Back To Reality, With Dreams About The Future

Hello world I hope you all have had a great weekend, as my mom would have said “hope you recharged your batteries”. I personally  have done more than recharged my batteries, they are now completely new. Like a new brand and all, kind of crazy what one victory in something like a soccer game can do to you. However, I guess today there is more to mention about our women team since they actually won the Big East Championship, a real big performance form their team and I am happy for them.

It would crazy amazing if we would be able to win the same title as them, I am taking a shoot in the dark here but I think that would be the first time in history that happens. Soccer in all is glory, there still is need for what we usually do in College. Study, however in all honesty I have pretty much given up my academic stride for the semester. Not saying that I will get all F’s, but more that a 3.0 is exactly what I will receive. I just do not have the energy for it, we have been traveling a lot this year, and I have actually been playing almost every minute. I am not used to that and therefore my academic interest have been slacking.

Well that is all for right now, have a good Sunday world!





Birthday Celebration Will This Year Take Place In New York

Hello world, I hope that you are all well and alive. Because I got some news that might make you freak out, we are going to Red Bull Stadium in a week. We made it to the semi-finals in the Big East, and I will turn 21 while we are there. First time ever, in Marquette history.

We played Louisville at their home field, and this time we came out as winners. 2-1 was the score at the end of the game, they scored with four minutes left to go and I have to admit that I got real nervous. However, we managed to last the whole game and now we get to go to New York/ New Jersey and actually play in the real New York Red bulls stadium. I will be playing on the same field as Thierry Henry plays on, it is a big thing not only for me but also the rest of the team.

That really is all I got for the night, some nice pictures from dinner might come up later, until that time and our flight tomorrow at 7 a.m enjoy these pictures.


And So The Weeks Has Started

Hello world, I hope the weekend was enjoyable and filled with all kinds of relaxing, fun and productive activities. Here in Milwaukee it has been a weekend filled with all kinds of events. First and foremost we played Notre Dame again Saturday night, and once again we took a 1-0 lead in the first half. As some of you might know we did the same only three days earlier, but this time we did not allow them to score any goals. Well up until the 88 minute, when they equalized. Take away that goal and that one mistake we had in the whole game and we would have won the blue division for the second time in as many years. However, they did score that goal and for us that meant a fourth place instead of a league victory. It really is crazy how talented and equal our league is, and I love that. However, this year we did not win, but we are still in the running for the play off championship. We wills tart of with Cincinnati on Wednesday night and if we win that gain we will travel to Louisville. For those that have been following my blog for more than a year, yes that is the team that took us out of the tournament last year, so that will be our chance to get some kind of revenge. Also it would be the best birthday gift I could give to myself, since if we win that I would be celebrating my birthday in New Jersey playing soccer at the New York Red bulls stadium.

However, before I get into any speculations about that I need to survive this week in school, and I am completely forgetting Saturday night and Sunday. So after the game, my old friend Michael came over. We have been neighbored and friends since we were six, and he now goes to a school only one hour away, it is cray how life turns out sometimes. Anyway, had a great night with him and sadly enough hI had to wake up at 8 a.m the next day. I am acting in a movie, and the scenes that I was involved in got shoot that morning. It is amazing how hard it is to shoot a poker scene if the people involved in it does not know how to play poker. It took us a while, but after five hours we were all done and I went home and took a long and well needed nap.

Woke up later than I had hoped, and went over to Caroline who had cooked me a delicious dinner, roast with potato and carrots. Could not have asked for a better dinner. After that I had to go home and finish homework, not the funnest way to spend a Sunday night, but hey you got to do what you got to do. I actually learned something that I found a little bit amusing. I am taking a theology class, and we are working with interpretations of the bible. We read a passage where Jesus talk to a rich man, and explains how to get to heaven. Jesus says and quote, it is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to go to heaven. I found that amusing since most conservative people if generalize them are a part of the upper-class in society, and if we listen to what Jesus said rich people do not go to heaven. I think that could be a possible dilemma for a big chunk of the conservative parties followers.

Other than that I had my advising meeting today, and it is now decided that I will minor in a interdisciplinary subject. Which means that I will come up with it myself, I need a name that will be accepted but I am still to find it.

If anyone has any ideas please comment, it need to tie into freelance writing, media design across multiple platforms.


