A Mixed Weekend

Sunday evening is here, and I hope all of you will spend it just like me, straight relaxation. Going to stay in front of the TV all night long and just watch some good flicks, and eat some delicious food. The perfect way to end a long weekend.

We had two games with my summer team, the first one was Saturday, but it was up in Minnesota so we drove up Friday night. Actually stayed in a hotel right next to the F.B.I, I thought it was pretty cool. I guess you can still call me a tourist in this country, even though I have been here for two years now. This country is so vast I feel like I could spend two more years here and I would still not have seen all the things this country has to offer. But maybe more importantly we did have a game up there, the first of the season, and we could not have got a better start. Victory 3-0, and two assists from me. I was happy with my performance, but as always there is much more to work on.

Our second game of the weekend was completely opposite the first, we lost 3-0. I must say that I really do not think that the result is a fair image of what the game was like, I thought we were going to win because we created enough chances to outscore them 5-3. However, we did not finish our chances and therefore we lost. A couple of silly mistakes, and bad decisions gave them their goals and our inability to score did not help either. But it is just soccer and we got plenty of games to come, that will provide us with new chances and opportunities to develop as players and as a team.

Tomorrow I will be going back to work at the wave, and I must say that I am excited about it. This week my main goal/task is to redo our social media completely and with that change the branding of the company. We are making big steps as an organization, and I love that I get a chance to be a part of it. Hopefully the results will be as good as we hope when we measure them, and hopefully we will be able to influence more kids to play soccer and make the sport bigger and better in the Milwaukee community.

With those words of hope I am out for the night! And since all the Marquette students are graduating today I thought this picture would be appropriate.




On The Road

Hello web atmosphere, at the moment I am in a van on my way to Minnesota. We are playing our first game with my summer team tomorrow, and even though we only got 12 players I believe we will be able to compete for a W.

Last time I represented this club we made it to the national championship, and hopefully this summer won’t be different.

On the other note if life, my internship is going great. I get to combine soccer with all that I have learnt in school, and I could not feel better about it. As usual when you are faced with something new you imagine how it will be, and this time it is even better that I thought it could be. That should not be taken as I am just chillin, it is a lot of hard work and it takes both creativity, patience and skill. But we are all together working pearls the same goal, and I enjoy every moment I spend in the office. Today we even got free burgers for lunch, cannot complain about that.

Other than that worth mentioning is that chicken Alfredo pizza I worth a try and Adam Hermsen’s mom makes some mean banana bread.



Summer I love That You Are Here

School is out, the sun is out, my t-shirts are out. How could it be any better, and hello online atmosphere. Now that summer is here I have a splendid amount of time for blogging, not saying that I have nothing going on but not close to as much as it is during the school year. Now instead of going to class, I spend my time doing my internships, making food, reading and working out.

I actually started my first internship this Monday, at the Milwaukee Wave, they are a professional indoor soccer team here in Milwaukee. I am suppose to do a lot of video work, and also marketing and social media. I am really excited about it because it really combines two of my big interests, soccer and video production.

I am also in the process of taking my American Drivers license, I passed my written exam yesterday and now I only have to pass the driving one. I think I will take that on next week, do not want to stress anything and I think i need to brush up on my driving a bit before I take the test. Especially when it comes to parallel parking.

I would say this is a little update on my life, and I hope that I will take the time and have time to stay active here on the blog throughout the summer.




Jesuit University = Double Spring Break

Hello world, and as I write that I realize I really need to work out a new “hello” to use here. Feels like my choices might be limited, but there must be something better than ” hello world”. Or maybe I have found the perfect wording that engages the whole brain as you read it, but more likely I need to change it.

Just sitting outside nutrition waiting for my class to start, me and my group had a presentation in my earlier class and as always when there is a presentation we get out earlier, and what could be better than taking some time to write a post here. I am actually going to some advertising for my self as well, http://www.topdrawersoccer.com/the91stminute/2013/03/us-finland-prove-that-march-madness-also-applies-to-soccer/

And just like that you can find my fine written work regarding soccer, and if you decide to engage yourself even further into the magnificent story telling of me I am sure you will be able to find it by some clicking, and FIY the magnificent story telling part was a joke, but who knows you might actually find some of the posts rather interesting.

Not to forget is that my school is a Jesuit University, that does not mean much for me and my personal beliefs regarding religion, but what it does provide me and the rest of student body with is a almost double spring break. We had spring break last week, and now due to easter we get Thursday, Friday, Monday off. You cannot beat that, especially not when it is so cold outside. Now I can stay inside and just be warm, and not do homework.

