Back In The Groove (and in Sweden)

Hello everyone, I hope that you all are jolly as Christmas is only one day away, or if you are from America I guess it is two days away. But please let us all face it, Christmas should be celebrated on the 24th, however, when we are on the track of honesty what day christmas is celebrated on does not really matter. What does matter is how you celebrate it, and I am fortunate enough to get to celebrate it with people I love twice this year. Today I am celebrating with my dad, and his new girlfriend, since I have not met her before it should be an interesting christmas. Than, tomorrow I will be going to my mother’s to once again celebrate christmas, what is absolutely essential for this to work out is that I will not be eating christmas food more than once. My father has agreed to barbecue today, I cannot wait to put my teeth into the pork chops. Never seeing my dad during the summer, has given my a lack of experience when it comes my fathers barbecue, but today once again I will be able to taste the best barbecue in the world. Since my girlfriend from USA is here I hope out slightly different christmas traditions will not freak her out, and hopefully she will enjoy them instead.

Well now it is time for some lunch waffles, merry christmas to you all. And from my athletic department a very merry christmas.

All the best,