I Set Fire To The Rain

Just woke up after a great nights sleep, as usual my ears were filled with earplugs due to my snoring room-mates. I have to admit though, it is pretty sweet to sleep with them, only problem is that I barely hear my alarm in the morning. But to be late is not really a problem, it is more of a luxury I would say. Wish I lived a life where I could not over sleep, no exact time to be anywhere just chilling!

What is there to do today? Not too much actually, I have an audition for a short movie in about an hour so I need to get ready for that. I had to choose between two characters to play, and I went for the mediterranean looking one, feels like that is how I look. I have not learnt the script yet though, so I really should take a look at that but will see what happens. Other than that I really need to study for my upcoming exams and scripts that are due. Their might be sometime in their to work out aswell, might be needed because I had chips for the first time in years, I am more of a candy person so chips is a rare occasion.

Alejandro is in the room right now, he wants to play a little bit of NHL, but I told him that I need to hear about his weekend first, and here is that story.

Friday night was beer olympic night, he and his team against another team, so much determination to win. The events that were played, Flip cup, Das Boot, and Beer Pong. Sadly Thumper never got played, to bad because that is Alejandros best event he is real skillful. Sadest story ever though is that they lost, they lost greatly, or well not with big numbers but still a very sad night. They did not care to much about it and continued to party all night long. Back in Sweden we got kebab house after a night like that, but here they got Qudoba, a mexican burritos place. Pretty good food actually, I been there a couple of times.

Saturday night, after a whole day of recovering from friday it was time to go again, a few games to get it all started, cocaine, beer pong, and finally Alejandro got to play Thumper. Just as successful as usual, however the place they were at was so much fun that they never left for the party. When something already is awesome, there is no reason to change it up. The night ended quit disappointing though, after a walk to “the hood” to get some McDonald’s, the sad relasation that it is closed struck him. A very unnecessary walk into an area that is supposed to be dangerous, I personally believe that it is bullshit though. It is not any danger, or at least not more than a walk on the beach.

Anyways now i am gona kick Alejandros ass in some NHL, untill later world!