Back In The Rhythm Of Life

Hello everyone, hope all is well. As we all know it is the middle off the week, and what a week it has been. Here in Milwaukee things are really falling back to the normal, practice everyday and school everyday. As soccer has started obviously the body is starting to feel it, not a surprise that we are working hard but it still leaves a sense of sourness and tiredness that sometimes follows into the classroom. But it is mostly felt at night when I am about to go to bed, do not get me wrong it is a great time and I would not like to spend my time doing anything else, but still it makes you tired. I saw a classic meme that looked like this, quit funny and actually how I feel. But as all people who work out knows, it is a good sore.


When it comes to classes, all I can say this is the first time in my college career where exactly every class is of deepest interest. I literally walk in the class room and try to absorb everything that is being said because it is simply that interesting and important in the field of work I hope to step into after college. It is all about marketing, digital marketing, using social media to brand yourself and your business, develop content strategies that further your business, and making films and documentaries. Could not have picked a better bunch of classes. Obviously hard work ahead, but who cares when its this interesting.

All for now,



Back To Routine

Hello sweet people, I hope you all are well and that the cold has not gotten to insane levels wherever you may be. I landed inChicago yesterday after a long trip from Sweden. Really enjoyed my time spent home, I guess it is true what they say there really is no place like home. I got to see so many old friends, and just hangout with the family. Off course a lot of tears when it was time to leave, but not all tears are bad as I believe Gandalf said the lord of the rings movies. I forget which one, but still he had a point.

So I just completed the first day off classes,and I must say that I have never been this jet lagged before, I was sitting in class thinking dang this is an interesting class, but why is my mind shifting into sleep mode? And why am I having this discussion in my head instead of taking notes? Obviously in another world, but that should be fixed after the weekend.

All of my classes seems to be very interesting this semester, however, they all also will require a lot of work. Gone are the days when a class or two could have been a breeze, but life goes on and the closer I get to graduation the harder and more interesting the classes seems to become.

Also, first day at the wave tomorrow, I have interned their before but this is the first time I am doing it for credit. Should be a fun day.

Sleep Well All.



The Working Man

Good evening people, finally the days has arrived. It is Fridays, the working week is over. Now we can all indulge in what I would like to call the two days of madness. No that is not true at all, to be completely honest this week has been hard. Hours on hours of work, and practice on top of that. What took most of my energy was the moving. Not my own moving because I am not moving in until June 1, but to help my friends. College housing has one big problem, and that is the one week between move out and move in. What are people suppose to do, put there  belongings on the street? No NO no I say, so at the moment I got furniture for multiple friends in the apartment. Actually got 4 beds and 6 couch/futons here, all more comfortable than mine I would imagine. I actually believe I could open up a pretty successful second hand furniture store right now.

Back to my working week, I have to admit that I love woking for the wave. Even though I do not get paid, I find myself spending more hours in the office than I intend. I fell like I get to work on so many different skills that I never really get tired of what I am doing. If that is a good thing or a bad I do not know, all I know is that the hours I spend in office are flying by.

Big day tomorrow though, Champions League final, and I will be taking my talents out to Trey’s lake house here in Wisconsin. Good game good company, what more can am an ask for.

Hope all of you will enjoy your weekend as well.



A Mixed Weekend

Sunday evening is here, and I hope all of you will spend it just like me, straight relaxation. Going to stay in front of the TV all night long and just watch some good flicks, and eat some delicious food. The perfect way to end a long weekend.

We had two games with my summer team, the first one was Saturday, but it was up in Minnesota so we drove up Friday night. Actually stayed in a hotel right next to the F.B.I, I thought it was pretty cool. I guess you can still call me a tourist in this country, even though I have been here for two years now. This country is so vast I feel like I could spend two more years here and I would still not have seen all the things this country has to offer. But maybe more importantly we did have a game up there, the first of the season, and we could not have got a better start. Victory 3-0, and two assists from me. I was happy with my performance, but as always there is much more to work on.

Our second game of the weekend was completely opposite the first, we lost 3-0. I must say that I really do not think that the result is a fair image of what the game was like, I thought we were going to win because we created enough chances to outscore them 5-3. However, we did not finish our chances and therefore we lost. A couple of silly mistakes, and bad decisions gave them their goals and our inability to score did not help either. But it is just soccer and we got plenty of games to come, that will provide us with new chances and opportunities to develop as players and as a team.

