Almost Done

Hell0 everyone!

Last weeks has been crazy, never thought I would experience this much school work in my life. And actually surviving it, I mean that is just an accomplishment in itself. However, it does ensure that you cannot do to much of your own liking. We are talking video games , TV, Blogging, Working out. Literally can feel how my abs and muscles are leaving my body.

It is all okay though, because tomorrow is the last time I will open a school book for the rest of the year. Real exited about that, but even more exited to come back to Sweden on Sunday. Leaving Saturday actually, but  due to travel time and such I will land Sunday morning. It is going to be a lot colder than here, I know that much. But the warmth of seeing old friends and family for the first time in a year is making in more than worth the while.

I also started my Internship this week, a soft start but a start after all. I just actually completed my first assignment and it looks like this!


I hope you all like it, even though it is not perfect it is a start of a small series I will produce regarding College living for soccer players.

Sweden soon!!!!




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