The Working Man

Good evening people, finally the days has arrived. It is Fridays, the working week is over. Now we can all indulge in what I would like to call the two days of madness. No that is not true at all, to be completely honest this week has been hard. Hours on hours of work, and practice on top of that. What took most of my energy was the moving. Not my own moving because I am not moving in until June 1, but to help my friends. College housing has one big problem, and that is the one week between move out and move in. What are people suppose to do, put there  belongings on the street? No NO no I say, so at the moment I got furniture for multiple friends in the apartment. Actually got 4 beds and 6 couch/futons here, all more comfortable than mine I would imagine. I actually believe I could open up a pretty successful second hand furniture store right now.

Back to my working week, I have to admit that I love woking for the wave. Even though I do not get paid, I find myself spending more hours in the office than I intend. I fell like I get to work on so many different skills that I never really get tired of what I am doing. If that is a good thing or a bad I do not know, all I know is that the hours I spend in office are flying by.

Big day tomorrow though, Champions League final, and I will be taking my talents out to Trey’s lake house here in Wisconsin. Good game good company, what more can am an ask for.

Hope all of you will enjoy your weekend as well.



Christmas Time

Hello world, I want to start off by wishing all of you a merry christmas. It really is a magical time of the year, and now that I ma older and do not have the present obsession everyone seems to have as a kid it is easier to actually enjoy the holiday. For what it is really meant for, which is friends and family, at least that is Christmas if you ask me, and yeah this is how we do it!


Last night we had a little family gathering or reunion or something like that, anyway whatever it might be called it is a great chance to catch up with relatives. My family on my fathers side really is a widespread of characters, and ideologies. Many that are different from me, and that is what makes it so fun and interesting. Even though I might not be a man of strong religious belief, many in my family are. The interesting part of them and their beliefs, is the contrast when I compare it to the people in the USA. Both religious, but the difference in their belief of Christianity is significant.

But I am not going to focus on religious beliefs solidly in this morning post, what I wanted to indulge your mind in is the chances and opportunities that presents itself in life through gateways that we had never imagined. I am a broadcast major and I want my education to lead me into the TV-industry, and yesterday a rare chance or possible future opportunity presented itself. My uncle is a man of faith, and he has been offered to have a TV-show that would be about him and his preachings in the churches and assemblies around the country. However, the channel he is suppose to work with, is a Christian channel and they …well let us put it like this, they would be in need of some development. However, that might be my job next Christmas when I come back to Sweden. Would be a great opportunity to get a lot of real life experience, and work with some fantastic people.


All of you do not be afraid to open doors to the unknown, who knows maybe a rainbow lays behind it.



Life On The Road: Hello Pittsburg

Hello fellow population of the online environment, it has been so long since I wrote something on here. Why I ask myself sometimes, and the answer is simple without motivation there is nothing that gets done. If I do not feel like doing something I will not do it, just how I work as a person. Do I love writing, yes I do. Do I always have time to do those things I love, no I do not. I guess that is a part of being a student athlete, life can really be busy at times. Especially this part of the season, a lot of away games and traveling, and at the same time important weeks in school filled with mid-terms and papers. On top of all that it is time to start planning for the spring semester, meeting with advisors and such. The worst part about becoming older in college is that you have to make up your mind about minors, and classes and career paths, how are you suppose to know what you would like to do for the rest of your life when you are 19-20 years old. To those that do know that I take my hat off, for the rest remember all that is wandering is not lost.

A sad part about being a Communication student at Marquette is that we are not allowed to have minors within our own school, for example I would like to have a Public relations minor, but I cannot since I am a Broadcast major. However, as a designated loop whole finder I managed to find a loop whole for this. A interdisciplinary minor, which basically means a minor I make up my self. The name I came up with was awesomeness, I mean hands down who would not hire a someone who had a degree in awesomeness. However, reality stroked me and the sincere world of seriousness simply could not handle that and because of that I am still in the process of making up a name for it.

I also found out that when you need to get something done, it is amazing how much work you can put into it and how much else you can chose to ignore. I found out that there is an internship opportunity coming up and I needed a resume and cover letter for it, and boom here we go energy like 50 red bulls striving out to completer one task, two adams the upcoming morning does not matter, all that matters is this resume and cover letter. A lot of help from Caroline, and swoosh here we go. Application sent in, and now the long hard wait for an answer. It really is amazing how the brain works when it comes to applying for jobs and such, they hate it, why are they not answering and this is two hours after I sent it in. Freaking out, heart pumping, sweating not knowing. Four hour, I am fine I got this, there is no way they would not pick me. And the switch between those two feelings goes on until a reply finally makes it to the inbox.

While I wait for that answer and prepare for out game against Pittsburg tonight, by the way we are 12-1, and have been ranked #2 in the nation. Got to keep on working, and put in the work the real games are the ones coming up in the next weeks. Until that, the shy is above me, the earth below me, and the fire within me.