Time Truly Flies

Hello everyone, I hope the new year has treated you well so far. I also hope that the way your celebrated new year’s was to your satisfaction, me myself had a blast. Went out to a friends “Summer House” with friends, and we simply celebrated in the best way we could. One thing that has come clear to me lately is the lack of time one month is to be home, there is simply not enough time see every one. Old friends, family and everything else. I wish that there was more time to just hangout and enjoy time with all of them. But there is no need to be sad about that, all I can do is enjoy the time that I have with them.

And what actually just struck me is that I am in dire need to purchase my school books, I think it would be most necessary to have them when classes start. Feels as if it would be of importance, but as always some books are simply a waste of money. Money a poor student simply does not have. 

Other than that I am back into practice, and I am very happy that my hamstring issues seems to be behind me. Sourness however, still comes as I was reminded of this morning. 


Well the best to all of you! 




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