Twitter For Soccer, Doing It Right

Hello everyone, weekend is here and hope that you all have some time to relax and find some inner peace. I think we all know how stressful the week can be, obligations on obligations and off course you need to pair that with some passion. Love, sports, food, workouts or whatever else it may be, 

As I am procrastinating some home work right now, I had some fun and looked into the sphere of Twitter. I know I just had a post similar to this, but this time I will only spend attention to what is happening on Twitter. All other social channels are left behind in a pile of dust, we are Twitter focused to the max right now. So who is doing things right, who are the Twitter masters? Well if you listen to certain professionals they will give you a list that looks something like this, 25 Twitter Superstars

Well as I like to put myself out there and go look a little bit of the beaten path. I’ll give you an example of a company that is doing the whole Twitter thing right, that you would now have thought of. As always I try to bring my life interest together, and that leaves us with the professional soccer club Chelsea FC, it might not be the best soccer club in the world. Clearly a subjective question, but nevertheless a fantastic club with a lot of history and pride. What I find so interesting when I look at the different clubs around Europe is that there is a correlation between the clubs activity on twitter and how good they actually are in the sport they play. The three best clubs on Twitter are Arsenal, Manchester City, and Chelsea, and those three are what I would call title contenders this season. What are they, Chelsea, doing that are so amazing? 

Well first and foremost I love the fact that all news regarding the club comes out on Twitter, new signings, fan events, game results, game updates, club updates, etc. Anything you need to know about the club can be discovered by following them on Twitter, and everything that is being put out my the club is extremely professional and polite. If a player leaves the club, they thank him for his services and wish him the best of luck in the future. If a new players arrives they post a direct biography about him to allow the fans to know who he is. But what makes them so good is that they seem to be following the rule that Content is truly king, because they never put much “noise” out there. If there is never anything that is posted that seems to have been posted just for postings sake. Instead they have different competitions for the fans, allowing fans to interact with fans and off course for the club to interact with fans. 

Chelsea also has an amazing Youtube and Facebook presence, and they use their Twitter handle to promote their videos. Videos that are extremely well executed, and allows the fans a true insight too what Chelsea really is. A feature that would not reach as many people unless they would have such an amazing culture on Twitter, a feature that makes the fans feel extremely involved with the team.

What I find surprising with this is that American sport teams in general seem to be so far behind this example when it comes to Social Media, I understand that american soccer teams struggle a little bit due to the lack of interest the sport has. But when you look at many teams from the NBA, MLB, and NHL it is not to the same point as Chelsea. I am got gonna deny that some team are doing it very well, but since the USA is so far a head when it comes to the use of social media in a business setting I am shocked to see that when it comes to sport teams the Europeans are actually ahead. 

Defiantly a market that I would pay attention to if I had a social media/ Marketing company because even though there is a lack of social media use there is no lack of dollars. I am certain there are a coupe of big contracts to cash in on. 



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