The Working Man

Good evening people, finally the days has arrived. It is Fridays, the working week is over. Now we can all indulge in what I would like to call the two days of madness. No that is not true at all, to be completely honest this week has been hard. Hours on hours of work, and practice on top of that. What took most of my energy was the moving. Not my own moving because I am not moving in until June 1, but to help my friends. College housing has one big problem, and that is the one week between move out and move in. What are people suppose to do, put there Β belongings on the street? No NO no I say, so at the moment I got furniture for multiple friends in the apartment. Actually got 4 beds and 6 couch/futons here, all more comfortable than mine I would imagine. I actually believe I could open up a pretty successful second hand furniture store right now.

Back to my working week, I have to admit that I love woking for the wave. Even though I do not get paid, I find myself spending more hours in the office than I intend. I fell like I get to work on so many different skills that I never really get tired of what I am doing. If that is a good thing or a bad I do not know, all I know is that the hours I spend in office are flying by.

Big day tomorrow though, Champions League final, and I will be taking my talents out to Trey’s lake house here in Wisconsin. Good game good company, what more can am an ask for.

Hope all of you will enjoy your weekend as well.