It Is Bigger Than Yourself

Hello people, I hope you all are well. Currently I am in Philadelphia, we are playing the semi finals in the Big East championships tomorrow, and those are taking place her in Phillie at the Union Stadium.


Pretty sick and awesome stadium, I am looking forward to playing tomorrow and I believe the stadium will provide us with a fantastic opportunity to play some beautiful soccer.

We traveled for a long time today, felt like 12 hours but it was more like 8. Bus, flight, and bus, and that was pretty much how I celebrated my 21 first birthday. It might not have been the funniest birthday of my life, but it is setting me up for the biggest game I have ever played. Sometimes, what lies ahead of you is more important than what is happening at the moment. Today was such a day, and I do not regret it one bit.

Caroline celebrated me a little bit yesterday, I have to admit that one of her presents was the best I have ever gotten. She made a calendar for me, and that calendar had plenty of awesome pictures of me. I will post them here as soon as I get a chance.

Also my buddy Derek has been working on a movie that I have a minor role in, and here is the trailer for it.

Pretty sick if you ask me!!

Have a good night everyone.



First Day Of Break Check

Good evening everyone, I hope today has been a great day for you all. I have had plenty of fun and relaxation. Started of with a movie in the room, and went on to the only dorm that serves food during break. Cobeen, my friend Hendrik works there, and he told me that they had went through 500 gallons of strawberry ice cream in 10 days. So much ice cream, and the worst part is that they can’t keep that up due to the cost of it, so they have decided to not serve strawberry ice cream any more. So sad since it was so so good, but hey vanilla will always do.

Right after that we decided to go and watch the track meet down at the valley, we did have thoughts of playing some soccer as well but the wether did not allow it, any who we watched a couple of races and some throwing events. I also played around with my friend Ashley’s little brother Joey, and Paul was clever enough to tape it.

Silly I know, but hey never forget the child within you.

I worked on a few papers and some school stuff that I need to get done during break, I figured that I might as well do it now so I do not have to do it later.

Ended the night with the movie “A knight’s Tale”, such a great movie. It is the first movie that Heath Ledger really had a big role, at least that I remember. He was such a talented actor, such a waste that he took hid own life. Sometimes life can be to overwhelming, and I hope that will never happened to anyone of you. I was just so shocked when Ledger took his life, it seemed to me like his career would take magical steps upwards after his performance in Batman, his illustration of the joker is one of the best if not the best acting I have seen. I guess that some people are really good at hiding their inner demons from the rest of the world. I know that if I had such problems, I would go to my friends I know they will always be their to support me.

In remembrance of a great actor and in hope that the rest of us will live long and happy lives.




Late Night Posting And Late Night Snoring

Good evening everyone or whatever it might be called, Good morning maybe? It is soon two in the morning, so I guess you can be the judge of what greeting would be proper.

I just got back to the room, and as always when I get back late I am met by my snoring room mates. I have to admit they have become pretty good at synchronizing their snoring, when one of them are quite the other one snores and the other way around. Basically it is just snoring noise all the time. But you know the saying “put your ear plugs in and smile”, or wait maybe I came up with that.

Earlier this evening I met with my advertising group, we went through everything pretty closely and I have a really good feeling about our project. The best part is that we help each other, we are not leaving anyone behind, my role might be the creative part but everybody else is just as involved as I am. Love it!

I had to leave the meeting a little bit early though, I was going to the movies with Caroline and did not want to be late. Off course we still came late to the movie, however we were the only people in the theatre. Seriously the only ones, such a weird feeling I have never been the only one in a theatre before. In all honesty did not make me like the movie more, but I could do whatever I wanted with my feet and my body. Ended up sitting in the stairs for some reason but hey who cares it was still pretty nice.

I need to get some sleep now since I got practice in 4 hours, tired much?


Sunday Brings Out My Lazy Side

Hello and good evening, I hope everybody has had a fun weekend.

Just a question towards the world, does Sundays make you lazy or is it just me?

A classic Sunday, I slept in until like 1, had breakfast and took a nap, I mean just by reading this I understand that it is the laziest thing to do. Taking a nap an hour after I wake  up, however, pretty sweet. Same as now I know I should study for my exam in Tuesday, but I have no intention or want to do so. Not that I got anything super important to do anyway, I just do not feel like it, just because it is Sunday. I swear when I get old my Sundays are gonna be even sweeter, probably end the night’s with something on the rocks down at the beach. Oh and yeah I will be living in Thailand, probably on the beach. THE DREAM!

Aight, back to reality. Today was filled with a test review a million times better than Friday, today I actually learned something about what could come to be on the test and what I should study on. I got to give it to Patrick, always delivers. Great TA for those who wants to take any comm classes at Marquette. Fait grader, helpful and you actually learn things. Yeah I know I am shocked to, had no clue that could happen in school.

Sickly exiting though, we started shooting the movie today. It is fun, I am a little bit unsure about how it goes on a set but today it worked really well. Everybody who works on the production team is really friendly and helpful which makes things easier. Fun though is that one of the guys I am co-acting with is Tim one of the best here at the school. He has a main character in all the main productions at the school. It is real easy to work with him, and he is very talented. Anyways we ended the day with some pizza and movies that they had made before here at the school, a little bit better than what my group created last year!

So in all Sunday accordance I am probably going to turn on a movie and just chill, have a nice night everyone.



Pass It On

Good morning everybody, I hope your weekend had been relaxing and fulfilling.

I know that mine has been pretty relaxing, except our game last night. I believe that it was the first time in about little more than a year that I played a full 90 minute game. Strange, but over all it went good. We did not win, we tied 0-0. I guess that is a acceptable result since NIU are a nationally ranked team, however, I thought we should have won the game. We created a lot of corners, and had at least two opportunities that should have been a goal.  We did not play our best soccer at times, but that was to be excpected since it was the first game of the year. Overall a pretty good game from us though, we just missed that last little piece.

As usual after a hard game my body was ready to pass out, just went back had some food and passed out in my bed. It is strange how tired you can become from a simple thing as a soccer game.

A little bit of excitement for today though, we are gonna shoot the first scenes of the movie later today, so I need to fix a few things before that. Printing out the script and learn it for example, should not be a problem though, at least I hope not.

I got a test review to attend to as well, hopefully it will actually do something useful this time. Last time was just a waste of time, can not believe that I woke up for that one. Hoping for today though, because I am in the awkward situation where i do not really know what the test is going to be about. I know in general but I can not figure out any particular areas we could be focusing on. Hoping for some clarification today though.


Serenades For Life

Last couple of days has been real busy, a lot of soccer and a lot of school. I had a few exams and I actually studied for them. Felt kind of strange since I usually do not do that. I mean off course I look over things before an exam, but this time I actually studied almost seven hours. If I do not get a good result on this it must be a sign that I am not meant for studying, just doing everything else.

However the strangest thing is that I am getting real used to not having my phone, I do not even know if I actually need it back. Oh wait I think that is a lie, yeah most definitely. I got media lies stuck in my head, we have gone over those things in class the whole week. I got to say that some people have been really creative in putting media lies in media and that have fooled so many parts of society.

Happy news though, I did get the part in the movie I auditioned for. So hopefully we will start to shoot it soon, I am really exited about it. Later on tonight it is some futsal on the schedule and then I will chill for the rest of the weekend, weioooo!