Tomorrow I will be going back to work at the wave, and I must say that I am excited about it. This week my main goal/task is to redo our social media completely and with that change the branding of the company. We are making big steps as an organization, and I love that I get a chance to be a part of it. Hopefully the results will be as good as we hope when we measure them, and hopefully we will be able to influence more kids to play soccer and make the sport bigger and better in the Milwaukee community.

With those words of hope I am out for the night! And since all the Marquette students are graduating today I thought this picture would be appropriate.




Finally The Weekend Is Here

Hello world, very happy to say that it is finally Friday. That means no school fro three days, I believe it is labor day or something on Monday so one extra day off. After one week in school I can with knowledge say that I am not a big fan of the academic life. Homework here and homework there, not something that I am well at coping with. Some of to just feels so stupid, but I guess that is something I have to deal with as I choose to be a college student.

I had a great talk with our internship adviser today, and I think that I will get a good internship next summer. By good I mean something that has something to do with my major, it will be extremely hard to get an internship that will provide me with a lot of on air time. However, you have to start somewhere and from there build yourself up. I believe I should be able to do just that, even though it is going to take some hard work.

Other than that I am just preparing for our game tonight, since I am a little bit sick I do not anticipate that I will play all 90 minutes but I will do my best for as long as my body allows me. We are playing UIC tonight, one of the teams that beat us last year. I guess we will find out later tonight if we are the better team this year.



Pasta Tree

Hi people, just came back form the most awesome restaurant I have visited in milwaukee so far. The place is called the pasta tree, and I was just stunned by how good their food is. It was amazing food delicious and great portions, and the dessert was even more amazing. Best chocolate cake I have ever had, but the best part was the intimacy of the place. It really felt like you were no longer in Milwaukee, and it was small and nice. Even though you were sitting inside it felt like you were sitting outside, kind if hard to explain but still just fantastic.

If you ever have your ways by Milwaukee, and want a place to eat you should stop by the pasta tree and eat some. And you must have the chocolate dessert.



Just Living My Life

Hello world I hope you are all enjoying the weekend, I guess that would be hard to say since it just started but I hope you all will be enjoying it. Here in Milwaukee everyday feels like it is the weekend, I am just doing whatever I desire all the time. I went to Chicago for two days, and just relaxed no training or anything. One of the best parts was that the hotel and most of the trip was paid for by Caroline’s company, and I mean the hotel was straight on Michigan avenue, apparently cost 400 dollars a night to live there so I am glad we did not have to pay for that. We were real lucky though while we were there me managed to see the fire works down at navy pier while we were on the ferris wheel, a real amazing time. That night I also met Caroline’s dad for the first time. Real nice guy, and he bought us dinner which also was pretty awesome. The day after that we went to millennium park and there was a Jazz festival going on, so we really picked the right time to go to Chicago. Not that there ever is a bad time to go to Chicago, but this was just a particularly good time. We kind off got robbed on 5 dollars though, or tricked maybe is the right word. This guy came up to us and asked if we could swap one dollar bills again a 5 dollar bill because he needed to pay for his parking or something. We figured that that would be pretty sweet, however when we gave him the money he just walked away and we did not even think about it until a minute after words. Pretty smart move from him, or maybe we were just stupid. Who cares though, in a year who cares about five bucks.

I did discover a extremely good way to make money and work out at the same time in Chicago, simply drive a bicycle taxi. You get money at the same time as you get a real good work out. I did not try this personally, but we did get a bicycle taxi back to the hotel one night and the guy looked like he got the work out of his life. Maybe this is something I should do on my spare time??

The rest of the weekend will be spent chilling and preparing for the upcoming hard work with the team before season starts, probably going to cock some amazing food as well, and speaking of food I almost forgot. Tonight I went over to my friend Charlie Hoovers family for dinner, and the meal they gave us was delicious. Hamburgers, steak, tat or tots, the perfect meal and their house in general is just so awesome. It is exactly the kind of house I want to live in except that they do not have a pool but because of the view I can live with that.