Back To Routine

Hello sweet people, I hope you all are well and that the cold has not gotten to insane levels wherever you may be. I landed inChicago yesterday after a long trip from Sweden. Really enjoyed my time spent home, I guess it is true what they say there really is no place like home. I got to see so many old friends, and just hangout with the family. Off course a lot of tears when it was time to leave, but not all tears are bad as I believe Gandalf said the lord of the rings movies. I forget which one, but still he had a point.

So I just completed the first day off classes,and I must say that I have never been this jet lagged before, I was sitting in class thinking dang this is an interesting class, but why is my mind shifting into sleep mode? And why am I having this discussion in my head instead of taking notes? Obviously in another world, but that should be fixed after the weekend.

All of my classes seems to be very interesting this semester, however, they all also will require a lot of work. Gone are the days when a class or two could have been a breeze, but life goes on and the closer I get to graduation the harder and more interesting the classes seems to become.

Also, first day at the wave tomorrow, I have interned their before but this is the first time I am doing it for credit. Should be a fun day.

Sleep Well All.




Almost Done

Hell0 everyone!

Last weeks has been crazy, never thought I would experience this much school work in my life. And actually surviving it, I mean that is just an accomplishment in itself. However, it does ensure that you cannot do to much of your own liking. We are talking video games , TV, Blogging, Working out. Literally can feel how my abs and muscles are leaving my body.

It is all okay though, because tomorrow is the last time I will open a school book for the rest of the year. Real exited about that, but even more exited to come back to Sweden on Sunday. Leaving Saturday actually, but  due to travel time and such I will land Sunday morning. It is going to be a lot colder than here, I know that much. But the warmth of seeing old friends and family for the first time in a year is making in more than worth the while.

I also started my Internship this week, a soft start but a start after all. I just actually completed my first assignment and it looks like this!


I hope you all like it, even though it is not perfect it is a start of a small series I will produce regarding College living for soccer players.

Sweden soon!!!!



Living On The Edge

Good evening, hope everyone a good break because tomorrow it is back to it all. School, and yeah more school. Soccer season is over, and that means that will actually have a chance to save my grade point average is semester. I really screwed up during mid-terms, just could not coupe with soccer and the tests that week. However, there is still time to save myself. Will I do it, maybe! Lazy? No, just not that interested in studying all the time.

It was close that my studying would have ended today though, I picked up caroline at the airport and on the  way back the police pulled us over. If I would have been driving, and the police man would not believed y little made up story about being in the country less than 30 days. Than I would have been packing my bags for a one way trip back to Sweden. Not the worst punishment, but you know it would be sad to leave everything behind. Luckily enough I was not driving, and luckily enough the police man was the nicest guy ever, so I would have been fine anyway.

Other than that, today has been real relaxing, just hung out with Caroline. Went for some grocery shopping, and finished a few papers. A classy Sunday for a classy guy, and now I will take my culinary skills and do some magic in the kitchen. And yeah wait hold on, I just hooked my self up with photoshop. I will learn that asap, but I love the fact that I actually have it.

Later sweet people of the world!



A Change In Life

Hello world, a long absence from writing, but now finally a few minutes to compose something semi worth reading.

Soccer season has ended, and that is all I am going to say about that. The wound is still fresh, I guess I could say.

Better times has come due to a well needed break from school, thanksgiving has been here and I believe if left me with a few extra pounds around my belly. It truly is amazing how much food americans can produce on one holiday, but I was not concerned I was just easting away. I also got the chance toe pend two day in Chicago, which was awesome. Black Friday shopping was a treat, 75% off plus a extra 15% on that and than a $10 deduction. Yes this is true, thank you Macy’s, even tough I am asking my self how you will ever survive as a business. But I am sure you got it figured out, and otherwise there is plenty of business students that would like a job.

Talking about working, I just  got an internship. Top Drawer soccer family, is now a family that I am part of. Starting next week ish, something like that. I really exited to see how well it goes, it should be pretty fun. I mean media and soccer are my two interests in life, combining them too does sound like a excellent plan. I guess only the future will tell though, but I am just going to follow my feet usually works well.

Now it is time for some well deserved game time, I did finish a paper today and believe me you it was not one of the go this is going to be easy and fun type of paper. With that note, good night!



What Did Happen Last Night?

Hello world, I hope you all have recovered during the weekend, and are ready to go for another work week. I know that I am not, specially not when it comes to school, all these readings it is just to much. I mean I used to love reading, harry potter, lord of the rings, narnia, twilight, da vinci code, in the shadow of the wind, etc. And now I find myself tired of anything that involves text, papers, books etc. I blame that on all the school readings that simply are to long. I can spend half an hour reading theology 3 times a week, but 1 hour 4 times a week that just does not work for me. If that was the only readings I had, than sure that is perfectly okay. However, I am a ton of other subjects with equal if not longer readings, and play that with work, soccer, and an exiting/functional social life there just is not enough time.

But I should not be all depressing, life is quite exiting aw well. In about two weeks my mom and my little brother is coming to visit me, and that is going to be sweet. Especially because my mom makes awesome pancakes ( americans se it as crepes). Also my apartment is ready for the visit, a new futon is in their, and I just bought a book shelf. Extremely hard to put together, never would have been able to do it without some friends and Caroline.

On soccer notice, we are as of now the only team in the country that are 5-0-0. Very exiting both for us players as well for the program itself, it really feels like we are starting put things right. I hope that we will continue to win, because lets be honest losing is awful, frankly it sucks. Another week of hard work a head of us, and than we will play Michigan and Michigan state I believe. Two very good teams, and we will need a great performance in order to beat either of them.




Back To Des Moines

Hello people, I hope you all are enjoying the weekend. My own is filled with a messed up travel schedule, more so the fact that I will be flying back to Milwaukee Monday morning at 6 a.m. I guess that is something that I just have to deal with, a normal sleeping schedule is over rated anyway.

The more exiting thing is that we have a game tomorrow, after winning our first 3 games we are looking to get the fourth as well. We are playing Drake tomorrow here in Des Moines, a place that I do not have the fondest memories from but I got tomorrow to change all that. I hope that I will be able to perform better tomorrow than previous games since I have been sick, but are feeling better now. Most important is that we will play as a team and perform to our max capacity.

The other part of my life that is known as school is in struggle as well, I have a big problem when it comes to do my reading for class. I tend to fall asleep every time I read 5 pages, and that is pretty much how fun my classes are right now but I just got to work through it.



Finally The Weekend Is Here

Hello world, very happy to say that it is finally Friday. That means no school fro three days, I believe it is labor day or something on Monday so one extra day off. After one week in school I can with knowledge say that I am not a big fan of the academic life. Homework here and homework there, not something that I am well at coping with. Some of to just feels so stupid, but I guess that is something I have to deal with as I choose to be a college student.

I had a great talk with our internship adviser today, and I think that I will get a good internship next summer. By good I mean something that has something to do with my major, it will be extremely hard to get an internship that will provide me with a lot of on air time. However, you have to start somewhere and from there build yourself up. I believe I should be able to do just that, even though it is going to take some hard work.

Other than that I am just preparing for our game tonight, since I am a little bit sick I do not anticipate that I will play all 90 minutes but I will do my best for as long as my body allows me. We are playing UIC tonight, one of the teams that beat us last year. I guess we will find out later tonight if we are the better team this year.