The Heartache Of Competition

Here we are again, finally some time to sit down and write for a few minutes. As far as traveling with the team goes, we actually do not have that much free time, and the free time we do have is often spent studying or actually taking exams. This trip has been filled with time spent on the airport, in the air or on a bus, with the occasional pleasure of soccer. However, we lost the first game on this merry trip, leaving us utterly exposed as far as the league goes. With two games left we are in need of two wins in order to make it to the play-off. Pressure is on, but honestly there is no doubt in my mind that we can and will pull it off.

To completely change the subject as to my little side hobby of filming, the awards for the AT&T commercial I filmed over the summer just got assigned. Sad to say that I lost, but credit must go to the other competitors as they entry’s simply were better. I do feel as if I have taken steps forward in the quality of my submissions, and soon I do hope to actual win some money. Finishing up school will also help,  not having worry about homework and exams will definitely allow for some creative juice to flow. Now I know some of you might say that work will take all my time as soon as I graduate, well to you all I say that I am excellent at getting my work done on time. Also, the briefs and competitions that Zooppa and MoFilm among others are becoming more and more interesting as well as challenging, and they really allow us “film makers” to play around with our creativity. The constant updates and variety among competitions leaves something for all to embark upon.

Also, as far as creating video and script goes, today one of our soccer alums joined us for team dinner. I had the opportunity to chat with him for a few minutes after, and as it turns out he his living the film industry life in New York. He took a career turn that I admire, I alway felt as if hand on stuff is the best way to actually learn and become skilled at something. Well anyhow, instead of heading off to film school and as it is here accumulate debt, he had the opportunity to go straight into work. Utterly inexperienced, but with a interest of learning as quick as possible. Best way to success, and now he is working on full features and produces his own work in collaborations with others.Honestly, I cannot wait to see his work. I am not talking Hunger Games or James Bond, but more the independent side the industry which if you ask me is the heart and soul of the art and passion behind creating film. I do hope to create a few of my own pieces in the same manner in the future. In order to fulfill that dream I do hope that I will get the opportunity to work a crew in NYC at some point  in order to pick up a thing or two.

So cheers to pressure above measure and to unexpected contacts with the same passion as ourselves, and enjoy the this spooky weekend we all call Halloween.


The Story Goes On

Good morning world, I hope everybody’s weekend has gotten off to a splendid start. Enjoying weekends is an essential life skill, and something all people should have the privilege of doing.

Today looks like it is going to be  a very calm and relaxing day, I will spend most of my time in the library studying. I have quite a few things that needs to be done. The best part about it is that most of it is assignments I enjoy doing. Like my advertising class, I am supposed to look up commercials for the NBA and write a creative brief about it all, and file suggestions towards an improvement in their advertising strategy. However, I am also supposed to look at their competitors and see what we can do to be better than them. The problem that shows up is that the NBA itself really has no competitor within basketball, let us be honest the german league is nothing compared to the level in USA. Therefore, I will assume that the NBA’s greatest competitors would be other sports. The thoughts go to the president Obamas last campaign though, according to their strategy guy they won the election because they did not focus on turning people who wanted to vote for McCain, because they will only change their mind 2% of the time. I think the same would go on changing a fanatic football or baseball fan into a Basket ball fan, therefore I would suggest that they focus their marketing towards not losing any fans to soccer who the latest decay has had a great increase in popularity in America. However, the most important part will be to get people who has no preference in what sport they want to watch to start watching Basket ball. Turning does who have not yet made up their mind is how Obama was successful in the election and I think that will be the way Basket ball needs to go to gain support and fans in the upcoming years.

Sorry for turning this into a assignment I just needed to get my thoughts down. Who knows someone might even enjoy the reading!


Last night started of with the coldest practice ever, I honestly my body is used to the warmth we have had the last weeks and it was not ready for the cold yesterday. After the practice I went to Scroader with a couple of friends, a big part of the women teens team. They had just played their last home game of the year, and they won so a big applause for them. Lucky as I was chief charles was working the pasta station and as the awesome guy he is he made my portion extra big, I honestly thought I would faint from hunger. I had a way to early lunch, and I was just empty after our practice.

Later on that night after getting an extreme betting in Fifa by both Hoover and B, I have no clue what happened I just played like straight shit. After that embarrassing moment I went back to Scroader to hang with Caroline, got some quality time with Deenis and Keila as well. Their music choice for the night was very debatable but it was still a good time. Me and Caroline, most Caroline decided to put on Dirty Dancing, and I know as much about the movie now as I did before, all they do is dance. Anyway the most awesome and modern rule they have here at Marquette is that you can only have visitors until 2 a.m on weekends, so at two I had to leave. It was pretty fun though on my way back I met Martin, a friends from Mu TV, he was with some Puerto Rican friends that actually are in the same Philosophy class as me. Marquette campus is small some times, however they confessed their attractions towards my room mate Axel, and they will here it so many times in class on Tuesday.


After my fine tribute of the longest blog post in history I actually need to start some school work!



The Dark Side Of The Moon

A first notice shout out to my lovely mom, if you want to talk to me on Skype you have to be online, otherwise it will not work!

The day is not over yet, I am just back in my room for a little bit, I got my night class on Mondays so need to go to that and participate. However I do have a feeling that we are supposed to have a test today, hopefully I am wrong but the thought illuminates me. It is fine though because I love this class, advertising is awesome, and the text-book only cost me 1 dollar and 26 cents, pretty good compared to some other classes 150 for a text-book I rarely look in. Not good for anyone!

I did have my first audition ever yesterday, I have to be honest and say that I got a little bit nervous, and as always when I get nervous I talk extremely much. The best part is that I talk about things that does not make any sense at all. It does not even make sense to me, it is just words that has no content what so ever, just completely random. In any case, nervous or not, it felt all right. Probably not my best acting performance ever, but hopefully good enough to get the role. I think my greatest advantage is that I do like quit Medittereran. I believe that I will find out if I get it or not later this week, so hope for the best.

Practise this morning at 7 A.M as usual, dead tired as usual. And I had to run so much just so much, we have quit a few players after 8 on Mondays because some have to leave for class, therefore I had to cover the ground for three positions, left back, left mid, and left striker. It was very tiring, fun but still very tiring. In other news we can play soccer for 20 hours now, so that means two practises a day a couple of times a week. Less time for studying or less time for a social life, I wonder what I will spend less time doing.

I am kind of the “Robinson Crouse” of my time. No phone in today’s society is like being stranded on an island back than. Might be a quit stupid analogy, but it is actually true, we are so dependant of our phones in today’s society. I am doing pretty well any way, but I have to admit that it feels really weird/sad/strange to not be able to text, call, check twitter, Facebook and all those fun things. Soon enough I will have my phone back though, sweet!

Not to forget, thank you James Routledge and John Mau for being terrible at Fifa and thereby, having to buy me and a pizza yesterday, and yes I know you two will read this:)


Ending this post with a song made my Adele, but even better performed by this guy!