Summer I love That You Are Here

School is out, the sun is out, my t-shirts are out. How could it be any better, and hello online atmosphere. Now that summer is here I have a splendid amount of time for blogging, not saying that I have nothing going on but not close to as much as it is during the school year. Now instead of going to class, I spend my time doing my internships, making food, reading and working out.

I actually started my first internship this Monday, at the Milwaukee Wave, they are a professional indoor soccer team here in Milwaukee. I am suppose to do a lot of video work, and also marketing and social media. I am really excited about it because it really combines two of my big interests, soccer and video production.

I am also in the process of taking my American Drivers license, I passed my written exam yesterday and now I only have to pass the driving one. I think I will take that on next week, do not want to stress anything and I think i need to brush up on my driving a bit before I take the test. Especially when it comes to parallel parking.

I would say this is a little update on my life, and I hope that I will take the time and have time to stay active here on the blog throughout the summer.





4 thoughts on “Summer I love That You Are Here

    • Same for me simply did not have time to blog that much throughout the school year. With summer here I hope to spend more time blogging.
      Thank you, I hope that I will pass, especially since most 16 year olds here in the USA pass it.

  1. Hi, lovely this is the best part in life to wake read what is up over there, Then wake Oscar up love mom

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