World Cup Time

Hello people, sorry to say but I actually had a pretty long post written and ready to be posted. However, WordPress in one way or another did not save my draft even though it said it did. So yeah I am not going to re-create that post, but darn you WordPress. Just kidding, I actually really enjoy using WordPress is a great platform to write on, and I actually has my 3 year anniversary with WordPress last week. Hoping for another good 3 years at least.

But everything else is forgotten because now the world cup is here, if you ask me it is the best event in the world. FIFA might be a sketchy organization, that is corrupt and false but this event is still the greatest in the world. Soccer is such a magical sport that is played all around the world, and it is a language of its own. That is why it is so sad that FIFA continues to use their immense power in the wrong way, and I throughly hope that whomever takes over from Blatter will clean up the mess that is FIFA.

All sad parts forgotten, I cannot wait to watch as many world cup games as possible. I love soccer, and I love the world cup.



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