Getting Back Into It

Hello everybody, I believe I have found my times during the week to blog, I guess the future will tell if I can keep doing it. I do tend to say I will take the time to post something, but that usually does not happen. I do believe I could post a link to the blog I am interning for, but maybe that would be to much advertising? We will see what I decide to do, here is a link to my latest story if anyone would care to read about a remarkable soccer player,

Other than that school is really relaxed this week, no assignments due and that gives me time to relax with some for pleasure reading, yes youth in the world a actual book out of paper with words, they still do exist. I actually do wonder about that, when I grew up I loved to read, I spent hours and hours with a book, and now with the technology that falls away more and more and I wonder what my children will be doing when they grow up. All i know is that no matter what they will read Harry Potter.

Oh, and I do not believe I have written anything about my trip to spain, lazy as I am, but anyway the trip was amazing. Got to see so many beautiful sights, and I went down to Marbella which I believe is my favorite city in the world. It was crazy awesome, and the food was incredible. I also got the chance to go over to Morocco, mostly touristy adventures but still a fun day trip. However, the best part of the trip was off course too see my girlfriend Caroline who si studying abroad there. Maybe I should stalk her Facebook photos and post some here, we will see!

Before I forget, we got our first games on Saturday. It will be cold and windy, but still we will be playing. Actually looking forward to it, just wish it could be warmer.






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