The Heartache Of Competition

Here we are again, finally some time to sit down and write for a few minutes. As far as traveling with the team goes, we actually do not have that much free time, and the free time we do have is often spent studying or actually taking exams. This trip has been filled with time spent on the airport, in the air or on a bus, with the occasional pleasure of soccer. However, we lost the first game on this merry trip, leaving us utterly exposed as far as the league goes. With two games left we are in need of two wins in order to make it to the play-off. Pressure is on, but honestly there is no doubt in my mind that we can and will pull it off.

To completely change the subject as to my little side hobby of filming, the awards for the AT&T commercial I filmed over the summer just got assigned. Sad to say that I lost, but credit must go to the other competitors as they entry’s simply were better. I do feel as if I have taken steps forward in the quality of my submissions, and soon I do hope to actual win some money. Finishing up school will also help, Β not having worry about homework and exams will definitely allow for some creative juice to flow. Now I know some of you might say that work will take all my time as soon as I graduate, well to you all I say that I am excellent at getting my work done on time. Also, the briefs and competitions that Zooppa and MoFilm among others are becoming more and more interesting as well as challenging, and they really allow us “film makers” to play around with our creativity. The constant updates and variety among competitions leaves something for all to embark upon.

Also, as far as creating video and script goes, today one of our soccer alums joined us for team dinner. I had the opportunity to chat with him for a few minutes after, and as it turns out he his living the film industry life in New York. He took a career turn that I admire, I alway felt as if hand on stuff is the best way to actually learn and become skilled at something. Well anyhow, instead of heading off to film school and as it is here accumulate debt, he had the opportunity to go straight into work. Utterly inexperienced, but with a interest of learning as quick as possible. Best way to success, and now he is working on full features and produces his own work in collaborations with others.Honestly, I cannot wait to see his work. I am not talking Hunger Games or James Bond, but more the independent side the industry which if you ask me is the heart and soul of the art and passion behind creating film. I do hope to create a few of my own pieces in the same manner in the future. In order to fulfill that dream I do hope that I will get the opportunity to work a crew in NYC at some point Β in order to pick up a thing or two.

So cheers to pressure above measure and to unexpected contacts with the same passion as ourselves, and enjoy the this spooky weekend we all call Halloween.



It Is Bigger Than Yourself

Hello people, I hope you all are well. Currently I am in Philadelphia, we are playing the semi finals in the Big East championships tomorrow, and those are taking place her in Phillie at the Union Stadium.


Pretty sick and awesome stadium, I am looking forward to playing tomorrow and I believe the stadium will provide us with a fantastic opportunity to play some beautiful soccer.

We traveled for a long time today, felt like 12 hours but it was more like 8. Bus, flight, and bus, and that was pretty much how I celebrated my 21 first birthday. It might not have been the funniest birthday of my life, but it is setting me up for the biggest game I have ever played. Sometimes, what lies ahead of you is more important than what is happening at the moment. Today was such a day, and I do not regret it one bit.

Caroline celebrated me a little bit yesterday, I have to admit that one of her presents was the best I have ever gotten. She made a calendar for me, and that calendar had plenty of awesome pictures of me. I will post them here as soon as I get a chance.

Also my buddy Derek has been working on a movie that I have a minor role in, and here is the trailer for it.

Pretty sick if you ask me!!

Have a good night everyone.


Birthday Celebration Will This Year Take Place In New York

Hello world, I hope that you are all well and alive. Because I got some news that might make you freak out, we are going to Red Bull Stadium in a week. We made it to the semi-finals in the Big East, and I will turn 21 while we are there. First time ever, in Marquette history.

We played Louisville at their home field, and this time we came out as winners. 2-1 was the score at the end of the game, they scored with four minutes left to go and I have to admit that I got real nervous. However, we managed to last the whole game and now we get to go to New York/ New Jersey and actually play in the real New York Red bulls stadium. I will be playing on the same field as Thierry Henry plays on, it is a big thing not only for me but also the rest of the team.

That really is all I got for the night, some nice pictures from dinner might come up later, until that time and our flight tomorrow at 7 a.m enjoy these pictures.