Those Awful Moments That Really Help You Grow Up

Hi everyone I hope the weekend has been relaxing, and that you have been busy doing fulfilling activities. Honestly as long as you are prepared for the upcoming week, it does not matter what you have been up to. I have had a quite busy, strange, fun, good, depressing weekend.

Started of with a victory against Seton Hall on Saturday, 2-0 and we did not play especially good to be completely honest. A victory either way, and thanks to that we clinched a spot for the Big East play off. However, if I am honest here that really is not something that we have put our eyes on. What we want is more then just a play off spot, we want to go deep in to the play off. And since we are the defending big east blue division champions, we are striving to keep that title. Even though we lost against Georgetown we still have it in to own hands. We are playing Notre Damn twice this upcoming week and of we win those two we will win the blue division again. Notre Dame is an extremely talented team, and beating them twice would be an immense effort. They play such beautiful soccer, and the players they have is pure soccer talents. We do have a team filled with talent as well, and the games should be a real pleasure to see.

More exiting things happened the same day as well, the same night I got the pleasure of meeting Caroline’s Mom, I already met her dad but this time her mom cane along as well. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous before, but it ended up being a really fun night. We went out to dinner at a restaurant called Bacchus, amazing food so extremely delicious I cannot even explained it. Started of with a mushroom soup, and went on a filet mignon. Perfect dinner if you ask me, the price of the restaurant was of a standard that does not really suit a College student. Luckily enough Chris (Father of Caroline) was nice enough to pay for the tab, let us put it like this if he would have not I would have been cleaning dishes at that restaurant the rest of my life. However, after dinner we continued our night to the historical hotel pfister, and its roof top bar. Amazing view, and amazing live music. I do indeed recommend both places for any night of the week. The hotel bar had an amazing design to the ceiling, it was sparkling with stars and looked exactly like the real sky.

Sunday, was a day filled with surprises, good ones and not so good ones. Started of really well, out to an apple orchard and bought some apples and donuts. Obviously the donuts were not for me, but for my room mates. Caring is sharing, and that is what we do. I wish more people would live by that notion, Romney voters I am talking to you!

However, it took a strange and sad turn as I learned I few rules of growing up. And I guess how American society works, and what it is built upon. I have a debit card, not a credit card. Therefore, I assumed that I would only be able to spend as much as I have. But oh I was so wrong, apparently in American society that does not apply. You can spend more than your card actually have on it, which puts you on minus. You have minus money, I do not get how that makes sense that I would have been able to spend more than I actually have. I thought that was the point with a debit card compared to a credit card, but I was wrong so wrong. Obviously my fault that I thought I had $4 dollars more than I actually had, I do not blame anyone else than me for that. But I would assume that if I do not have any money on my account, I do not intend to spend that. The bank clearly disagrees with me on this point, and they even took it a step longer. There is a fee for using that money which you do not have, so you have to pay more than you have and on that you get a fee to pay even more of what you do not have. So they let people spend money that they do not have, and then charge this person who does not have any money (clearly) more money. So because they were allowed to spend more than they had, they have to pay even more of what they do not have. Does not make sense, really it does not make sense. But sure it is the customers fault that they paid to much, sure they should pay a little fee $25 dollars a week for the $4 dollars they went over. But should it not be the Banks responsibility to inform the customer about that? Maybe mention it to the customer when he comes in to put some money on his account so he can pay for his deposit that he mentions to the bank manager he is talking to, maybe a call, or a text, an email? No, apparently that is to strange of a way to communicate. They sent a letter, a letter that did not arrive until 15 days after the little incident happened. Strange how the post office works sometimes, and during that time that little $4 that I could not pay grew due to fee’s and extra fee’s to me using my card again because I still had no clue that it was blanked out of money. So every time I tried to use my card, for some milk and such things they added a $35 charge for every time I used money that I clearly did not have. And as that charge grew, and as the little mail man came with the notification saying that I owe $29 it had grown into $500.

A nice little story to end Sunday night, and now some sleep before a new week with new challenges.



Fall Break I Welcome You With Open Arms

Good morning world, finally a day where I could sleep as long as I needed. Well I guess that is not completely true but almost, I just got interrupted at 5.30 A.M. I had to take Caroline to the am track, she had to catch a train to Chi-Town. The worst part was not waking up, not at all actually and that is what scares me. I actually did not feel tired at all, and that is scary because that means my body is now used to waking up at 5 in the morning. Which in my little dream view of a perfect society is only acceptable if you are a senior citizen, and I guess from now on I need to change that little spectrum to include the vivid amount of college athletes there are around this country.

