The Problem With Soccer

As you all know I have a very keen interest in soccer, I have been playing since I was about 4-5 and since than it has been a part of my life almost every day. If I am not playing soccer myself I am most likely watching it or reading about it.

As all sports around the world soccer is ever changing, the style of play changes, as does the type of player that is most effective. Sometimes we see new rules or new interpretations be implemented into to referees rule book, and we always see new shoes as well as a change in the shirt size. Thinking about Uruguay with that last point, they did not want to use too much fabric.

Personally, the way I play have changes a lot over time, even the position I have. But one thing has not changed, I never dive or waste time by faking an injury. Because during the world cup, one of the things that has bugged me the most is just that, diving and time wasting.

I believe that a player, who manages to fool the referee with a dive, should be banned two games. Obviously, we cannot expect the referee to see everything on the field, and especially dives that are executed perfectly. Let us be honest, some players are real gifted at the pretending. However, if the replays show that a player really dove there should be a committee that punishes that player.

The thing about diving or faking the pain level is that reefs sometimes do not blow the whistle or hand out a yellow card unless a player do dive or pretend to be hurt.

The second thing is a player who fakes an injury to waste time. Something that I personally think most of the south American teams are doing are experts at, surely players from the other continents do it as well, but not as much as the South American teams. That statement could off course be wrong, as I do not have any official stats to support it. But after watching all except five world cup games, that is what I have concluded. However, I absolutely hate to see players that so obviously are wasting time by pretending to be hurt. It just shows a lack of respect for the game, and I wish players would stop that madness. Sometimes it feels as if the last fifteen minutes of a game consists of two minutes playing time and 13 minutes of faking injuries.

All big issues within soccer, and there are no easy solution for any of these problems, at least I do not have them. What do you think should be done?