The Essentials Of A Social Media Strategy

As social media usage continues to grow, and we are continuously seeing new social media apps being developed that the creators are hoping to sell to Google for a couple of billion. We aspiring professionals and professionals have to ask our selves, how can we utilize social media to benefit our business. Because there is no longer a question of if, it is a question of how and that how is answered differently depending on the market you are in. However, there are certain elements that I believe are relevant across all markets.

1. Set up realistic, measurable, and specific goals.

Even though you might see social media as an easy tool that you utilize everyday, there are countless of people who actually has no experience of using social media. Especially social media in a business setting, because of that people may have unrealistic speculations of the ROI they will receive. One tweet from a moderate account with 100-5000 followers will not grow your sales with 25% over the next week. That is simply not have it works, and by having a contest that ask people to re-teweet for a chance to win a gift card you will not see 2000 new followers and 1000 new customers, especially if you as most business who do not have that million dollar social media budget only have a moderate following of 100-5000.

Instead we need to explain that social media is a tool that can be utilized to create relationships between your business and its customers. Social media can make the brand loyalty and retention much higher, and drive sales and awareness that way. A customer will not come running to your store because you send out on tweet saying ” You need to check us out, value for money and we are fun and caring”, to expect those who see that to come running is unrealistic. The key here being explaining to your boss, or client what the social media efforts can do, so that when it comes to your report they do not end up saying something in the lines of, how come we only have 2000 followers when coca-cola have over 2 million?

2. Engage!

If someone called you office would you pick it up or just let it ring? If the answer is yes, than you should apply the same rule for your social accounts. Your fans/followers want to engage with you, and they want to hear a response. They want to get your opinion and thoughts, and they want to create that special relationship with you. That relationship is what will keep them coming back time after time, and most likely to tell and bring their friends as well.

3. Be the best you can be.

We all have a different set of skills, and we can adapt them to social media in all different ways. But all that you put out, should be the best you can create. People understands that a small business will struggle to compete with a company like Coca-cola, because they are the best of the best and have a bottomless budget. However, that does not stop you from creating some amazing content, content that will relevant and interesting to your audience. Apart of being your best is being genuine and honest, don’t ever forget that.

If you want to know how a company like Coca-cola is creating amazing content you should check this video out,Β 

And whatever you create I would follow this out line that Sarah Van Elzen over at Laughlin and Constable shared with me.

What do you think the most important parts of a social strategy is, and how does if differ from industry to industry? Please comment and allow me the chance to learn from you.




8 thoughts on “The Essentials Of A Social Media Strategy

  1. I think you’re spot on when you say businesses need to create realistic goals for themselves and be the best they can be. Managing an engaging and relevant social media site is not an easy task, and individuals need to be up for a high-pressure job from the start.

  2. I definitely agree that brands need to be realistic and focus on relationships with customers. I feel like a lot of brands with little experience in social media are simply looking for the followers and thinking that sales will come from that. In reality, brands need to prove their worth to their followers and gain loyalty before they can expect results. Going for the immediate sales tactic usually just results in annoying social media presences.

    • I agree with you 100%, it is simply about the quality of followers not the amount. I think we al could spend that $20 to receive 2000 followers from china/india, but that will not to anything for our business.

  3. I realize that the key to having a successful social media page (as a brand) includes consumer engagement. However, I find that depending upon the audience, not all consumers readily engage on social media. Have you seen a brand that has done a good job getting their audience to engage on their pages, when the audience is otherwise complacent?

    • Tess, I strongly believe that people are on social media to be social, the question brands got to answer is how they can engage their audience to be social with them. This does not have to be a social conversation that goes on everyday, but at a pace that suits the consumer. I think that Whole foods does a great job in creating content that engages their audience, especially since grocery shopping is commonly seen as a rather dull and boring task.

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