to come running is unrealistic. The key here being explaining to your boss, or client what the social media efforts can do, so that when it comes to your report they do not end up saying something in the lines of, how come we only have 2000 followers when coca-cola have over 2 million?

2. Engage!

If someone called you office would you pick it up or just let it ring? If the answer is yes, than you should apply the same rule for your social accounts. Your fans/followers want to engage with you, and they want to hear a response. They want to get your opinion and thoughts, and they want to create that special relationship with you. That relationship is what will keep them coming back time after time, and most likely to tell and bring their friends as well.

3. Be the best you can be.

We all have a different set of skills, and we can adapt them to social media in all different ways. But all that you put out, should be the best you can create. People understands that a small business will struggle to compete with a company like Coca-cola, because they are the best of the best and have a bottomless budget. However, that does not stop you from creating some amazing content, content that will relevant and interesting to your audience. Apart of being your best is being genuine and honest, don’t ever forget that.

If you want to know how a company like Coca-cola is creating amazing content you should check this video out, 

And whatever you create I would follow this out line that Sarah Van Elzen over at Laughlin and Constable shared with me.

What do you think the most important parts of a social strategy is, and how does if differ from industry to industry? Please comment and allow me the chance to learn from you.



Decisions That Shape You, and 10 Interview Tips

Hello people, hope that you are all well, and that this past weekend was optimal. I feel as if the older you get the more precious the weekend becomes,  because let’s face being a student or a child is a very relaxed life. As I am reaching the point of leaving student life and entering the work force, there are choices that you and the people surrounding you have made that really shaped how life looks for both you and them.

Thinking about my own life, I know that one of the biggest decisions I ever made was moving to Milwaukee, could not have made a bigger change actually. Leaving Sweden for the USA, now that is a big decision, but I believe the small decisions shape us as well. For students that usually entails, should I study or play video games, should I pursue an internship, or should I focus solidly on my academic achievements. Am I the person who will spend his college days going out 5 nights a week, there are a lot of small decisions here that will shape one’s future.

One decisions that has alway baffled me is the one regarding internships, now I know that internships can be low paying and that people can issues with their managers etc. I have been lucky in that regard, but I think the real reason for getting an internship is seeing if that is an industry you can se yourselves work in. Let us be honest if you cannot stand 15-20 hours as an intern for a semester, how will you stand 5 years with 40 – 60 + hours a week. Yes off course it looks good on a resume, but it is the only way to see if your specific internship is something you want to do.

But how do you go about getting those internships? Well interviews becomes essential, and I have to say that I have been somewhat successful at Interviews. I have not had that many, but those I have had have lead to jobs or internships. I have a top ten list for what I have found to be important for succeeding with interviews.

1. Be confident! People want to be assured that they are making the right choice for their business, and if you do not show confidence in your self and your abilities why should they?

2. Be polite! There is no greater fault you could do than to be rude, I beg you do not take confidence to be related to cocky. If you do, your chances will minimize immensely.

3. Take an interest! Make sure to research the people who will be interviewing you, as well as the company yo might come to represent. Even though Mike in suits got hired without any research, you most likely do not have the same capabilities as him. Try and find something that you have in common with the company ideals, or the with the person who will be conducting the interview.

4. Be likable. The president of a company that shall remain unknown told me that he never hires anyone that he could not drive to Chicago with without being bored. People know they will most likely be working close to you, and they want to enjoy that time. This does not mean that you have to be over the top hilarious, it just means you got to be able to talk to people about anything and everything.

5. Dress like you are about to meet the president. The first thing people will notice when you walk in the room is what you are wearing. Make sure it is comfortable and professional. As Barney Stinson would say “Suit up”.

6. Be prepared to ask questions! When they ask you if yo have any questions (and they will) always do. Have a few questions ready that works wherever you go, and have at least one that relates back to something that came up during the interview. My favorite is, who would not be a good fit for (role) at (company)?

7. Turn your weakness into strengths! Let’s face reality, you are not perfect! Nor will you ever be perfect, however, that is no reason to let anyone discard you as a candidate. A weakness of mine is grammar, however, that awareness makes me focus particularly hard on writing in order to ensure that my weak grammar never shows in my end product.

8. A firm handshake. First they see you, than they will shake your hand. That handshake will allow them to create an image of how you are as a person. Make sure, that handshake represents the calm and firm character that you will bring to  work.

9. Smile! People like when you smile, smiling makes people happy. Happy people are nice, and nice people are good to get along with. Mix that with your skill-set and abrakadabra you are getting offers.

10. Follow up!  When you leave the room it is not over, you can still turn a maybe to a yes. Follow up with the interviewer, say thank you and make it personal by bringing up something they said.

These are a few tactics I use when I prepare for an interview, and hopefully they will work for you as well.

Would you guys add anything, or do you have anything that I did not mention that works for you? Comment and spread the knowledge so that we all will be amazing.



Back From The Dominican Republic

Hola friends, got back from an amazing spring break just to be shocked by the extreme cold that still lingers around Milwaukee. We had 6.30 a.m. practice this morning, and we can simply leave it at the fact that I was wearing a lot of layers and still felt like an ice cream.

How was the Domicians? Well thank you for asking, it was amazing. Everything about the trip was simply excellent, the beach was perfect powder sand, the ocean looked like in the movies and the people was fun and nice. Could not ask anything else from a vacation resort, Secrets, I believe the name was. They had all that one could ask for, 24/7 room service, barbecue on the beach, great selection of restaurant, great events and shows. Your truly even managed to take home theBeach volleyball tournament. Pictures below with some celebration pictures, do not think the host expected me to spray him with champagne, but how often do you get the chance.



Fun fact the the second women on the right side won Miss Dominican republic last year.

Other than that, than that I figured three pictures could sum up the rest of this amazing trip.




Until next time!