Back In The Groove (and in Sweden)

Hello everyone, I hope that you all are jolly as Christmas is only one day away, or if you are from America I guess it is two days away. But please let us all face it, Christmas should be celebrated on the 24th, however, when we are on the track of honesty what day christmas is celebrated on does not really matter. What does matter is how you celebrate it, and I am fortunate enough to get to celebrate it with people I love twice this year. Today I am celebrating with my dad, and his new girlfriend, since I have not met her before it should be an interesting christmas. Than, tomorrow I will be going to my mother’s to once again celebrate christmas, what is absolutely essential for this to work out is that I will not be eating christmas food more than once. My father has agreed to barbecue today, I cannot wait to put my teeth into the pork chops. Never seeing my dad during the summer, has given my a lack of experience when it comes my fathers barbecue, but today once again I will be able to taste the best barbecue in the world. Since my girlfriend from USA is here I hope out slightly different christmas traditions will not freak her out, and hopefully she will enjoy them instead.

Well now it is time for some lunch waffles, merry christmas to you all. And from my athletic department a very merry christmas.

All the best,



A Change In Life

Hello world, a long absence from writing, but now finally a few minutes to compose something semi worth reading.

Soccer season has ended, and that is all I am going to say about that. The wound is still fresh, I guess I could say.

Better times has come due to a well needed break from school, thanksgiving has been here and I believe if left me with a few extra pounds around my belly. It truly is amazing how much food americans can produce on one holiday, but I was not concerned I was just easting away. I also got the chance toe pend two day in Chicago, which was awesome. Black Friday shopping was a treat, 75% off plus a extra 15% on that and than a $10 deduction. Yes this is true, thank you Macy’s, even tough I am asking my self how you will ever survive as a business. But I am sure you got it figured out, and otherwise there is plenty of business students that would like a job.

Talking about working, I just  got an internship. Top Drawer soccer family, is now a family that I am part of. Starting next week ish, something like that. I really exited to see how well it goes, it should be pretty fun. I mean media and soccer are my two interests in life, combining them too does sound like a excellent plan. I guess only the future will tell though, but I am just going to follow my feet usually works well.

Now it is time for some well deserved game time, I did finish a paper today and believe me you it was not one of the go this is going to be easy and fun type of paper. With that note, good night!



Friday, But The Most Important Day Is Yet to Come

Hello world, I hope you all are well and that you have something planned for the weekend. A lot of Halloween plans hopefully, and let us all be honest Halloween is the best Holiday. I just hate the commercial industry for trying to make up Holidays in order to make more money, I mean “Sweetest Day” come on people. Those who celebrate Sweetest Day I have one word for you, fool. If you cannot realize that sweetest day is a made up day in order to make money, I will also assume that you do believe in unicorns and that the holocaust never happened.

Speaking of the holocaust, I went to see Anne Franks Diary last night. Caroline accompanied me to the play, and I have to say that did not live up to my expectations. I understood what the director tried to do, and I thought it was an admirable idea. However, it did not work for me in the audience. That is the essential aspect of the directors job, and I thought he made Anne to annoying to be appreciated. I thought he did that in order to describe her in the eyes of those who lived with her in that enclosed area for such a long time. After that long, anything people did must have been seen as irritating. However, that made me lose interest in her, and therefore, the play well a part for me.

Theatre and Holidays in all its glory, but there are more important things taking place on campus. We lost against Notre Dame Wednesday night, and to be honest I thought they deserved to win. However, tomorrow we are playing them again. If we are to win the game we need great performances from all member of our team. If we win, we do win the league and we got a first place seed for the play-off. I cannot stress enough how big tomorrows game is, not only to the team and the program but also for me.