Social Media, The Right Way!

Hello all people out there, hope all is well and that wherever you may be it is warmer than here in Milwaukee. It is actually so cold that school was shut down for 24 hours, time well spent on my part. I decided to look into how different companies utilizes social media to put their business in a better position compared to their competition.

I looked at many different markets and companies and obviously their are many that are doing amazing things, to mention some Whole Foods with their incredible youtube page, videos that are so perfect for the brans one might cheer in joy. What they really have been able to capture is the identity of their company and what customers wants from them. Their videos stand out by being a mix of professionally made videos that captures the corny, hipster feel that all whole foods stores have. However, there are also a great amount of videos that seems tho be made by local stores who are just having some fun in the store. The best example I could find was this video,

Whole foods also have a great twitter and Facebook presence, with great communities established on each site.

One company every social media expert seems to mention when they are talking about who is doing it great is Zappos, and therefore, I decided to check it out as well. I tweeted at them in order to see how fast they respond to a regular guy at 10 p.m CT, and they impressed me deeply. It took them less than 3 minutes to respond to me, and that I want to say is the best you will get in their industry. I am not surprised that they are continuing to grow, and have gained greater and greater share in the market while similar brands are continuing to lose business.  zappos2

I wanted to look more in depth in a industry that not often comes to mind when thinking of social media use.

Therefore, I decided to look at a market that has been growing immensely in the last couple of years, video games, and that I personally spend a great amount of time using. The game or franchise that I chose to take a deeper look into is EA Sports and more specifically their game Fifa, and how their utilization of social media has gained them a greater share of the market. Actually I claim that their usage of social media has eliminated their threats among games that are related to soccer in video games. A few years back there was talk of Pro Soccer Revelation being the new and improved EA Sports Fifa, and I am not going to lie at that time EA Sports Fifa must have felt chill creep across their spine. However, EA Sports Fifa quickly adapted to their market and made the whole gaming experience extremely more interactive. No longer did the gaming experience end when the gamer turned their console off, now players could continue to interact on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and later the phone and computer app. Knowing their market they realized that those who play Fifa have a keen interest in soccer, an interest that goes a lot deeper than just a video gaming. I believe that is what has made them so extremely successful, if you look at their Facebook page you will find updates and competitions on what is going on in the real soccer world. They have taken their game and turned it into a place where soccer fanatics from all over the world can discuss current trends in the game, as well as transfers, best players etc. They are encouraging people to interact with them by having prices in the game, so they actually have to spend $0 on purchasing prices, instead they just provide winners with a gift in the game. That usage of in game gifts is ever present across all their platforms, best submitted video every weeks wins a price, and every time you log on to their web app you receive a gift that can make you own special team better. I wonder what their advertising income on that app is?

What is so impressive about their social media use is that everything they do leads the user back to the game. Everything they do makes the user want to come back and play more, and coming back to play allows for even more interaction. Fifa has world wide tournaments that are being viewed by millions on youtube, and they always ensure to have local soccer celebrities present at those tournaments in order to gain more attention across all social platforms. When looking at their financial report, we can determine that their revenue has gone up 22% since the last year. EA Sports Fifa are continuing to grow immensely, and their Social Media usage has been a great reason to how it has been able to do so.


Thank you for reading, for more updates and other interesting articles follow me on Twitter @lifebysebastian




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