Senior Semester And The Struggles Of Motivation

I guess I can just start with saying that it had truly been awhile, as we all know the day is only filled with x amount of hours and I have chosen to spend that time doing other thins that writing on my blog. As I wrote that first sentence I have to admit that I have missed writing, most likely never going to be a professional at it but it does tickle my creative side.

So last semester here at Marquette University, spent the last 4 years of my life here and I am still happy about that choice. I am sure I will write something a bit more elaborate on my 18 hour trip back to Sweden, but for now knowing that it was a great choice is enough.

This last semester is however proving to come with a few difficulties, namely the one of motivation. I only have 12 credits left to take, and none of the classes are extremely relevant to what I will be doing after school. As I already found a job, and lets be honest no hires you based on your grades. Yeah, do not spill that secret to all the 4.0 people in the world, they might get a heart attack and I would not want that on my conscience. So yeah, I always felt like the reason one gets an education is to learn the necessary skills to find a job in an industry that you are passionate about. I did that, so why should spend every waken our worrying about grades? Well I am not, however, I always been one to finish what I start so I will most definitely pass every class so that I actually get my degree. More than that I cannot promise, we do live in a golden age of television, and FIFA 15 recently got released. Working on the side as well, and yeah well you get it there are things that are not studying that I would rather be doing. Soccer being one of them, after a long year tilt with injuries etc. I know finally feel 100% or at least close to, our season here has not gone as my hear desires so far but we got some time to turn things around and I hope that I can play a more active part in that now.

I guess for being the first post in awhile that will do, six day road trip next week so I am certain I will find some time to dabble a few thoughts together.

All the best and some wise words from a fortune cookie,



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