The Importance Of Relevant And Good Content

As I keep taking classes here at Marquette, one of the ideas that seem to be transparent among almost all classes is the importance of content. It does not matter what subject it is, we are alway exposed to content, and that content determines my and everyone else’s interest in that class. A fair amount of my classes are similar to the movie inception on that sense, a class with content about content, that illustrates the importance of content. After thinking about the impact content has, I looked into a few companies and tried to determine how big of a role their content has played towards their success.

After looking at brands such as Coca-Cola and Nike, one understands that content plays an immense role in maintaining the popularity and relevance of a brand. The reason I brought up Coke and Nike is because they are two of the most recognized companies in the world, and how they are continuing to put out amazing content. If you look at many market leaders, they tend to put out better content than their competition. There are examples all around us, PS 4 vs Xbox 1, the content sony is putting out there is on a different level compared to Microsoft, and I believe that is on of the main reasons why the PS 4 has had such a higher quantity of sales. If you look at any of the most popular brands in the world, I am certain you will discover that they all have one thing in common, and that will be great content.

As I remain a soccer fanatic, I took a deep dive into the world of soccer content. I looked at different leagues and different teams, and what I discovered goes closely with my previous notion that being great involves having great content. Over the last decade German soccer has slowly been taking over the soccer market. The German Bundesliga has continuously been the most profitable league, and they have the highest fan attendance out of all leagues in Europe. Now off course a bottom team in the Bundesliga, is miles away from beating a top English or Spanish team in soccer or actual popularity. This is strictly speaking of the league has a whole, and what I discovered one difference to be, is that the Bundesliga puts out a massive amount of content compared to any other league in Europe. They are especially focusing on YouTube, where they will post videos several times a week. The importance if their video is not the quantity, but the actual quality of them. Every video is relevant to a soccer fan in Germany, and they focus on every team as well the league in general. If you compare this to the Italian League, which has been declining on both fan attendance and profit, the difference is massive. There is nothing that allows a fan to feel that they are getting something special, or that the league wants to provide them with something cool outside of the actual game. I strongly believe that the transparency and relevance of Bundesliga’s content efforts is a main reason to its success.

After looking at all this, I believe that good and relevant content is the key to being successful. No matter what market you are in or what your target is, finding ways to provide them with content they can use, engage with, and that they get some sort of value form will ultimately lead to success.

Who is doing this well, and who is doing it poorly? Comment and share your thoughts with me.

/// Sebastian


8 thoughts on “The Importance Of Relevant And Good Content

  1. I definitely agree that when brands provide great, quality content they are doing something right with their consumers. This content is the voice the brand is creating to speak directly to their audience. Many opportunities for brand success begin with the simple tweet or post. Those are definitely some brands to be watching!

  2. I think content would be a definite reason to jump ships. Something you hinted at, when describing German fan participation in lieu of personalized fan-centered video, was that consumers respond when they feel that they are being addressed directly. When it comes to forming brand loyalty between Adidas or Nike it will most likely come down to who has content that is relevant to the individual

    • Thank you for such an insightful comment, I must ask you. Who do you think Nike and Adidas are currently catering to with their content, women or men? And do you think they are leaning more towards a specific race?

  3. Love the post! As you said content is really key – and you proved it with the xbox and ps4 example. I like your saying at the end, “Write epic content that your audience wants.” If the audience doesn’t want to read your content or they aren’t interested, they won’t take the time to read it. You need to have something that your target audience WANTS to read. Great post!

  4. Great post man! It’s really interesting to see the rise of the Bundesliga especially after having two German teams in the Champions League final last year. I have noticed the differences in tones between the Bundesliga and Serie A. Italian football is at an interesting place right now, it’s weird not seeing AC Milan in the race to make the Champions League and possible not even the Europa. I enjoy how the Germans give the view behind the scenes looks at the smaller teams, it becomes very personable opposed to Serie A where they just show match highlights that don’t seem be very personable. Also, the Germans incorporation of using FIFA 14 to predict matches is pretty cool.

    • I agree, it has been interesting to see the league who has been dominated by one team for decades pay attention to the other teams in the league as well. I thin they realized that the fan base of one team is not as big as the fan base off all teams combined.
      And yes utilizing Fifa 14 was something new to me, but I think it is great. There are such a large majority of gamers in Germany, that the content flows well with the audience.

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