Decisions That Shape You, and 10 Interview Tips

Hello people, hope that you are all well, and that this past weekend was optimal. I feel as if the older you get the more precious the weekend becomes,  because let’s face being a student or a child is a very relaxed life. As I am reaching the point of leaving student life and entering the work force, there are choices that you and the people surrounding you have made that really shaped how life looks for both you and them.

Thinking about my own life, I know that one of the biggest decisions I ever made was moving to Milwaukee, could not have made a bigger change actually. Leaving Sweden for the USA, now that is a big decision, but I believe the small decisions shape us as well. For students that usually entails, should I study or play video games, should I pursue an internship, or should I focus solidly on my academic achievements. Am I the person who will spend his college days going out 5 nights a week, there are a lot of small decisions here that will shape one’s future.

One decisions that has alway baffled me is the one regarding internships, now I know that internships can be low paying and that people can issues with their managers etc. I have been lucky in that regard, but I think the real reason for getting an internship is seeing if that is an industry you can se yourselves work in. Let us be honest if you cannot stand 15-20 hours as an intern for a semester, how will you stand 5 years with 40 – 60 + hours a week. Yes off course it looks good on a resume, but it is the only way to see if your specific internship is something you want to do.

But how do you go about getting those internships? Well interviews becomes essential, and I have to say that I have been somewhat successful at Interviews. I have not had that many, but those I have had have lead to jobs or internships. I have a top ten list for what I have found to be important for succeeding with interviews.

1. Be confident! People want to be assured that they are making the right choice for their business, and if you do not show confidence in your self and your abilities why should they?

2. Be polite! There is no greater fault you could do than to be rude, I beg you do not take confidence to be related to cocky. If you do, your chances will minimize immensely.

3. Take an interest! Make sure to research the people who will be interviewing you, as well as the company yo might come to represent. Even though Mike in suits got hired without any research, you most likely do not have the same capabilities as him. Try and find something that you have in common with the company ideals, or the with the person who will be conducting the interview.

4. Be likable. The president of a company that shall remain unknown told me that he never hires anyone that he could not drive to Chicago with without being bored. People know they will most likely be working close to you, and they want to enjoy that time. This does not mean that you have to be over the top hilarious, it just means you got to be able to talk to people about anything and everything.

5. Dress like you are about to meet the president. The first thing people will notice when you walk in the room is what you are wearing. Make sure it is comfortable and professional. As Barney Stinson would say “Suit up”.

6. Be prepared to ask questions! When they ask you if yo have any questions (and they will) always do. Have a few questions ready that works wherever you go, and have at least one that relates back to something that came up during the interview. My favorite is, who would not be a good fit for (role) at (company)?

7. Turn your weakness into strengths! Let’s face reality, you are not perfect! Nor will you ever be perfect, however, that is no reason to let anyone discard you as a candidate. A weakness of mine is grammar, however, that awareness makes me focus particularly hard on writing in order to ensure that my weak grammar never shows in my end product.

8. A firm handshake. First they see you, than they will shake your hand. That handshake will allow them to create an image of how you are as a person. Make sure, that handshake represents the calm and firm character that you will bring to  work.

9. Smile! People like when you smile, smiling makes people happy. Happy people are nice, and nice people are good to get along with. Mix that with your skill-set and abrakadabra you are getting offers.

10. Follow up!  When you leave the room it is not over, you can still turn a maybe to a yes. Follow up with the interviewer, say thank you and make it personal by bringing up something they said.

These are a few tactics I use when I prepare for an interview, and hopefully they will work for you as well.

Would you guys add anything, or do you have anything that I did not mention that works for you? Comment and spread the knowledge so that we all will be amazing.




Life As A Senior In College

Hello people, I hope you all are enjoying the fact that it is Friday, time to relax and enjoy time away from the weekly responsibilities. Well, almost at least, I have practice at 5, but after that it is clear skies and no turbulence.

One thing I have noticed as I have entered my senior year here at Marquette University is that classes are not only becoming more interesting but also more demanding. No longer can I just wait to do an assignment a day or two before it is due in a few classes. Now they all require planning and preparation as least a week ahed of time. Which off course is not bad at all, however, there is one conflict that comes with being a senior. The job search, a process that takes up countless hours, make a resume, remake that resume 5 times, tweak it for every possible job. Cover letter, revise and redo, and tweak for every job. Find companies that are hiring, and that are hiring in a field where you have an interest. Network like never before, reach out to every possible person that could possibly help you get a job.

A teacher ones told me, if you want to make it in Hollywood there is one thing you have to do. Never sleep, instead of sleeping go to every party, every event, every lunch and dinner that you possibly can find. And as the process of hiring is evolving, and trough my own experience so far I would say that there is one line that sticks with me” It is not about what you know, but who you know”.

So as this interesting experience continues I will strive to connect and learn form professionals in the industry, and if everything goes as planned I will have a job offer by the time I graduate from Marquette.

But know it is time for some homework before it is time to practice and than relax.

Also, Go Sweden, Olympic final here we come. And actually strange to know that Erik Karlsson who I used to train with is the point leader for the Swedish team. One time we lived very similar lives, but not anymore. Hopefully he will score the game winner in the final on Sunday!


Christmas Time

Hello world, I want to start off by wishing all of you a merry christmas. It really is a magical time of the year, and now that I ma older and do not have the present obsession everyone seems to have as a kid it is easier to actually enjoy the holiday. For what it is really meant for, which is friends and family, at least that is Christmas if you ask me, and yeah this is how we do it!


Last night we had a little family gathering or reunion or something like that, anyway whatever it might be called it is a great chance to catch up with relatives. My family on my fathers side really is a widespread of characters, and ideologies. Many that are different from me, and that is what makes it so fun and interesting. Even though I might not be a man of strong religious belief, many in my family are. The interesting part of them and their beliefs, is the contrast when I compare it to the people in the USA. Both religious, but the difference in their belief of Christianity is significant.

But I am not going to focus on religious beliefs solidly in this morning post, what I wanted to indulge your mind in is the chances and opportunities that presents itself in life through gateways that we had never imagined. I am a broadcast major and I want my education to lead me into the TV-industry, and yesterday a rare chance or possible future opportunity presented itself. My uncle is a man of faith, and he has been offered to have a TV-show that would be about him and his preachings in the churches and assemblies around the country. However, the channel he is suppose to work with, is a Christian channel and they …well let us put it like this, they would be in need of some development. However, that might be my job next Christmas when I come back to Sweden. Would be a great opportunity to get a lot of real life experience, and work with some fantastic people.


All of you do not be afraid to open doors to the unknown, who knows maybe a rainbow lays behind it.



Damn You Finals

Hello world, I hope all is good with everyone. Here at Marquette it is getting stressful as finals are approaching, I got three papers due on Friday, and three presentations the first two days of next week. After that I got what I would call, the calm before the storm, because the week after is finals week. I got four finals coming up for finals week, luckily enough I will only be having one of them each day. I cannot imagine how bad the results would be if I would take more than one a day.

I actually went to a networking event tonight, two alumni came to talk to us. Only five people showed up, which I thought was awesome because it give me a greater chance to talk to them in order to get their in put on what they do and gain some valuable information about the industry. They worked with social media, and marketing across different media platforms. I have to say that they had intestine stories to tell. The event planners also provided us with hot chocolate and sandwiches, much to my liking.

And everyone heads up, because santa will soon be in town.