Well Hello Sweden

Hi everyone it has been awhile, I can gladly inform you that I am back safe and sound on Swedish ground. It really is an amazing feeling to be HOME. Sweden truly is where I am from, and I am happy about that because I love it here. Everything is completely different from USA, I enjoy both of them but I cannot help to see the utter difference between them. It goes from everything between size of pizza to the actual behavior of people.

My first couple of days here has been spent with family and old friends, and not a lot of sleeping. Extremely jet-lagged, and therefore, my sleeping schedule is well let us face it non excitant. I go to bed at 2 and I wake up at 7, I cannot figure out why but hey 5 hours can keep a man going for a long time. I saw in Seinfeld that Da Vinci only slept 20 minutes every third hour, I guess this is my approach to finding my inner genius through a different sleep schedule.

The fact that my mom decided to by a last minute ticket (eight hours) to travel herself and her man to Egypt. I cannot say that I am not jealous, but now I got the house to myself. I guess that means I can sing in the shower as loud as I want and walk around naked (life complete?).

It is funny that things that you at first did not consider at all could turn out to a problem. When my parents got divorced, I never imagines that Christmas would grow to become a touchy subject. I assume that the child in me never considered the pressure Christmas brings to people. A holiday that is generally known as one that is suppose to be spent with family is one that puts a lot of pressure on people to do just that. That becomes hard when your family is built in to two different segments, built might have been a misplaced word. Since building something is intentional, I believe that developed into might be a more proper description. However, that has meant me spending Christmas with my dads family, and not until now did I realize how much that might actually hurt my mothers feelings. It is sad that a holiday that should be filled with such joy gets impacted with pressure like this. However, I am certain that we all will go on to have a merry Christmas. I wish that we all would remember that the presents are the least important aspect of Christmas, and that the people we are surrounded with on Christmas and more importantly all the others days of the year is what really and truly matters.

With those words of insight I beg you all a goodnight!