Happy Holidays

Hello everyone, I hope you all have had a great christmas, hopefully you all received quality gifts and even more importantly quality time with loved ones. I know that I received both, obviously one of the two is more valuable than the other, but presents are still nice. I actually received more presents this year than I have ever before. Most likely spent more time unwrapping presents this year than all my other christmases all together.

I would post pictures off the gifts, but lets face it the internet is already filled with enough stupid pictures. So I will not play a part in that little game.

As for now this will be it, as yesterday was the 25th all swedes now exactly how I feel right now, and it is time for a nap!




Well Hello Sweden

Hi everyone it has been awhile, I can gladly inform you that I am back safe and sound on Swedish ground. It really is an amazing feeling to be HOME. Sweden truly is where I am from, and I am happy about that because I love it here. Everything is completely different from USA, I enjoy both of them but I cannot help to see the utter difference between them. It goes from everything between size of pizza to the actual behavior of people.

My first couple of days here has been spent with family and old friends, and not a lot of sleeping. Extremely jet-lagged, and therefore, my sleeping schedule is well let us face it non excitant. I go to bed at 2 and I wake up at 7, I cannot figure out why but hey 5 hours can keep a man going for a long time. I saw in Seinfeld that Da Vinci only slept 20 minutes every third hour, I guess this is my approach to finding my inner genius through a different sleep schedule.

The fact that my mom decided to by a last minute ticket (eight hours) to travel herself and her man to Egypt. I cannot say that I am not jealous, but now I got the house to myself. I guess that means I can sing in the shower as loud as I want and walk around naked (life complete?).

It is funny that things that you at first did not consider at all could turn out to a problem. When my parents got divorced, I never imagines that Christmas would grow to become a touchy subject. I assume that the child in me never considered the pressure Christmas brings to people. A holiday that is generally known as one that is suppose to be spent with family is one that puts a lot of pressure on people to do just that. That becomes hard when your family is built in to two different segments, built might have been a misplaced word. Since building something is intentional, I believe that developed into might be a more proper description. However, that has meant me spending Christmas with my dads family, and not until now did I realize how much that might actually hurt my mothers feelings. It is sad that a holiday that should be filled with such joy gets impacted with pressure like this. However, I am certain that we all will go on to have a merry Christmas. I wish that we all would remember that the presents are the least important aspect of Christmas, and that the people we are surrounded with on Christmas and more importantly all the others days of the year is what really and truly matters.

With those words of insight I beg you all a goodnight!





Almost Done

Hell0 everyone!

Last weeks has been crazy, never thought I would experience this much school work in my life. And actually surviving it, I mean that is just an accomplishment in itself. However, it does ensure that you cannot do to much of your own liking. We are talking video games , TV, Blogging, Working out. Literally can feel how my abs and muscles are leaving my body.

It is all okay though, because tomorrow is the last time I will open a school book for the rest of the year. Real exited about that, but even more exited to come back to Sweden on Sunday. Leaving Saturday actually, but  due to travel time and such I will land Sunday morning. It is going to be a lot colder than here, I know that much. But the warmth of seeing old friends and family for the first time in a year is making in more than worth the while.

I also started my Internship this week, a soft start but a start after all. I just actually completed my first assignment and it looks like this!


I hope you all like it, even though it is not perfect it is a start of a small series I will produce regarding College living for soccer players.

Sweden soon!!!!



Corinthians 13

I just figured that I would post my exegesis of Corinthians 13, it is also a interpretation of the movie the mission. Looking at both main characters in the light of the love taught in Corinthians 13, and whether or not they faced their issues with the the lesson taught in Corinthians 13.


1 Corinthians, 13 The Way of Love


Historical Context:

Paul saw a problem with how the people of Corinth lived their lives as Christians. Paul thought they practiced Christianity in an uncharacteristic manner. Paul wanted the people of Corinth to understand what Christianity were, and how a Christian should life his life. Paul thought that the leaders in the Christian churches of Corinth were teaching their followers certain aspects of Christianity that were different from that original teaching. The problem Paul saw was based around the city having different sections of Christianity. Instead of following Christ’s teachings, they followed the teachings of their church leaders. Different church leaders taught different aspects of Christianity and therefore the people of Corinth became divided into different segments of Christianity. Paul wrote his letters to Corinthians in order to end this segregation and unite them all under one teaching of Christianity.

