Movie Complete

Good morning people, the short movie I acted in just got done. I have not watched myself yet, but I ma about to. I am really excited to see the end result.

Here is a link for all of you




Good evening people,

I just came back from the movies, we went to this awesome theatre here in Milwaukee called Oriental. From the outside it looked like a little old theatre, but when we came inside the size and design just shocked me. It just had the feeling of an old theatre but the size and condition of it was amazing. It worked real well with its own name “Oriental” by having Oriental symbols as a part of its design, Buddhist statues and tigers was only a part of the design. A real incredible theatre that was real cheap to go to as well, only 8 bucks with a student id.

The movie was really good as well, off course not as good as the books. Still a real good movie though, really captivating and indulging. It was shot in a very thoughtful way, and I loved some of the imagery in certain scenes. Excellent job of the director, and the authors did a fantastic job as well, especially the actor portraying Peeta. However, a movie can a lost never be as good as a book since a movie cannot build the same depth in all the characters. Still an awesome movie though, you should go and see it.

That is it for this evening, time for some valuable sleep before tomorrows game.