Facebook Putting The Foot Down Regarding Content

Just read a couple of articles regarding Facebook’s new algorithm, and their decision to utterly promote content. Not any content but what they see as quality content, after reading those articles about the subject it left me with the feeling that those who ask for likes are going to be left behind. Together with those who only post Memes, with these new aspects of Facebook it will really promote quality content. Perfectly aligns with the new Facebook paper, I certain that these two changes are connected.

But why would Facebook disregard such a funny and beloved aspect as memes, well they are not pushing memes away completely, but they are making sure that people/pages that only shares memes all the time will not show up on your news feed as much. Therefore, people who create low quality memes in a rapid order will no longer gain much visibility on your news feed, but those who actually put time into creating quality memes that are relevant will not be disregards in the same way.

A clear strategy to force pages into producing and creating better posts. I think we all can agree that much of what shows up on our news feed is crap that we fast scroll through without paying any attention to it, to get away from that Facebook now pushes for higher quality content. I think it is a great idea, and to be honest I think this will keep Facebook relevant. Social media such as MySpace tend to disappear and become old after awhile, but with changes like this one Facebook are preventing its expiration date.

However, I am not going to lie I really enjoy memes that are done right. I find them creative and funny, and I believe if they are used right they could be high quality content and hopefully this new Facebook algorithm will push people to actually put some thought into them, as well as everything else they post.

To show you what I mean with funny, here are some of my favorite memes.

Obviously memes are only funny to those who have an interest in what they represent, but hey I would not mind these showing up on my news feed.




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