Back To Routine

Hello sweet people, I hope you all are well and that the cold has not gotten to insane levels wherever you may be. I landed inChicago yesterday after a long trip from Sweden. Really enjoyed my time spent home, I guess it is true what they say there really is no place like home. I got to see so many old friends, and just hangout with the family. Off course a lot of tears when it was time to leave, but not all tears are bad as I believe Gandalf said the lord of the rings movies. I forget which one, but still he had a point.

So I just completed the first day off classes,and I must say that I have never been this jet lagged before, I was sitting in class thinking dang this is an interesting class, but why is my mind shifting into sleep mode? And why am I having this discussion in my head instead of taking notes? Obviously in another world, but that should be fixed after the weekend.

All of my classes seems to be very interesting this semester, however, they all also will require a lot of work. Gone are the days when a class or two could have been a breeze, but life goes on and the closer I get to graduation the harder and more interesting the classes seems to become.

Also, first day at the wave tomorrow, I have interned their before but this is the first time I am doing it for credit. Should be a fun day.

Sleep Well All.




Howdy people of the world, looks like it is going to be a fine day to be alive. Woke up this morning dead tired as usual, I do not know why but it does not matter what hors I sleep I am still tired when I wake up. Still need to get up though, going to class is a part of my life. Today is a chill day though, only two classes and they are both discussions. Which literally means show up and talk for a little bit and then leave.

Tomorrow we are going to Chicago with the team to play UIC, I am really hopeful about getting a result and playing well. First of is practicing tonight, and prepare for the game. As it is right now I need to get my body stretched, I am sore from all lifting we have done. Talking about lifting, I am really close to make by personal goal of taking 100 kilos in bench press, I took 98 yesterday and next week we are going to turn it up a notch. I want it, I want it bad.

Until later, take it easy.



Hello everybody, it is true it is not a myth I have actually been productive today.

Believe me I am just as surprised as you, started of with meeting my advisor and learnt that some people are bad at letting things be. But you know what they say, you learn something new everyday. Later on in my one class of the day we watched a movie, you have to love the college of communication. The movie was quit interesting actually, all about the history of homosexuality in Hollywood films. A movie that probably would upset some people at the school, but I am glad we watched it.

Did all my rehab exercises, got to work on my weak core. Getting stronger (not) still no eight pack, very sad.

The rest of the day was spent in the library with Paulina and Keith, writing papers and reading for my quiz tomorrow. Should be interesting since I barely understood the reading. Percy Walker, you are not a good writer, I am sorry but it cannot be denied.

I also emailed my coach for the summer up in Canada, I brought up the question about one of my friends in Sweden who has hopes of coming and playing with us this summer. Hopefully everything will work out, I believe!


Wake Up In The Morning Feeling Like C-bas

Early practise this morning, up and rise at six a clock. Man I am good at hearing my alarm and just rise and shine! But yeah to be honest, I do not like to wake up early, it is not my thing. Practise went good though, I believe that I am better when it is freezing cold because then I actually run. I need to get warm you know. Man I just want us to get into the tournament, we are good enough and we wil be tearing shit up if they just would give us the chance.

Anyway, last night I went back into the old school thing. Tanning!! I started off on a very slow level since my face is so sensitive from the burning I got in Miami. And as always some lovely ice cream afterwards, I tried this strange flavor Blue Moon and it was crazy good. And just as the cocktail Blue Lagon in Grecce, it does strange things to your body. The people who went with me knows what I am talking about.

Also I watched fast 5, not as bad as I thought. Clearly a movie worth watching, epic fight scene between vin diesel and the rock! Arms like that is the reason that we are lifting.

Time to start pay attention in class!!