And So The Weeks Has Started

Hello world, I hope the weekend was enjoyable and filled with all kinds of relaxing, fun and productive activities. Here in Milwaukee it has been a weekend filled with all kinds of events. First and foremost we played Notre Dame again Saturday night, and once again we took a 1-0 lead in the first half. As some of you might know we did the same only three days earlier, but this time we did not allow them to score any goals. Well up until the 88 minute, when they equalized. Take away that goal and that one mistake we had in the whole game and we would have won the blue division for the second time in as many years. However, they did score that goal and for us that meant a fourth place instead of a league victory. It really is crazy how talented and equal our league is, and I love that. However, this year we did not win, but we are still in the running for the play off championship. We wills tart of with Cincinnati on Wednesday night and if we win that gain we will travel to Louisville. For those that have been following my blog for more than a year, yes that is the team that took us out of the tournament last year, so that will be our chance to get some kind of revenge. Also it would be the best birthday gift I could give to myself, since if we win that I would be celebrating my birthday in New Jersey playing soccer at the New York Red bulls stadium.

However, before I get into any speculations about that I need to survive this week in school, and I am completely forgetting Saturday night and Sunday. So after the game, my old friend Michael came over. We have been neighbored and friends since we were six, and he now goes to a school only one hour away, it is cray how life turns out sometimes. Anyway, had a great night with him and sadly enough hI had to wake up at 8 a.m the next day. I am acting in a movie, and the scenes that I was involved in got shoot that morning. It is amazing how hard it is to shoot a poker scene if the people involved in it does not know how to play poker. It took us a while, but after five hours we were all done and I went home and took a long and well needed nap.

Woke up later than I had hoped, and went over to Caroline who had cooked me a delicious dinner, roast with potato and carrots. Could not have asked for a better dinner. After that I had to go home and finish homework, not the funnest way to spend a Sunday night, but hey you got to do what you got to do. I actually learned something that I found a little bit amusing. I am taking a theology class, and we are working with interpretations of the bible. We read a passage where Jesus talk to a rich man, and explains how to get to heaven. Jesus says and quote, it is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to go to heaven. I found that amusing since most conservative people if generalize them are a part of the upper-class in society, and if we listen to what Jesus said rich people do not go to heaven. I think that could be a possible dilemma for a big chunk of the conservative parties followers.

Other than that I had my advising meeting today, and it is now decided that I will minor in a interdisciplinary subject. Which means that I will come up with it myself, I need a name that will be accepted but I am still to find it.

If anyone has any ideas please comment, it need to tie into freelance writing, media design across multiple platforms.


Friday, But The Most Important Day Is Yet to Come

Hello world, I hope you all are well and that you have something planned for the weekend. A lot of Halloween plans hopefully, and let us all be honest Halloween is the best Holiday. I just hate the commercial industry for trying to make up Holidays in order to make more money, I mean “Sweetest Day” come on people. Those who celebrate Sweetest Day I have one word for you, fool. If you cannot realize that sweetest day is a made up day in order to make money, I will also assume that you do believe in unicorns and that the holocaust never happened.

Speaking of the holocaust, I went to see Anne Franks Diary last night. Caroline accompanied me to the play, and I have to say that did not live up to my expectations. I understood what the director tried to do, and I thought it was an admirable idea. However, it did not work for me in the audience. That is the essential aspect of the directors job, and I thought he made Anne to annoying to be appreciated. I thought he did that in order to describe her in the eyes of those who lived with her in that enclosed area for such a long time. After that long, anything people did must have been seen as irritating. However, that made me lose interest in her, and therefore, the play well a part for me.

Theatre and Holidays in all its glory, but there are more important things taking place on campus. We lost against Notre Dame Wednesday night, and to be honest I thought they deserved to win. However, tomorrow we are playing them again. If we are to win the game we need great performances from all member of our team. If we win, we do win the league and we got a first place seed for the play-off. I cannot stress enough how big tomorrows game is, not only to the team and the program but also for me.


People Like You Make Me Laugh

After a long and very intense season it looks like it is over, I still find it hard to believe. We might get into the ncaa tournament but our chances are extremly slim. The game that put us out of the season was one we should have won. I really felt like we had them from the beginning, and i really thought we would be able to turn things around. 1-0 at home is not a result that any of uss were happy with, me missed a lot of oppurtunities. I would say that me my self missed the best of them, it really feels sour to lose this way. But there is a new season around the corner, and we will do all we can to peform as well as we can. Otherwise life is going pretty good, I like it so to say. And to be honest I am looking forward to come home and spend some time in Sweden, it is going to be a great time. ///Sebastian