Lessons Learned So Far!

As I have mentioned before this semester is filled with interesting classes, and I feel as if I am learning a lot. Luckily not in the old fashion way, tests, which if you ask me only shows what you can force your brain to remember for one hour, after that it is gone and you will never use it again. Instead now we are focusing on developing ideas, brains storm and talk to your class mates to apply it, learn about if from real life cases and than apply it yourself to a case that is relatable for you.

If you ask me that is the best way to learn, because in todays age there is to much information out there to simply being able to remember it all. To instead learn how to apply, relate, and problem solve is what allows students to really develop useful habits and will make them ready for “the real life”.

To celebrate that I will know give you all three take aways from my time so far in ADPR 4300 with Dennis Jenders as an instructor.

1. Whatever you do, always do it with passion.

It does not matter if you know things if you are not passionate about them, in todays work place you will be working in a team setting and that passion is what will drive the whole group to reach new limits. This applies to most industries, people want to follow and be around other people that share their passion, and that passion can take you places you never even imagined. With that is off course an understanding on how to express that passion, that personal brand in other places than just face to face. You need to express that across all channels where you are being judged, social media, such as Facebook, Twitter are huge today. Every employer will look at you across all those different channels and either say yay or completely forget you.

2. You cannot know it all.

In today’s day and age there is an unlimited amount of tools, skills and resources out there. Learn how to master some of them, and when I say master, I mean that if the world was struck by an apocalypse (Jericho) style, you will be able to recreate those exact tools/systems that you have mastered. All other things you need to be familiar with, all other things someone else on your team has to master, and that mix of skills that all relates to the same topic will make your team complete. This goes for new technology, you cannot master them all, but it is essential to you become familiar with them fast and master a few ASAP! The workplace is ever evolving and you need to adapt quick and carefully.

3. There are no limits.

Everyday people will tell you that things cannot be done, because you do not have enough experience, enough money, the right education, guess what, they are all wrong. There are no limits by excepts the limits you except, the limits you set. Not enough budget to award advertising on TV, well find a solution that is outside of the box I like to call comfort zone. Great example is the Lung Cancer campaign, No one deserves to die, very limited budget but amazing results. That is what we all dream about creating, but we have to realize that it is highly unlikely to reach those results every time, but we also have to reach the state of mind to never settle for ok, never ever just give people what they think is okay, instead give them the unexpected, give them you all. My girlfriend Caroline told me today that she has to go the awkward extra mile, and I agree that it is an hard extra mile to wander, but it goes with the grass is greener on the other side. Because in order to reach that grass we have to walk the extra mile, maybe even 10 extra miles, but believe me it will be worth it.

That is what I have taken away so far, obviously I could have mention the importance of certain programming, the difference between content and noise, the importance of being prepared, or the best practices for a Facebook page or a Twitter account. But instead I chose the abstract lessons that I believe truly will help me no matter what the future holds.




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