Who Should Run Your Social Media Accounts?

Hello all you brand ambassadors, bosses, and whomever else that finds this interesting. For one of my classes here at Marquette Univeristy we have looked at this article by Cathryn Sloane, http://www.nextgenjournal.com/2012/07/why-every-social-media-manager-should-be-under-25/

Sloane discusses why all who work with social media should be relatively young, and her most dominating point is that younger employees has grown up with social media and therefore it comes natural to them. However, I also took a look at a two responses to that article one that agrees and one that disagrees, you can find both of them here, http://www.inc.com/hollis-thomases/social-media-dont-put-intern-in-charge.html and http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/3fc43611-21e3-4566-8e0d-78f993c9450d.aspx

After reading these articles and spending some time thinking what it means to me as senior in college who is about to graduate, I do not completely agree with Sloan on this subject in. Yes, younger employees are in general better than older at handling social media for companies, in a way that allows for fans/consumers to feel as if the content that is being put out is authentic due to their familiarity and understanding of different platforms. However, I want you all to realize that I used the word in general while talking about who is better suited to handle social media. What it comes down to is what the best fit for the specific company is, in some cases the young and fun employee will fit perfectly, whereas at other times the older more experienced employee will be the perfect match. It all has to do with what your target audience is, and what you in fact are selling or providing your customers with.

I will drag en example from my own personal life, without using the company name, when I started as an intern their social media was in fact outdated and the people running it was little to none enthusiastic to take part of the activity on their accounts, and interaction between consumer and brand was unheard of. The first week I took over their Facebook page, the activity on the page rose 3000%, that is not a typo it rose 3000% and I am not going to lie to you and say that I created an unbelievable strategy that every company in the world should implement. It was the small things that came to make it the change be unbelievably successful, every time one of our partners posted something we commented, every post we made asked the audience to participate, and we talked back to them. Discussed issues with the brand, as well as good things. We did all in our power to make them feel how much we needed them and cared about them, and I believe that is the reason why they wanted to interact back. They felt how sincere we were in our interactions, and how much we actually valued their opinions. What is important here is that I found the voice the consumers if this specific brand were looking for. That voice were me, in another setting my attempts could have ended in disaster, but in this specific setting it worked. Not because of my age, but because the voice I used across the different platforms was relatable to the consumer’s of this company.

Therefore, in conclusion I just want to say that younger employees tend to be more savvy in regards of social media, but in all honesty the age of your employee does not matter. What matters is the character of the person you hire, and how that character will represent your company. Social media is a tool that can create personal connections with consumers, but the interactions with consumers has to be in a voice that truly represents the company in order to create long lasting relationships.



2 thoughts on “Who Should Run Your Social Media Accounts?

  1. Great response to the reading. I particularly enjoyed your line,”What matters is the character of the person you hire, and how that character will represent your company.” Resumes and networking capabilities may make a person stand out in a company, but it’s that person’s character that should seal the deal when applying for a job. Organizations should focus more on that.

    • I completely agree with you, even though you might have the needed skills for a job you may not fit in the environment. I think we all can agree that a company that has people with similar characters get better results because the collaboration between them becomes a lot better due to their similar characteristics. But off course diversity to some extent is needed to get different views on matters.

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