Living On The Edge

Good evening, hope everyone a good break because tomorrow it is back to it all. School, and yeah more school. Soccer season is over, and that means that will actually have a chance to save my grade point average is semester. I really screwed up during mid-terms, just could not coupe with soccer and the tests that week. However, there is still time to save myself. Will I do it, maybe! Lazy? No, just not that interested in studying all the time.

It was close that my studying would have ended today though, I picked up caroline at the airport and on the  way back the police pulled us over. If I would have been driving, and the police man would not believed y little made up story about being in the country less than 30 days. Than I would have been packing my bags for a one way trip back to Sweden. Not the worst punishment, but you know it would be sad to leave everything behind. Luckily enough I was not driving, and luckily enough the police man was the nicest guy ever, so I would have been fine anyway.

Other than that, today has been real relaxing, just hung out with Caroline. Went for some grocery shopping, and finished a few papers. A classy Sunday for a classy guy, and now I will take my culinary skills and do some magic in the kitchen. And yeah wait hold on, I just hooked my self up with photoshop. I will learn that asap, but I love the fact that I actually have it.

Later sweet people of the world!




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