A Mixed Weekend

Sunday evening is here, and I hope all of you will spend it just like me, straight relaxation. Going to stay in front of the TV all night long and just watch some good flicks, and eat some delicious food. The perfect way to end a long weekend.

We had two games with my summer team, the first one was Saturday, but it was up in Minnesota so we drove up Friday night. Actually stayed in a hotel right next to the F.B.I, I thought it was pretty cool. I guess you can still call me a tourist in this country, even though I have been here for two years now. This country is so vast I feel like I could spend two more years here and I would still not have seen all the things this country has to offer. But maybe more importantly we did have a game up there, the first of the season, and we could not have got a better start. Victory 3-0, and two assists from me. I was happy with my performance, but as always there is much more to work on.

Our second game of the weekend was completely opposite the first, we lost 3-0. I must say that I really do not think that the result is a fair image of what the game was like, I thought we were going to win because we created enough chances to outscore them 5-3. However, we did not finish our chances and therefore we lost. A couple of silly mistakes, and bad decisions gave them their goals and our inability to score did not help either. But it is just soccer and we got plenty of games to come, that will provide us with new chances and opportunities to develop as players and as a team.

Tomorrow I will be going back to work at the wave, and I must say that I am excited about it. This week my main goal/task is to redo our social media completely and with that change the branding of the company. We are making big steps as an organization, and I love that I get a chance to be a part of it. Hopefully the results will be as good as we hope when we measure them, and hopefully we will be able to influence more kids to play soccer and make the sport bigger and better in the Milwaukee community.

With those words of hope I am out for the night! And since all the Marquette students are graduating today I thought this picture would be appropriate.




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