Last night after we arrived in Milwaukee early morning, and got done with mid-day practice I spent the rest of the day with Caroline. We did something I have not done in two years, and I am not talking about anything abstract on crazy here. But something I used to spent about 30 hours a week doing, skating. We went to a hockey rink here in Milwaukee, and 10 dollars later I had put on a very old pair of skates, skates nevertheless but they did look weird. Up the stairs we ran and out onto the ice, and two minutes later it felt like I had never quite playing ice-hockey. I honestly miss it sometimes, and especially last night. Ice hockey is an amazing game, and I believe it is a great way to spend many hours as a child. I am for sure going to spend some more time skating this semester, and for sure doing even more of that during the spring semester.

I guess the question will be if I have time though, Top Drawer Soccer did get back to me. I am selected for a second interview, a phone interview. I honestly have never had a phone interview before, I guess it cannot be much different from being a sale man over the phone. Except that I will be selling myself instead of some kind of product, and I think I am a much easier sell than a phone membership. The best part about the screening process of this internship is that even if I do not get it  I get some practicing in being interviewed and how to make a good resume/ cover letter. So even if I would not get it, I would walk away with a lot of good experience for future tries to gain an internship/ job. On the funny side of it,  I will be competing with one of my roommates for this internship. I guess the best man will win!


Life On The Road: Hello Pittsburg

Hello fellow population of the online environment, it has been so long since I wrote something on here. Why I ask myself sometimes, and the answer is simple without motivation there is nothing that gets done. If I do not feel like doing something I will not do it, just how I work as a person. Do I love writing, yes I do. Do I always have time to do those things I love, no I do not. I guess that is a part of being a student athlete, life can really be busy at times. Especially this part of the season, a lot of away games and traveling, and at the same time important weeks in school filled with mid-terms and papers. On top of all that it is time to start planning for the spring semester, meeting with advisors and such. The worst part about becoming older in college is that you have to make up your mind about minors, and classes and career paths, how are you suppose to know what you would like to do for the rest of your life when you are 19-20 years old. To those that do know that I take my hat off, for the rest remember all that is wandering is not lost.

A sad part about being a Communication student at Marquette is that we are not allowed to have minors within our own school, for example I would like to have a Public relations minor, but I cannot since I am a Broadcast major. However, as a designated loop whole finder I managed to find a loop whole for this. A interdisciplinary minor, which basically means a minor I make up my self. The name I came up with was awesomeness, I mean hands down who would not hire a someone who had a degree in awesomeness. However, reality stroked me and the sincere world of seriousness simply could not handle that and because of that I am still in the process of making up a name for it.

I also found out that when you need to get something done, it is amazing how much work you can put into it and how much else you can chose to ignore. I found out that there is an internship opportunity coming up and I needed a resume and cover letter for it, and boom here we go energy like 50 red bulls striving out to completer one task, two adams the upcoming morning does not matter, all that matters is this resume and cover letter. A lot of help from Caroline, and swoosh here we go. Application sent in, and now the long hard wait for an answer. It really is amazing how the brain works when it comes to applying for jobs and such, they hate it, why are they not answering and this is two hours after I sent it in. Freaking out, heart pumping, sweating not knowing. Four hour, I am fine I got this, there is no way they would not pick me. And the switch between those two feelings goes on until a reply finally makes it to the inbox.

While I wait for that answer and prepare for out game against Pittsburg tonight, by the way we are 12-1, and have been ranked #2 in the nation. Got to keep on working, and put in the work the real games are the ones coming up in the next weeks. Until that, the shy is above me, the earth below me, and the fire within me.




Just Keep On Walking

Hello world, as always lately I am very un active on my blog, but it is mine so I guess it is all up to me. However, I do have some time to write now. At the moment I am laying in our hotel in Michigan, just relaxing and chilling to prepare for our game tomorrow. After our 2-1 victory last night we are 6-0, and that has put us in a fantastic position for the game against Michigan State tomorrow. We will need to work extremely hard to keep up tomorrow, State is a real talented team that likes to work hard so it should be a good game.

More exiting is that my mom and my brother is coming to visit on Wednesday, I have not seen them since christmas. Gonna be a fun week when they are here, hopefully I will have time to clean up my room a little bit before that.