The Courage To Take A Leap Of Faith For Your Company

Good evening everyone, I hope you all have more energy than me at this time. Coach run us to the ground today, but unless it is though there will be no improvement. However, this post is not about me talking about practice, but today I will tangle my focus on something I learned today at work.

Today I knew we were meeting with Michelle from Sōshshe came into our office in order to help us figure how to improve our social media as well generate more awareness in a new demographic. Young professionals for those who are interested, as always before a meeting you are unsure about what you should expect. Therefore, I went in to the no expectations mode, I was just going to judge her based on what she would bring to the table. Now after the meeting and the classic follow up email I must admit that I am impressed. Michelle, laid out for us what we were doing wrong, and where we need to implement improvements. In a simple way she explained how we can become successful. I just hope that all who sat in on the meeting listened, the future will tell. So now you might be wondering what my title has to do with my post, well after the meeting concluded I decided to look her company up. So as any person these days I went to the only trustworthy source there is, Goggle, and after being directed to the website and gone though the history of the company as well as the clients they represent I realized just how important the hard decisions are for any company. As I am certain all people who are involved with marketing and promotions know the field is ever changing, and one of the greatest changes was the dawn of social media. What Michelle’s company did at that time was truly impressive, realizing the impact vastness of this new medium would have on the market they early changed their core company structure to have a heavier focus on social media. By changing their focus to management of social media management and strategy they made themselves stand out from the crowd and had a solution to a problem many companies have. Countless amounts of business have or are starting to realize that their presence across social platforms are essential to their company in order to keep customers happy and create brand loyalty. Which off course ultimately is about making more profit. However, most of these companies are new to the whole social media scene, and does not know where to start or what to do. That is where Michelle’s company comes in, I am certain that they were scared of implementing the change they had, however, if you ask them today I am certain that they are extremely happy that they did because by looking at their list of clients you cannot be anything else than impressed. I guess this quote from the movie “We bought a Zoo” work perfectly, even though I hope they spent more than 20 seconds taking this decision.


Comment and let me know what do you think, should companies and brands have the courages to change their core identity. Or is it better to stay with what they know, and what they have been doing?



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