Damn You Finals

Hello world, I hope all is good with everyone. Here at Marquette it is getting stressful as finals are approaching, I got three papers due on Friday, and three presentations the first two days of next week. After that I got what I would call, the calm before the storm, because the week after is finals week. I got four finals coming up for finals week, luckily enough I will only be having one of them each day. I cannot imagine how bad the results would be if I would take more than one a day.

I actually went to a networking event tonight, two alumni came to talk to us. Only five people showed up, which I thought was awesome because it give me a greater chance to talk to them in order to get their in put on what they do and gain some valuable information about the industry. They worked with social media, and marketing across different media platforms. I have to say that they had intestine stories to tell. The event planners also provided us with hot chocolate and sandwiches, much to my liking.

And everyone heads up, because santa will soon be in town.





One thought on “Damn You Finals

  1. It is true Santa is coming to town……..
    I think he is coming the 15 or 16 of December and we are all so curious to see what he is looking like kram mamma

    Fรถrsta advent pรฅ sรถndag min underbara son

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