On The Road

Hello web atmosphere, at the moment I am in a van on my way to Minnesota. We are playing our first game with my summer team tomorrow, and even though we only got 12 players I believe we will be able to compete for a W.

Last time I represented this club we made it to the national championship, and hopefully this summer won’t be different.

On the other note if life, my internship is going great. I get to combine soccer with all that I have learnt in school, and I could not feel better about it. As usual when you are faced with something new you imagine how it will be, and this time it is even better that I thought it could be. That should not be taken as I am just chillin, it is a lot of hard work and it takes both creativity, patience and skill. But we are all together working pearls the same goal, and I enjoy every moment I spend in the office. Today we even got free burgers for lunch, cannot complain about that.

Other than that worth mentioning is that chicken Alfredo pizza I worth a try and Adam Hermsen’s mom makes some mean banana bread.




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