Literary Context:

In the lines 13:1-13:4, Paul creates an argument for how important love is by mentioning characteristics that the people of Corinth live by. Paul ends this paragraph by saying these characteristics mean nothing without love. Paul mentions faith that is strong enough to move mountains, knowledge above all, and speaking multiple languages, are all aspects of the people of Corinth. However, Paul argues that without love, these characteristics count for nothing.

Paul goes on in 13:4-13:11 and explains exactly what love is. Gathered from the situation between the different religious leaders in Corinth, and Paul himself, there were certain aspects between them all that came in the way of their common love for God and what they actually taught. Paul writes that love is not jealous, rude or inflated. He does so in order to show them what aspects of their behavior will make them lose love. If we continue to live and have our life influenced by those feelings, we will not have love, and without love our other characteristics count for nothing. Paul continues to bring forward aspects of the Corinthians’ behavior that are wrong. In 13:11-13:13, Paul does so by calling them all childish, and explaining their behavior as something he himself has grown apart from: “when I became a man, I put aside childish things.” However, Paul ends by celebrating the people of Corinth. Paul celebrates their hope and faith, but he also says that without love to tie them together, they count for nothing.


This letter was written to the church of God in Corinth, but also for the people of Corinth. Corinth is a city filled with mostly Gentiles but also Jews. They were wealthy people. The city of Corinth’s location was advantageous for port trade as well as trade by land. However, the Christians in the city were not popular, and at that time all Christians were seen as strange. The Christians of Corinth were divided and following different church leaders; therefore, portraying Christianity in different ways.


Paul is the author of this passage and the whole two letters to Corinthians. The whole first letter shifts in tone, but the 13th passage, “the way of love”, is filled with a tone of certainty. This certainty that also involves an attitude of flaws in Paul’s own behavior, but even more in the behavior of the church and people of Corinth. However, the main point is a declaration of what love is, and what love is not. Paul writes a harsh but honest description of what love is meant to be.

Word repetition and meaning:

The word that is used most often in Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians passage 13 is love; Paul uses that word so often because this passage is solely about the importance of love. Paul describes love for all that it is, and he also describes all other aspects of belief and how they are meaningless without love.

The second most used word is nothing. It is used often because after every aspect Paul brings up about being a Christian, he ends it with saying without love you are or will have nothing. Due to the extensive use of those two words the meaning behind this passage focuses on the importance of love. Love is so important that without it no amount of faith, knowledge or hope we have in our belief will matter.

Main point:

This passage is simply about love and without it we are nothing. Without love we cannot elevate as humans, not even if our faith and hope is the greatest in the world. Love is the key within Christian belief and faith, and Paul provides an explanation of what love is.


Gabriel shows throughout the movie that he is a man that strongly believes the only way to reach God’s kingdom of heaven is through love. That is love for thy neighbor, love for thy enemies and love for all who walks this earth. Gabriel does not fight evil with any material weapons, and he does not fight injustice with manipulation. Gabriel fights all who are wrong with love and forgiveness, and he believes that any mistake or fault that someone has committed can be cured with love. What Gabriel does could be defended from a Christian stand point by the commandment that we shall love our neighbor, as well as we shall not murder. In order to stand up to those who engage in violence, as well as those who only care for their own power and might, there is a strong possibility violence would be needed to stop it. Gabriel chooses to die a righteous man, instead of disbanding his beliefs and fighting back. Gabriel took the path of love to try and convince the violence makers to stop. However, that failed, resulting in Gabriel’s death.

Mendoza is a complex personality. In the beginning he is a man that rents himself out as a mercenary and he is capturing natives and selling them as slaves. He is in love with a girl but unfortunately that girl chooses his brother over him. Anger blinds Mendoza, and his love for the girl turns into quick-tempered anger. This emotion makes Mendoza kill his own brother, and he is left with nothing except an empty hole in his chest. Mendoza discovered true love in the village up in the jungle. He realized that what he had felt before was not real love, it was what he thought was love. Now he has found true love in all its senses and because of this, he knows that his feelings echo true love. Therefore he is not fighting the people who want to hurt the village because of quick temper, or by pursuing his own war glory. The objective of this fight is for Mendoza to stand up for those/what he loves; Mendoza is not doing this out of anger; he is fighting out of love. When the wolf comes, the shepherd has to fight the wolf.

