Good evening everyone, I hope you are all having a good weekend. I do not really know where to start, there is kind of a lot that has happened the last 24 hours here in Thunder Bay.

First and foremost we had our press conference yesterday, which turned out to be a piece of cake. Not a big deal at all for most of out players, there was about 20 people there and they filmed the whole thing. However, for us players it was just to get announced as a part of the team and smile for a couple of pictures. There was even food there, which all of us enjoyed very much. The whole event was on TV here in Thunder Bay and the local news paper covered it as well.

Later that night I watched the movie Drive with Ryan Gosling, if you have not seen it you need to see it. It is that good, kind of strange and surprising but just amazing. See it!

For those who does not follow soccer, today was the day the greatest team in the world this year would be determined. The game between Bayern Munich and Chelsea, it was such a spectacular game. I still cannot believe the result after what I saw. Going into the game I was cheering for Bayern, and everything was going well, Bayern out played Chelsea and even got 1-0 in the 83 minute. However, Chelsea showed strong character and got back into the game. I really thought Bayern were going to win it when they got a penalty in over time, but to my surprise my favorite player Arjen Robben Missed it. It went to penalties and Chelsea won. Congratulations to them, however I believe that it will have a sad effect on Tottenham who now will not play in the Champions League next year, and therefore probably will lose their two key players Modric and Bale. Disappointment!!!

However, on the complete different level of soccer here in Thunder Bay we also played a game today. Just a exhibition game os nothing to fancy. We won with, 3-1, did not play to well but it was a solid result. I feel like we will have a really good team as soon as we get used to playing with each other. I was happy to see my team mate from school Paul Dillon score our second goal. My own performance was nothing special, I got a charlie horse (knee on my quad) after 5 minutes, and after that I could not really run. Made my day a little bit harder, but still a solid performance. I hope I will perform better tomorrow, we are playing the same team and if my quad feels better I am sure I will get a point in the game.

Now it is time for some solid sleep!