Back From The Dominican Republic

Hola friends, got back from an amazing spring break just to be shocked by the extreme cold that still lingers around Milwaukee. We had 6.30 a.m. practice this morning, and we can simply leave it at the fact that I was wearing a lot of layers and still felt like an ice cream.

How was the Domicians? Well thank you for asking, it was amazing. Everything about the trip was simply excellent, the beach was perfect powder sand, the ocean looked like in the movies and the people was fun and nice. Could not ask anything else from a vacation resort, Secrets, I believe the name was. They had all that one could ask for, 24/7 room service, barbecue on the beach, great selection of restaurant, great events and shows. Your truly even managed to take home theBeach volleyball tournament. Pictures below with some celebration pictures, do not think the host expected me to spray him with champagne, but how often do you get the chance.



Fun fact the the second women on the right side won Miss Dominican republic last year.

Other than that, than that I figured three pictures could sum up the rest of this amazing trip.




Until next time!




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