When we get back, spring season games start for real we will have games every weekend until school ends. It is really an opportunity to make the coaches give you a greater scholarship, and the only way to get that is by performing in the games we have.

Well until next time, cherriooo!!!




Breaking A Long Period Of Silence With A Whisper

Hello fellow people in the online sphere my silence has been to long, and I keep asking my self why I have not taken time to blog. I think it is easy to say that I have been occupied with other things, in all honesty this semester had been crazy so far. Like there has been more to do this semester than all my semester so far, it probably has been like usual but it feels like so much more. I am correcting myself here, it is a lot more. More practices, classes that actually involve tons of school work, and my internship as well.

Going deeper in about my internship, I love it. I get to work from my bed, and I only work with soccer and that just happens to be one of my favorite subjects. I also get to shoot videos for them which is always fun, I am probably going to post them here sooner than later.

Huh, the thought just struck I have missed letting my feelings and life flow out on this little page of online paper. I guess I will do my best to keep this blogging thing going, please stick with me if there will be a couple of days filled with silence.

Well that is is for tonight ladies and gentlemen, sleep amazingly.



Christmas Time

Hello world, I want to start off by wishing all of you a merry christmas. It really is a magical time of the year, and now that I ma older and do not have the present obsession everyone seems to have as a kid it is easier to actually enjoy the holiday. For what it is really meant for, which is friends and family, at least that is Christmas if you ask me, and yeah this is how we do it!


Last night we had a little family gathering or reunion or something like that, anyway whatever it might be called it is a great chance to catch up with relatives. My family on my fathers side really is a widespread of characters, and ideologies. Many that are different from me, and that is what makes it so fun and interesting. Even though I might not be a man of strong religious belief, many in my family are. The interesting part of them and their beliefs, is the contrast when I compare it to the people in the USA. Both religious, but the difference in their belief of Christianity is significant.

But I am not going to focus on religious beliefs solidly in this morning post, what I wanted to indulge your mind in is the chances and opportunities that presents itself in life through gateways that we had never imagined. I am a broadcast major and I want my education to lead me into the TV-industry, and yesterday a rare chance or possible future opportunity presented itself. My uncle is a man of faith, and he has been offered to have a TV-show that would be about him and his preachings in the churches and assemblies around the country. However, the channel he is suppose to work with, is a Christian channel and they …well let us put it like this, they would be in need of some development. However, that might be my job next Christmas when I come back to Sweden. Would be a great opportunity to get a lot of real life experience, and work with some fantastic people.


All of you do not be afraid to open doors to the unknown, who knows maybe a rainbow lays behind it.



Well Hello Sweden

Hi everyone it has been awhile, I can gladly inform you that I am back safe and sound on Swedish ground. It really is an amazing feeling to be HOME. Sweden truly is where I am from, and I am happy about that because I love it here. Everything is completely different from USA, I enjoy both of them but I cannot help to see the utter difference between them. It goes from everything between size of pizza to the actual behavior of people.

My first couple of days here has been spent with family and old friends, and not a lot of sleeping. Extremely jet-lagged, and therefore, my sleeping schedule is well let us face it non excitant. I go to bed at 2 and I wake up at 7, I cannot figure out why but hey 5 hours can keep a man going for a long time. I saw in Seinfeld that Da Vinci only slept 20 minutes every third hour, I guess this is my approach to finding my inner genius through a different sleep schedule.

The fact that my mom decided to by a last minute ticket (eight hours) to travel herself and her man to Egypt. I cannot say that I am not jealous, but now I got the house to myself. I guess that means I can sing in the shower as loud as I want and walk around naked (life complete?).

It is funny that things that you at first did not consider at all could turn out to a problem. When my parents got divorced, I never imagines that Christmas would grow to become a touchy subject. I assume that the child in me never considered the pressure Christmas brings to people. A holiday that is generally known as one that is suppose to be spent with family is one that puts a lot of pressure on people to do just that. That becomes hard when your family is built in to two different segments, built might have been a misplaced word. Since building something is intentional, I believe that developed into might be a more proper description. However, that has meant me spending Christmas with my dads family, and not until now did I realize how much that might actually hurt my mothers feelings. It is sad that a holiday that should be filled with such joy gets impacted with pressure like this. However, I am certain that we all will go on to have a merry Christmas. I wish that we all would remember that the presents are the least important aspect of Christmas, and that the people we are surrounded with on Christmas and more importantly all the others days of the year is what really and truly matters.

With those words of insight I beg you all a goodnight!