I do not believe that either man is executing the love that is taught in Corinthians 13 in a perfect manner, I believe they are both living out those lessons of love equally. However, they are completely different people and due to that, the actions they take to live out love varies. Gabriel is a man that is fascinated by music; therefore he believes music is a way of showing the love that is taught in Corinthians 13. Gabriel believes that he can stop any wrong doers with his music, just as he did in the beginning of the movie when he first met the natives. Mendoza on the other hand, is not a man of music; he is a man with a history of violence. Mendoza is skilled with weapons, and therefore he chooses this route to try and protect his loved ones. They both strive to protect their loved ones, but they choose to do so with tools that they are familiar with. I am more familiar with weapons and fighting, and therefore I would have chosen to fight with weapons instead of fighting with music.



Damn You Finals

Hello world, I hope all is good with everyone. Here at Marquette it is getting stressful as finals are approaching, I got three papers due on Friday, and three presentations the first two days of next week. After that I got what I would call, the calm before the storm, because the week after is finals week. I got four finals coming up for finals week, luckily enough I will only be having one of them each day. I cannot imagine how bad the results would be if I would take more than one a day.

I actually went to a networking event tonight, two alumni came to talk to us. Only five people showed up, which I thought was awesome because it give me a greater chance to talk to them in order to get their in put on what they do and gain some valuable information about the industry. They worked with social media, and marketing across different media platforms. I have to say that they had intestine stories to tell. The event planners also provided us with hot chocolate and sandwiches, much to my liking.

And everyone heads up, because santa will soon be in town.




Living On The Edge

Good evening, hope everyone a good break because tomorrow it is back to it all. School, and yeah more school. Soccer season is over, and that means that will actually have a chance to save my grade point average is semester. I really screwed up during mid-terms, just could not coupe with soccer and the tests that week. However, there is still time to save myself. Will I do it, maybe! Lazy? No, just not that interested in studying all the time.

It was close that my studying would have ended today though, I picked up caroline at the airport and on the  way back the police pulled us over. If I would have been driving, and the police man would not believed y little made up story about being in the country less than 30 days. Than I would have been packing my bags for a one way trip back to Sweden. Not the worst punishment, but you know it would be sad to leave everything behind. Luckily enough I was not driving, and luckily enough the police man was the nicest guy ever, so I would have been fine anyway.

Other than that, today has been real relaxing, just hung out with Caroline. Went for some grocery shopping, and finished a few papers. A classy Sunday for a classy guy, and now I will take my culinary skills and do some magic in the kitchen. And yeah wait hold on, I just hooked my self up with photoshop. I will learn that asap, but I love the fact that I actually have it.

Later sweet people of the world!



It Is Bigger Than Yourself

Hello people, I hope you all are well. Currently I am in Philadelphia, we are playing the semi finals in the Big East championships tomorrow, and those are taking place her in Phillie at the Union Stadium.


Pretty sick and awesome stadium, I am looking forward to playing tomorrow and I believe the stadium will provide us with a fantastic opportunity to play some beautiful soccer.

We traveled for a long time today, felt like 12 hours but it was more like 8. Bus, flight, and bus, and that was pretty much how I celebrated my 21 first birthday. It might not have been the funniest birthday of my life, but it is setting me up for the biggest game I have ever played. Sometimes, what lies ahead of you is more important than what is happening at the moment. Today was such a day, and I do not regret it one bit.

Caroline celebrated me a little bit yesterday, I have to admit that one of her presents was the best I have ever gotten. She made a calendar for me, and that calendar had plenty of awesome pictures of me. I will post them here as soon as I get a chance.

Also my buddy Derek has been working on a movie that I have a minor role in, and here is the trailer for it.

Pretty sick if you ask me!!

Have a good night everyone.