Jesuit University = Double Spring Break

Hello world, and as I write that I realize I really need to work out a new “hello” to use here. Feels like my choices might be limited, but there must be something better than ” hello world”. Or maybe I have found the perfect wording that engages the whole brain as you read it, but more likely I need to change it.

Just sitting outside nutrition waiting for my class to start, me and my group had a presentation in my earlier class and as always when there is a presentation we get out earlier, and what could be better than taking some time to write a post here. I am actually going to some advertising for my self as well,

And just like that you can find my fine written work regarding soccer, and if you decide to engage yourself even further into the magnificent story telling of me I am sure you will be able to find it by some clicking, and FIY the magnificent story telling part was a joke, but who knows you might actually find some of the posts rather interesting.

Not to forget is that my school is a Jesuit University, that does not mean much for me and my personal beliefs regarding religion, but what it does provide me and the rest of student body with is a almost double spring break. We had spring break last week, and now due to easter we get Thursday, Friday, Monday off. You cannot beat that, especially not when it is so cold outside. Now I can stay inside and just be warm, and not do homework.

When we get back, spring season games start for real we will have games every weekend until school ends. It is really an opportunity to make the coaches give you a greater scholarship, and the only way to get that is by performing in the games we have.

Well until next time, cherriooo!!!