The Benefits Of Using Google Plus

Hello people, I hope you all are still doing well and that the fact that there is only two more work days this week gets you as excited as me. I have to say that going to college is not as hard as actually working, but there is still a lot of stress involved. Projects, papers, meetings etc, and this week has been a busy one for me personally, however, this morning when I walked to class I walked by a homeless man who just sat their and smiled. I do not know why, but it got me thinking, and I have to say that life is pretty good so many amazing people and things out there. How does this tie in to the title of this post?

Well you see Google plus happens to be one of those amazing innovative things that I really believe will push society forward, I know that many of you think that no one is using it and that it is a bad try of google to be more like Facebook. Well to you I say, look beyond the obvious, look past that name Google plus. Because let’s face it even though you might not have a google plus account, you have been on youtube, used gmail, or google something throughout your time on the internet. Google plus is really tied in to all of those programs, and it is more so away for google to collect more accurate information about their users like you and me. That off course allows them to charge more money from people that want to advertise, since they can more accurately target the ads to people who will actually be interested.

However, that part about google plus that amazes me is the potential growth that is has, not only for companies but also for normal people. Just such a thing as google hangout, the possibilities are endless. As we all know we are creating more and more social communities online, no matter if your interest is Harry Potter, cats or simply cooking food. Google hangout is place where those communities can meet, talk and interact without being at the same place. A place where people can follow divers along as they take on the barrier refs , or a safari in Africa. As I said the possibilities here are endless for everyone, and to be honest I expect important meetings to take place here, such as the united nations etc. I will not be surprised if the next presidential election will have a candidate that will include google hangouts in his or her campaign.

To become more familiar with google plus I read this article,,,

As the article states and what I take away from it is that at this point google plus is more beneficial to google than to its users. However, in the near future as the google plus community continues to grow the advantage for the users will become more and more evident. I say get on the google plus train now, and be more of a initiator than a follower, a trend setter not a trend slave. Off course if you are reading this now and still do not have an account it might be to late to call yourself a trend setter, but believe a couple of months down the road you will not regret it.

All the best you all, Β and also for you that have been following for awhile, as you might have noticed I changed my the appearance of my blog, please comment and let me know what you think about the new look and possible improvements.




4 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Using Google Plus

  1. Great post Sebastian. I like the thought of Hangouts being a primary reason to use the network and that Google+ may be better at truly connecting you with your audience vs. Facebook.

    P.S. I love the new look of the blog.

  2. I enjoy your different take on Google+, by pointing out that we need to look “beyond the obvious.” Plus can function as more than the typical social networking site, and I believe that is the point of it. Plus has not caught on as much because it functions differently than Facebook or Twitter and people may not be used to that yet. I agree that Plus has the potential to expand, it just needs to catch the attention of key user demographics.

    • Gabby, thank you for your insight. I agree with you, but I think getting more diverse and creative content on the site will be the key to expand. And off course googles general market share ( Youtube, Gmail etc.) , which all continue to push for more plus usage.

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